Morpheus Compact White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater

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Size: 45″ Wide x 42″ Tall x 15″ Deep
Shipping Weight: 125 LBS

Product Details

Brand: MagikFlame
Color/Finish:Alpine White Matte
Fuel Bed: Logs
Style: Traditional
Installation: Flat Wall
Heater Type:Infrared Quartz
Wall Mantel:Flat Wall
Number of Flames:
Primary Material:
Room Placement:


Volts: 120
Amps: 12.5
Watts: 1,500
Wiring: Plug-In (or Hard-Wired)
Bulb Type: LED
Supplemental Heating:
1,000 sq/ft
Smart-Phone App


Thank you for your consideration of putting a MagikFlame premium electric fireplace into your home. We realize we are priced quite a bit higher than other electric fireplaces but when you purchase from us you’re getting the very best and most realistic electric fireplace ever conceived and manufactured. To be blunt the technology used in our units costs quite a bit more than competing products, but it’s this clever use of tech that creates a fireplace that’s almost as realistic as the real thing, but without the mess and maintenance of a traditional fireplace.

The MagikFlame is built in America and constructed to operate for many years of trouble free operation using state of the art solid-state LCD and LED technology to re-produce the look of a real wood and/or gas burning fire down to the smallest detail like wispy smoke rolling off of the logs and even subtle details like rising embers. To further sell the illusion of real fire we pair every flame with authentic log crackling sounds to fool the viewer into thinking the flames are actually a real fire burning wood. Combine the breath-taking flame visuals with the built in heater to add warmth to your home at a fraction of the cost of traditional heaters and experience firsthand the difference you can only experience with the MagikFlame electric fireplace.

Since the dawn of man human-kind has relaxed and relieved the stresses of the day and gathered with loved ones and friends around the fire to share stories of the day and come together as family. Only a realistic fire like the ones found with every MagikFlame fireplace can offer the stress relieving and hypnotic relaxing experience you get when taking in the realism of what your mind believes to be a real fire. Our product does cost more but it’s the only fireplace on the market using our innovative and patented HoloFlame technology that’s even better than the real thing, for a fireplace experience un-rivaled by any other. Safety and value, there is no compromise with a MagikFlame.

Pair our innovative electric fireplace insert with a super high quality AAA+ wooden mantel to complete the look of a built in hearth that is worthy of the focal point of your home. There is no doubt that all eyes will be focused on the MagikFlame when it’s running in your home and we spared no expense to pair it with a wooden mantel that’s top furniture quality and exudes fine craftsmanship and attention to detail that makes our fireplace mantels the industry’s highest quality wood mantel surround. Our dedicated craftsman have decades of experience building high-quality wood furniture mantels and that level of experience and attention to detail goes into every MagikFlame electric fireplace mantel we offer. Made from a combination of wood types and constructed to our exacting specifications our mantels bring the look of opulent luxury to your home and make the MagikFlame the clear winner when you want to put the best fireplace into your home that money can buy.

Yes our fireplaces cost more, but our quality is second to none and we believe producing an industry best experience is worth every penny and our cost to value ratio far exceeds any other electric fireplace. We sell direct with everyday low prices and offer the best value for your money when it comes to adding a hyper-realistic, one of a kind electric fireplace to your home that will up the wow factor and have you asking “is it real”?!

We want you to bring home a MagikFlame today and offer competitive financing plans with low monthly payments to make this an easy choice. As a matter of fact we even split the shipping costs with you. We use the best logistics companies operating in your area to deliver your new MagikFlame to you in perfect condition, guaranteed. Yes we charge for shipping, but we also split the costs with you. Keep in mind the fireplace and mantel package is top quality and built well but the cost of shipping this to you with top logistics companies comes at a price, which we believe is well worth it to receive your new fireplace quickly in perfect condition as it was meant to be experienced, and we share in that cost with you.

It’s true we can’t compete with free 2-day shipping many have come to expect but the trade-off is a smooth delivery experience and a damage free guarantee that MagikFlame extends to all our fireplaces backed up by our iron-clad promise that your MagikFlame will arrive in perfect condition, on your schedule and in prime condition every-time. The truth is there is no such thing as “free shipping” and quality service comes at a price. We do our best to offer the most cost effective logistics we possibly can to deliver your fireplace in a timely and professional manner to ensure your happiness through-out the entire purchase cycle from ordering through delivery that only MagikFlame can offer.

Buy now with confidence that when you bring home a MagikFlame you’re getting not only the industry’s best electric fireplace but you’re also getting un-rivaled customer support that’s available 7-days a week, day and night to answer questions and assist you in any-way we can when you need us. This level of premium customer support is not found with any other electric fireplace manufacturer. When you purchase a premium electric fireplace from us you’re getting top quality customer support and satisfaction that only MagikFlame can offer.

When you want to speak to a real person with “answers” we deliver on that expectation with every phone call. No answering machines or voicemails. Just real people answering real questions any time, day or night, 365 days of the year. We can say with absolutely certainty that you won’t find this level of customer service with any other brand electric fireplace and we strive to set new standards when it comes to treating every one of our valued customers to the experience you deserve when purchasing a premium MagikFlame electric fireplace.

When you invest in us you’re not only getting the most realistic and feature-rich electric fireplace ever made, but you’re also guaranteed smooth and trouble free delivery and high-end customer service so you can feel completely confident in your purchase. Make no compromise when it comes to owning the best electric fireplace that goes by one name, MagikFlame.


4,600 BTU Heater

Built in Sounds

Nature Background Sounds

Self Updating Feature

Built in Sleep Timers

Safe Around Children / Pets

      20 Minute Assembly

NO More Chopping Wood

Zone Heating

  • MOST REALISTIC ELECTRIC FIREPLACE: 26 life-like flames that simulate wood, gas fires. Our HoloFlame tech uses videos of actual fires to make it appear that your log set is burning. This is the closest you’ll get to a realistic fire without setting something a-blaze. Others rely on mechanical effects to re- produce flames. MagikFlame uses holographic illusion technology to make it look like your logs are actually burning. Immerse yourself in details like wispy rolling smoke and embers.
  • ONLY FAUX FIREPLACE WITH SOUND: Each 3D flame has authentic log crackling sounds sampled from actual fires for a true to life experience ranging from small dwindling flames to large engulfing fires to sweep you away and relieve the day’s stress. There is nothing more soothing than relaxing by a realistic fire with actual log sounds to complete the illusion of a wood burning fire. Further enhance your immersive experience by optionally adding the sound of nature, rain and ocean waves.
  • TAKE CONTROL WITH YOUR PHONE: Unlike other fireplaces where you have to squint at a remote to see the tiny control icons in a dimly lit room, use your favorite device (iPhone) to control your MagikFlame from any room of your home. Only fireplace features an iPhone app in conjunction with a back-lit touch- screen control for easy operation by anyone. Our 4,600 BTU toasty electric heater will warm a 800-1000 sq/ft room for a great supplementary safer heat source. With or without heat.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Other manufacturers use cheap Chinese electric motors that wear down and break over time. MagikFlame uses “solid-state” electronics with few moving parts that will last for years. Our LED and LCD technology is rated at 15-20 years of use. When we ship you a fireplace you are getting one built like a tank to last. We do not nickel and dime you with expensive replacement parts like our competitors. When you buy a MagikFlame you’re getting the best electric fireplace.
  • QUALITY AAA+ FURNITURE-GRADE WHITE MANTEL: Our premium Morpheus mantel is manufactured from high-quality wood and finished to exquisite detail including paint and works-manship for an enclosure worthy of your home. This mantel will become the focal point of your living room and is sure to be an attention starter. Our wood mantel is finished in bright white paint that measures a staggering 45″w x 42″h x 15”d to fill your wall while allowing a large screen TV to be mounted.

MagikFlame is the most modern indoor electric fireplace experience. Our Electric Fireplace coupled with a premium Artemis freestanding, large, white, fireplace mantel surround made from real wood that measures 45″w x 42″h x 15″d.

Our authentic flame visuals are sure to stun your guests as they marvel at an electric fireplace with 4,600 BTU heater that looks every bit as good as a traditional wood or gas burning fireplace but without the danger and mess.

Others rely on inexpensive electric motors decor and mechanical f/x to create the organic look of fire, they all fail. Our patent pending technology has been scaled down from major theme park attraction rides and put into a fake electric fireplace that you can afford with unrivaled realism for an authentic experience. Our flames feature details like wispy smoke and burning embers. Each of our 26 flames are accompanied by authentic log crackling audio sampled from actual fires to make it even more life-like.

Enjoy the sound of nature like birds, ocean waves or even the sounds of thunder and rain. Perfect for family atmosphere and ambiance. Have confidence around a safer electric fireplace with children and pets that can cut your heating costs and provide years of nearly maintenance free operation.

Unlike other electric fireplace with mantel, our fireplace decor or wall decor is built in small batches in the USA from the highest quality components. Our infrared fireplaces are built like tanks. We do not believe in charging for expensive replacement parts.

Our LED and LCD technology is rated to last 15-20 years. Control the fire place from anywhere using an iPhone app for unprecedented control. Coupled with a back-lit touch screen easily control your decorative fireplace from any room even in the dark. Our wood mantels are AAA quality and add to any home decor collection. The Artemis is built to exacting standards and eludes quality and workmanship.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of this being a holographic electric fireplace there are important considerations to keep in mind. Viewing angle is important. For the best visual experience it’s best to be seated at least 4+ feet away from the unit and view it by looking straight into the opening. Viewing the fireplace while standing above it is not optimal as there could be some minor reflections in the glass (that are not visible when seated). Also like any other electric fireplace its best viewed in dim or subdued lighting, although it still looks great in brightly lit rooms. Being as this is an electric fireplace the fire effect may not be fully visible when viewing at a 45 degree or more offset on either side as you will see some of the surrounding enclosure which may occlude some of the flame effects. However with our fireplace this is much less of an issue than others where the screen is located on the back of the unit occluding the flames far more than ours. We encourage you to call us directly if you have questions about viewing angles or any other technical questions before buying.


More Features

Mantel Features

High-Quality Matte Alpine White Paint Finish
AAA+ High Quality “Furniture Grade” Construction
Real Wood Embellishments with MDF Core & Real Wood Veneer
Solid Hardware Construction for Strong Joints
Crown Molding Throughout
Bullnose Edge Molding
Bright Alpine White Finish
Real Wood Grain Visible Under Paint

Insert Features

Bluetooth iPhone App for Complete Control from Any room
26 Holographic Flames Filmed From Video of Actual Fires
26 Authentic Log Crackling and Popping sounds Sampled From Real Fires
Includes Natures Sounds of Birds Chirping, Rain and Rolling Thunder, Crashing Ocean Waves
Supplemental Heat for Up To 1,000 Square Feet
Interactive Back-Lit Touch Screen Controls for Use in Dark Rooms
Time to Turn Your Fireplace Off in 30, 60, 90 Min.
Fireplace Updates Itself Over Time for FREE With New Features

Design Aesthetics

Traditional Styling
Perfect for Traditional or Modern Homes


High-Quality Wood Mantel
HoloFlame Insert
iOS iPhone/iPad App
Remote Control
1-Year Warranty


Quick & Reliable Shipping Guaranteed

Most Orders Ship In 1-3 Days After Order Is Placed (When In Stock); Not Including Weekends and Holidays.
During Peak Delivery Seasons Like Christmas Deliveries May Be Delayed Due to Volume, So Order Early.
We Use Reliable Carriers Like UPS Freight & FedEx for Damage-Free Shipping (Amongst Others Who Offer the Best Service in Your Area).
To Ensure the Utmost Protection of Your Mantel in Transit They Are Shipped Collapsed and Require Some Minor Assembly on Arrival.
Every Fireplace is Meticulously Packaged for Damage Free Shipments of Your Freight and We Guarantee It Will Arrive Perfect or We Will Replace.
We Pack Our Inserts and Mantels Really Well With Heavy Duty Boxes, Plenty of Styrofoam & Other Materials for a Damage-Free Experience.
Because We Pack Our Items So Well the Boxes are a Bit Larger and Specialized Freight Companies Are Used to Ensure Professional Delivery.
Due to the Large and Somewhat Heavy Nature of the Freight We Split the Shipping Charges With You at Checkout and WE Pay 50% of the Fees.
Because of the Great Care and Special Handling Required To Deliver Your Fireplace We Can Not Offer Completely Free Shipping.
We Use the Most Reliable Freight Companies for Quick and Damage Free Delivery and Offer the Lowest Shipping Fees Available to Your Area.

Shipping Details

Mantel Packages are Shipped via Freight Company (LTL) Service with Lift-gates for Easy Delivery
The Freight Company Will Call You Prior to Delivery to Set a Delivery Day/Time You Select for Mantel Package Purchases.
Delivery is Curb-Side Delivery But You Can Request Inside Garage Delivery From the Driver on Mantel Package Orders.
For Mantel Package Orders We Recommend Opening Mantel Box and Carrying Individual Panels To The Assembly Room.
Insert Purchases are Shipped in Two Boxes with FedEx Ground and are Not Scheduled When Delivered.
Inside Delivery Is NOT Included for Liability Reasons. Drivers Can Not Enter Your Home.

International Shipping (Canada & UK)

Yes We Can Ship International Through the Use of Your Freight Forwarder.
Use Google To Find a Freight Forwarder with Offices in the USA to Forward to You.
We Will Ship To Your Freight Forwarder With Minimal Charges Inside the USA.
We Will Provide All Required Documents to Your Forwarder For Importation Duties.
Your Forwarder Can Contact Us Directly to Work Out Any Logistics.
You May Need a Power Converter to Run Outside of the USA.


Some Assembly is Required for the Mantel. 20 Minutes With a Screw Driver is All That is Required.
The Insert Requires Only the Installation of the Glass (Two Screws). Video Instructions Available.
Be Sure to Install the Glass BEFORE Removing the Cardboard Screen Protector to Ensure the Screen is Not Scratched by the Glass.

Shipping and Damage

If Boxes Look Crushed, Damaged, Bent, Or Have Holes – WRITE“DAMAGED” WHEN SIGNING BILL OF LADING.
If You Notice Any Signs of Damage Notate It When Signing and Require the Driver to Photograph the Damage Before He Leaves.
We Cannot Accept Responsibility for a Damaged Shipment if it is Not Noted as Such on the Driver’s Delivery Receipt. Damage Must be Noted at the Time of Delivery!
If You Need Some Time to Inspect the Delivered Items Ask the Driver to Wait Until You Feel Satisfied the Boxes Appear to Be In Good Condition (Free of Crush Marks).
We Will Replace Any Damaged Items Free of Charge for Fireplaces Damaged During Shipping Guaranteed.
Please Retain All Packaging And Do Not Discard Anything Until Fully Inspected In Case a Return is Required.
We May Ship You Replacement Parts Rather Than Shipping the Entire Unit Back (Case by Case Basis).
We Do Our Best to Offer Damage Free Delivery From Our Door to Yours and 99% of the Time Damage is NOT An Issue.
We Do Pay a Bit More to Use the Best Freight Delivery Services Because We Want You To Receive Your Fireplace in Perfect Condition.


Our Commitment to Satisfaction We are committed to providing the luxury of unprecedented customer service. MagikFlame representatives are experts in our electric fireplaces and our direct competitors. We will assist with insight to inform the purchase decision. To help ensure a positive experience, we offer a 30-Day Guarantee and Manufacturer Warranty Pledge.

30-Day Guarantee At MagikFlame, we want complete satisfaction with the electric fireplace purchase. If for any reason there is dissatisfaction, we will issue a refund less shipping fees and a re-conditioning fee on all non-defective returns. Within 30-days of receiving the electric fireplace unit, please contact us directly for a return authorization number and instructions. We will request the item is returned in the original packaging, in re-sellable condition with all included parts and accessories.
Manufacturer and Sole Distributor Assurance We are the manufacturer and sole distributor of the MagikFlame Holographic fireplace. To receive an authentic product do not buy from other web sites. We offer exclusive, everyday low prices including free shipping for a limited time while supplies last. We stand behind our product, quality, pricing, and unprecedented customer support.
Customer Testimonials A company strength is positive word-of-mouth testimonials from existing customers. Ratings and reviews from marketplaces such as Amazon and Google are verified purchases, in turn, delivering trust and confidence behind the purchase decision. At MagikFlame, we are proud of our online reputation from several trusted websites such as Amazon, Google, Yelp, and BBB. We understand this is a significant purchase. Rest assured that past customers have largely provided 5-star reviews as a key indicator of sentiment and confidence in our brand.
QUICK SHIP  At MagikFlame we aim for quick shipping and timely delivery. Once you place your order our warehouse staff will quickly pull your unit from out pallet racks and pack your unit promptly to prepare it for shipping. Since the packaging process begins shortly after orders are placed, any cancelled orders will incur a one hundred dollar cancellation fee in order to cover our lost man-hours (labor) and materials that have been incurred as a result of preparing your unit to ship. Please be sure you intend to fully receive your order once it’s placed to avoid fees. Once your fireplace does ship the freight company will contact you prior to delivery to setup a delivery day and time if you ordered a mantel package. If you ordered a stand-alone insert, your fireplace will be promptly delivered by FedEx on every day except Sunday. Mantel packages are delivered during normal operating hours during the week.
Manufacturer Warranty Commitment When making a MagikFlame purchase, one receives a top quality electric fireplace made in the USA. We use the highest end components, which ensure long-life and many years of trouble-free operation. Our LED and LCD technology is rated at thousands of hours of continuous use. If a technical defect or something should go wrong — protection is iron-clad with our comprehensive, 1-year warranty. During the warranty period, we will replace any potentially defective parts or provide the wholesale value of any defective part that may not be available. Our product does not require a trained professional to “fix” the electric fireplace. Simply call us for technical support. To find out more read our full warranty guarantee.


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  1. Loving Mom

    I truly cannot say enough good things about this fireplace. I went through so many cheap electric fireplaces and just could not find anything that resembled a true fireplace. After doing months and months of research, the MagikFlame fireplace looked to me like it was the most realistic. I am so happy I purchased this. After moving out of my house that I lived in for 25 years with a big fireplace, moving into an apartment with no fireplace was devastating. This MagikFlame fireplace has made my hearth the center of my home again. Everyone who says it cannot believe it is not a real fire burning in my apartment. I’m so happy with my purchase… I absolutely love my MagikFlame fireplace.

    4 out of 5 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  2. Donna Lynne Champlin

    I researched electric fireplaces extensively before deciding on this product and there isn’t anything else like this holographic MAGIKFLAME fireplace out there. The price is comparatively high but I am SO GLAD I invested in it. The visuals, the sound, the heater…it all works together brilliantly to create an incredibly realistic effect. The customer service is impeccable and we couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend and worth every penny.

    3 out of 3 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  3. Joe Gilbert

    We love our magikflame, I had a few questions and the customer service is awesome. Thanks Joe Gilbert.

    2 out of 2 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  4. Beth

    Wow! If I could give this product 10 stars I would. The Magikflame fireplace is amazing, and the owner and creator Howard has been so outstanding through the whole process of my purchase. He answered all of my phone calls from start to finish. I had lots of questions prior to buying and then during set up of the fireplace and every single time I called he was there to answer and help. Where do you find a company that does that for their customers… the only one I have had do that is Howard from Magikflame!! This fireplace is beautiful, the Cherry wood on the Neo is deep, rich and looks stunning with my decor. The 26 different flames with sound is a dream for me. This is truly my dream fireplace and believe me I have every fireplace you can imagine and none of them tops the ambiance of the Magikflame!! I use my Magikflame every day and can’t get enough of how beautiful and relaxing it truly is. Thank you so much Howard for such an amazing product and for all your customer service help. The Magikflame truly is magical!

    3 out of 3 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  5. Sweet Colleen

    I researched electric fireplaces extensively before deciding on this product and there isn’t anything else like this holographic MAGIKFLAME fireplace out there. I was hesitant because the price is comparatively high but I am SO GLAD I invested in it. We live in an apartment and this is as close as you can get to feeling like you have a real fireplace. The visuals, the sound, the heater…it all works together brilliantly to create an incredibly realistic effect. Assembly is doable but it definitely takes two people. [*EDIT: Most people of any skill level can assemble the unit with only 1 person.] Also, Howard in company service is absolutely fantastic. I called him before buying it to get more specific information and then called him a couple times after buying it with some assembly questions. Not only did he talk us through what we needed to do on the phone, he sent us a replacement piece that we needed ASAP and free of charge. One of our favorite unexpected perks is using the MAGIKFLAME app on our phone as a remote control to choose from many different types of fires, sounds, logs, volume, heater on/off, etc. My 8 yr old son has named all the many different fires (“campfire”, “Christmas”, “Hades Hair”, etc) and then “picks the fire of the evening” for us. Regarding the mantels- since the MAGIKFLAME unit is not a standard size, you are either going to have to buy one of their mantels, insert it into your wall, or have a mantel custom made. But it’s absolutely worth it. We absolutely love this and it’s been worth every penny. Highly recommend.

    3 out of 3 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  6. Misha Plam

    Beautiful fireplace, we like it very much. Improves our mood every day. Howard was incredibly helpful during installation. Never seen in my life better customer support

    2 out of 2 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  7. Mike

    Very reliable spoke to gentleman on the phone he promised something and came through very satisfied quality very good when the room you place it in just you know is just blaaaaaah this unit will definitely make that room much better

    2 out of 2 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  8. Nicolas Salkider

    Me and my family have had several electric fireplaces before but none can match the quality of the MagikFlame. The sound features that are provided are fantastic and when we had technical difficulties we where helped out in a single phone call by Howard. Great product, great customer support, highly recommended.

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  9. DGBAU140

    We had two wood fireplaces and decided to replace one with an electric fireplace. I waited a year to do a review because this year i couldn’t get the video to run upon startup. The absolute best part for me is the uncompromised technical and world class customer support from Howard at Magikflame…My wife and dog absolutely love this appliance, like most items i will look for reviews before i purchase a big ticket item. Magikflame was among the best out at the time. Additionally on my purchase, i bought the last model of what i was told and received an additional discount. I also got the atomizer which we use in the kitchen, hahaha when we use it. Im pleased overall, but think these units might be a lil over priced with the wood and materials used. [*EDIT: Refers to prototype mantel that never went into production. Current mantels are AAA+ furniture quality.] I would recommend because of the amenities it has over other brands but still think it’s high priced. By the way, in my picture, you can see an active aquarium, read the instruction booklet or face panel for directions on how you can download the program…. thanks Howard!! Pleased in Washington State!!
    [*EDIT Shown with bonus FREE fish-tank aquarium video.]

    3 out of 3 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  10. Thomas E. Addison

    We live in a senior community where open flames of any kind are not allowed. We missed our fireplaces and looked a many electric fireplaces in local stores and on line. The Magic Flame Holographic fireplace was intriguing with the addition of sound, and the size and appearance of the mantel led me to purchase it on line, site unseen. I was not disappointed. The unit is gorgeous, fits our formal living room quite nicely, and was well worth the wait.(it was on back order when I place my order on line). It was relatively easy to put together, and when I had some difficulty with the electronics, Howard the owner and inventor, talked me through every issue and solved them immediately. Although it was expensive compared to many other electric fireplaces, its beautiful design, workmanship, and customer service (the owner answers the phone), make it worth every penny. review image

    2 out of 2 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  11. Bruce C. Redmon

    Solid construction and went together very easily. Great selection of realistic fire images. Just what we wanted.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  12. izzoloc

    Nice fireplace!

    Was this review helpful to you?
  13. Amazon Customer

    We are very happy with it! We enlarged the mantle with some Quartzite. Most of the flame effects look like a gas fireplace and aren’t that great. However, there are a couple more natural looking flame looks that we love. I didn’t realize it had a glass cover over the coals to create the holographic effect (which is necessary) but kinda spoils the look [*EDIT Some customers place a fireplace screen in front of the fireplace to add to the realism]. We have not yet used the heater.

    0 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  14. Robert Marianaro

    The customer service at MajilFlame is the best I’ve ever experienced. Through no fault of MagikFlame, the shipping company damaged our fireplace. Howard in customer service immediately and completely resolved our problem. Our fireplace is now perfect and, in my opinion, the most realistic electric fireplace available. We love it!

    Was this review helpful to you?
  15. Kindle Customer

    When we first hooked it up we were very disappointed, the flame appeared way behind the logs and it looked pretty cheesy. Then we figured out that adjusted the angle of the glass moved the flame and it is very realistic! When we use the heater, our living room heats up quickly. In this regard I think this is better than a gas fireplace, because there are times we want the atmosphere but not the heat. My only complaint: a lot of the flame options seem too ridiculous to use. One looks like a forest fire, a few are windy which would not make sense in a living room fireplace, another looks like a smoky campfire. I wish there were more options that depict what a fire in a fireplace looks like, but there are 3 or 4 pretty good ones to choose from. [*EDIT There are at least 5+ flames from actual indoor fireplaces added to the 2019 model.] Overall, we are very happy! We have it on all the time and it has completely changed the feel of our living room. I can’t wait to have company over to show it off!

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  16. W.Gomez

    Product was delivered on time as promised.Quality of wood is excellent.Easy to follow instructions.Flames and sound are even better than in sales video.Would recommend to anyone looking for a superior quality electric fireplace.

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  17. Keith Kellenberger

    I want to especially thank MagicFlame electric Fireplaces for their uniquely designed inserts made in the USA. I know you told me the mantels are made in China [*EDIT EXCEPTIONAL quality mantels even though this component is made over-seas], however my wife found one at an antique shop she fell in love with for our home. We had a local Contractor who does carpentry work to modify, and installed the MagikFlame insert and it looks terrific. Howard at MagikFlame gave me excellent help, and all is working as it was designed. I like the fact we get any and all upgrades to the fireplace software free. We have been using our MagikFlame many days since the week before Christmas and sometimes all day. We love the electric heater, it works so well. Sincerely, Keith

    Was this review helpful to you?
  18. Jim Mizell

    We’re very happy with it

    Was this review helpful to you?
  19. John Sagan

    This fireplace exceeded our expectations. The quality of the mantle and fittment was excellent! The best part of our experience is the customer support…they go above and beyond explaining and walking you through step by step any challenges that we encountered, even the ones we created they fixed. Highly recommend! John and Kim

    Was this review helpful to you?
  20. Mark Latch

    We received our MagikFlame Trinity Premium White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater, quicker than we had anticipated. In spite of the meticulous packaging efforts that MagikFlame took to cushion/protect the 190 pounds of fireplace mantle components, one of the boxes was a bit damaged in transit. A quick call to Howard with MagikFlame’s Customer Support (we called late in the evening and instead of getting an irritating answering service Howard answered our call) most satisfactorily resolved the shipping damage to the top of the mantel. Each piece of the mantel fit perfectly as very clearly shown in the included (no Internet download required) assembly instructions (note that all dowels are merely inserted, not glued, in the intuitively obvious dowel holes). It is best for two strong adults [*EDIT This mantel has been successfully constructed by many women of retired age successfully] to complete the assembly. Once the mantel assembly was complete and the insert plugged in, we made another call to Howard and with his expert help, we had the fireplace logs glowing, the fire smoking, crackling, generating heat and looking quite like a real fire. There is no firewood to split, stack, haul and no ashes or chimney to clean or fire to start. Now, all we have to do is touch the built in touch screen on the face of the insert or use the MagikFlame app on our IOS devices and we are instantly and effortlessly enjoying a fire. The fit, finish, operation and realistic look, sounds, and heat of an actual fire, in our new electric fireplace and Howard’s customer support result in us highly recommending and giving 5 stars to MagikFlame’s Trinity Electric Fireplace.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  21. Guy Geiger

    I have to compliment this company on their customer service policy. I ordered one of their inserts for a new home that we are building but due to a sudden medical situation and anticipated expenses I had to cancel the order and return the product. The support group was very understanding and I have received notification that my refund is on the way [*EDIT Refunds generally take up to 5 days to appear on your CC statement]. I want to thank them for their understanding and consideration.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  22. Amanda Smith

    I absolutely LOVE this fireplace. It’s realistic by the sound and the sight. It’s so much nicer than I imagined. It cost a little more but it’s so worth it. I’m so excited to have it.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  23. ElectriFlames

    I love my [*EDIT OTHER non-MagikFlame] electric fireplaces. However, like most electric models, it doesn’t produce the realistic crackling log sounds. If you want a very realistic looking and sounding unit, check out the MagikFlame Electric Fireplace and Mantel. Magikflame combines HD video holograms with sound to generate the most real-sounding electric fire ever. Seriously! Many shoppers don’t think about the lack of sound when it comes to electric fireplaces. However, this advanced feature enables you to enjoy the unit even when you’re not looking at it directly. Compared to other versions, you’ll notice that the flames look exceptionally vibrant. Therefore, you can enjoy it more during the day, whereas cheaper models can appear dim in a brightly lit room. You can even change up the flame “style”. MagikFlame includes 26 different flame options (and the sound changes as well)! Plus, the fireplace even displays smoke to enhance the realistic appearance. Talk about attention to detail, right? Like most other electric flames, the MagikFlame uses LED bulbs [*EDIT in addition to LED Holographic technology] to illuminate the fire. Hence, you can save a ton of money operating this unit [*EDIT Uses as much power as a light-bulb]. The bulbs themselves last a very long time, not to mention, they cost pennies per hour to use. In fact, I can run my electric fireplace guilt-free, because it doesn’t pollute the air or make my power bill surge out of control. How Does the MagikFlame Electric Fireplace Compare? As I mentioned above, this unique electric fireplace uses HD video holograms with smoke visuals and crackling log sounds to create a real fire effect. A MagikFlame Fire Looks More Realistic. In addition, this new “HoloFlame” technology has yet another advantage when compared to traditional LED fireplaces. It looks realistic from all angles. In other words, many cheaper fireplaces with LED-generated flames look fine from a distance. However, when you get closer or view the flames from the side, they don’t look so real. This Electric Fireplace [*EDIT From MagikFlame] Looks More Sophisticated with Minimal Effort: Compared to wall-hung [linear] fireplaces, this mantel provides a more elegant, finished look. In other words, it looks more expensive because of its built-in appearance. Therefore, it can enhance the look of your home with minimal effort. In addition, its free-standing design makes it cheaper and easier to install than a recessed insert. For example, you don’t have to cut into drywall and build a supporting frame. Don’t want to take on a time-consuming DIY project or lack construction skills? The MagikFlame gives you a great option, because the mantel takes less than one hour to assemble [*EDIT With an electric screw-driver most people can assemble the mantel in less than <20 minutes]. Then, you simply plug the unit into a standard wall outlet. Adding a fireplace to your home can’t get much easier, than that, right? MagikFlame’s Low Profile Design Allows for Greater Versatility… You can, of course, install the free standing fireplace against a flat wall. However, you can also place it against a pre-existing mantel. Therefore, if you want to convert a traditional wood-burning fireplace into a greener alternative, you can. And, the job may be a lot easier than you expected using a mantel vs a recessed insert. Alternatively, you can position the fireplace with mantel on virtually any open wall or between cabinets or bookcases. Since electric models don’t need venting, they provide much more versatility as far as location. For example, many people can easily place them in a master bedroom, family room or even dining room. Or, add one in a guest room or cottage that you want to make feel more cozy. Electric Fireplace has a High Heat, but Can Save You Money Too… The MagikFlame electric fireplace comes with a decent-sized built-in heater that can heat a room up to 1,000 square feet. Consequently, some people use them as a heating source for their homes. On the other hand, you can enjoy the fiery crackling flames without the heat option. This makes using your fireplace much cheaper, because it uses less energy than a single lightbulb! Plus, you can take advantage of it year-round, even when you don’t want the extra heat. Control the Flames with Your Phone? Today’s eco-friendly electric fireplaces are changing the way people look at these traditional home features. Besides simulating real flickering flames and having genuine crackling log sounds, these [MagikFlame ]fires can be controlled with your phone. I’m not kidding. For instance, you can switch the flame size, color and sound all with a few clicks on your handheld device.

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  24. Maralea Schatz

    After looking for over a year locally for a realistic electric fireplace with thoughts of there must be something better out there, I reluctantly decided to explore the internet to see what was available. Now, I am at the age where the younger generation and government consider me a senior citizen, so I am neither comfortable or loaded with enough technical knowledge to know what I was doing when shopping for a fireplace insert. A Google search featured several feasible options, but MagikFlame videos and information provided what I hopefully had been looking for. I braved the call and a man by the name of Howard Birnbaum answered. Howard was amazing as he walked me through probably the dumbest questions he had ever been asked, toned down the technical jargon and patiently explained everything I asked and then offered answers to questions I never thought to ask. Several phone calls after the initial call, Howard was bombarded with “I forgot to ask” questions and his consistent professional willingness to answer questions, I took the plunge and ordered the MagikFlame fireplace insert. Of course, Howard had the phone ringing off his hook answering questions while we assembled and tried out the fireplace. The MAGICFLAME fireplace is amazing!!!!! It exceeded all my expectations. It has so many unique cool features it is mind boggling. When I have company over one of the first questions they ask are “Where did you get that fireplace?” Almost everyone says they have never seen anything like it and want one. I cannot give this company and its customer support a high a enough review. MAGIKFLAME IS AN EXCELLENT PRODUCT AND HAS FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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  25. BBQ Guys

    MagikFlame is the 1st of their kind, using Holographic technology. These fireplaces offer great features such as: relaxing nature ambient sounds, Free lifetime updates automatically downloaded to the unit, and safe to the touch for children & pets. They also offer Bluetooth capabilities for the convenience of using your smart phone in addition to your remote control or touch screen options. Traditional to contemporary, MagikFlame has a variety options that will fit any home and can be used year-round.

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  26. Bill Cody

    We purchased this unit for our bedroom and wanted a unit that offered both a large mantle and fire place with a heater. It arrived in three separate boxes but was relatively easy to put together. All the pieces of the mantle fit together perfectly and the end result was exactly what we wanted. The fire place flame and sound effects are great. The heater does a good job warming the room. But most important the customer service from MagikFlame is outstanding. I had a couple of questions during the setup and was happy to get a live person on the phone that actually knew the product and was able to assist me in resolving my issues. Over all I highly recommend the company and the product.

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  27. Amazon Customer

    This is a fantastic product. What an easy way to enjoy the ambience of a fire without the pollution. The Flames are amazing, the sounds great, and the heat will warm up a room. Oh by the way, support is also Magical. I highly recommend MagikFlame to fire up your home…

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  28. Joyce Giordano

    I am very pleased with my Magikflame fireplace. I did have a couple issues with getting it working at first, but I called their customer service line and it was a very easy fix. Howard in customer service was very helpful. All in all, this is an amazing fireplace, the sights, sounds and heat of a “real” fireplace!

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  29. Joe Fuller

    This fireplace from MagikFlame has everything you could possibly want from an electric fireplace. It has the most realistic flames you’ll see, a wide range of custom options, touchscreen controls, firmware updates, and is even Bluetooth-friendly. It easily offers the best heating and visuals by far out of any model currently available, and with its 4,600 BTU power, it can quickly heat large rooms, or help supplement your home’s main heating source.The MagikFlame simply does it all, merging incredibly realistic flame effects with plenty of conveniences and helpful modern features, all packaged into a very sizable and alluring [center piece]. If you’re looking for the most realistic electric fireplace, and also want all the bells and whistles, this should be your top choice. It utilizes 4,600 BTUs of heating power, and is suitable for large living rooms, dens, attics, and other large spaces — although it can easily complement smaller spaces as well. Pros: Realistic Flames – It offers 26 different flame visuals that have been drawn from actual fires, creating the most realistic flame patterns and effects you can buy. You can even upgrade the firmware by sending it from your phone, adding even more visual choices to the fireplace’s internal memory. HD Sounds – The fireplace uses actual recordings of real fires for its HD sound effects. You can choose from several other soundscapes like rain, the ocean, and [birds] chirping as well. Backlit Display – A backlit touch display only lights up when you touch the screen, and allows you to adjust volume, visuals, timers, and more [*EDIT and then goes BLACK to hide]. Bluetooth Controls – An available app lets you control the fireplace from your phone or tablet via a Bluetooth connection for ultimate convenience. Cons: This fireplace may be a little expensive for some. The lack of mantle options may be a bit limiting for some buyers too. Verdict: Despite a high price tag, the MagikFlame Electric Fireplace is easily the best choice available in the market. It has the best visuals, the best sound, and most convenience, and a choice of two [*EDIT now several] different mantle decor options. Worth every penny!

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  30. Home Climate

    If you are prepared to unleash the power of your wallet, then you will get perhaps the most realistic and overall best electric fireplace out there. The MagikFlame Electric Fireplace is constructed in the Victorian style and will actually give you real logs. Alright, not real but they are holographic [* EDIT There is a physical log set in the insert, this part is not holographic] and this is a feature which is completely unmatched by other brands. You not only get 3D burning wood but you also get Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to control your electric fireplace from a distance. There are 21 [* EDIT 26 flames] samples of flames for you to choose from. Wait, there’s more realism to it. The crackling sounds that the unit makes are actually recorded from real burning logs. In terms of heat, you will be able to enjoy 4 600 BTU in ambient mode. You get to control the fireplace from the touch screen panel.

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  31. Yogi

    Moved into a new townhouse and set this up in the master bedroom. It looks amazing and sets a great tone at night. The mantel is easy to put together, though you do need two people [*EDIT many non-technical customers can do it on their own], while the glass insert was much more difficult [although made easier after watching the installation video].

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  32. Connell1592

    That is a quote today from my husband who didn’t want me to buy this fireplace in the first place. He would show me other fireplaces when we were out shopping. but I kept insisting on this one. We have had it about a week now and we absolutely love it! From the day we ordered it, throughout the set up and whenever questions would arise, Howard is always available to help. The wood and the workmanship on the mantel is some of the best we have seen. The heater is more than we hoped for and makes our living room nice and toasty. We have no worries about leaving a “real” fire going if we fall asleep [*EDIT features 30, 60, 90 minute auto-off timers]. Actually, the only negative is that it is so relaxing and peaceful, that we fall asleep. We wouldn’t trade our Magikflame for anything!

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  33. Robin

    I love this electric fireplace! I was very nervous about spending the money however, well worth the price. The mantel is so beautiful and easy to assemble. It is solid and very sturdy, an amazing addition to our home. The flames are very realistic along with all the other features such as the sounds of a crackling fire. The customer Service is top notch! they answer the phone and are very polite and helpful. I had some concerns about my delivery and they added notes for the delivery company. My driveway was icy and the delivery company called me at work and offered to drive it to me at work, they even helped load it into my Subaru. I would suggest having two people to assemble [*EDIT but can easily be done with one person regardless of skill level], it took my daughter and I under an hour from start to finish to assemble. I’m very happy with this purchase and love all the realistic options. The Cherry Wood is so beautiful.

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  34. Janet K.

    When I decided to put a fireplace in my living room I did a lot of research and found Magikflame. From beginning to end an overall great experience. Placing my order, shipping, assembly instructions and access to customer support was and is 5 star! I handled this assembly and set up all by myself. A quick call to Howard and I was up and running! My home looks beautiful and cozy. It is safe for my pups and my grandchildren. This Christmas will be one to remember, thank you Magikflame! Janet K. New York City

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  35. Rick L.

    The assembly or the mantel (made in China) [insert made in America] was easy to follow, may consider use larger pictures some of the connections points difficult to see. The instruction manual is a little difficult to follow [*EDIT 2019 version is much improved] has to go to trouble shooting to under stand. Again may develop a “quick start” guild [*EDIT now available on page one of the instruction manual updated for 2019]. The over-all view of the product is good, and flames are quit fascinating.

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  36. Garnet E. Weaver

    Living in a northern climate, I was skeptical as to the ability to heat our large family room. I am very very pleased to say that the unit does everything it is advertise to do. Operation of the unit is very easy and the natural flames are very beautiful too enjoy. After looking at many other units I highly recommend magik flame as the best and most unique electric fireplace on the market.

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  37. Bunkster Brown

    I ordered direct from MagikFlame, after finding this product initially on Amazon. I received my Aphrodite in early October. It took about a month for me to learn how to use it properly [*EDIT others have a much quicker learning curve], and now that I’m comfortable with its operation, I’m really enjoying my new fireplace just in time for our first snow last night (8 inches – ugh!). For a while there, I felt like I had Howard on speed-dial. But he is pretty patient and knows his product inside & out, and he’s been able to walk me through all the little frustrations that come with a new technology learning curve. This product is not without its limitations and glitches [*EDIT glitches refereed to are actually user error], but I consider it to be an investment that will get better over time, as software bugs get worked out [new 2019 firmware available] and new features get added to the app. One improvement that could be made immediately is an owner’s manual that is more well written and descriptive [*EDIT the instruction manually was enhanced and re-written for 2019]. Many of my early frustrations could have been solved with better written and more detailed instructions and diagrams [solved in 2019 version]. That said, once Howard explained certain quirks to me that weren’t in the literature, things went a lot more smoothly. The different flames & sounds are great, and the fireplace is a great conversation piece. Everyone who sees it, wants one! This Aphrodite mantel looks right at home in my Victorian-era house. I should mention that the color is on the pale yellow side, not a creamy white like I thought it would be. And the distressing on it is just okay… I’ve never been a fan of fake distressing, but I’m learning to love it on this piece. It really does look lovely! It was pretty easy to assemble. I did most of the assembly myself, with my husband’s help only to lift a couple of heavy pieces [40 pounds max].

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  38. Unanimous

    Very well engineered, everything was simple except for the glass installation. It is better to install one of the metal brackets first and then work the glass into position. Then secure the other bracket. I discussed with MagikFlame that this should be reengineered.
    [* EDIT We do not agree with this installation method; watch Youtube video for proper installation instructions.]

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  39. Chainsaw Journal

    Best electric fireplace if you value quality and beauty. Classic styling with state-of-the-art technology beneath the surface. Take yourself back to a time when marble cladding and ivory were the order of the day in the stately homes of the well-to-do. The MagikFlame Aphrodite electric fireplace will give any room the grandeur, opulence, and regal elegance of a majestic colonial mansion. Now the moment we hear words like opulence and regal, we think expensive. You’d be right about this, the MagikFlame Aphrodite is expensive. This electric fireplace makes a statement, a grand one. It exudes quality and handcrafted ivory finishes that exemplify a grace and elegance that is seldom seen these days. You could easily imagine a string quartette standing beside the graceful mantel, gently turning out Mozart or Beethoven tunes to set the mood. So what kind of statement are we talking about here? The MagikFlame Aphrodite stands 43-inches tall, is 55-inches wide and has a broad 18-inch deep mantel. It’s going to make an impression. It has the classic features of engraved decorative ivory from foot to mantel and an elegant and realistic fire gate. Every inch of its construction is of the highest quality. At the price that you’ll be paying for this electric fireplace, I’d hope so. It is without a doubt, a fine investment in your home and is certainly going to stand the test of time. The real paradox of the MagikFlame Aphrodite is that despite its classic elegance, this electric fireplace has made use of every bit of modern technology available. It’s a powerful 4600 BTU heater with the advantage that it is never hot to the touch. This makes it perfectly safe for your kids and pets – no burning or scorching. So in terms of functionality, it’s a really great electric fireplace. Now for the real marvel of technology which adds to the aesthetics and ambiance of the fireplace. Instead of mechanical flame effects, that doesn’t always give a true wood-burning fire experience, the guys at MagikFlame have used holographic flames and logs with images of actual fires. There are 21 flame effects [* EDIT now 26 FLAMES] to choose from and each has sound effects to match. I should correct this statement, these are not just sound effects but actual recordings of fires – capturing every nuance of the fires themselves. You won’t get a more realistic electric fireplace. It can also be used for effect only, meaning that you can choose any of the effects without using the heating function. So far the high-tech features of the MagikFlame Aphrodite are incredibly impressive, by anyone’s standards. But there’s more. The electric fireplace has Bluetooth connectivity so you can operate it using a smartphone or tablet. Not only does this give you full control over the fireplace from anywhere, but new versions are constantly being made available for [automatic] download. This is the biggest advantage of using Bluetooth technology for home devices. It means that new functions can be added as they come along and they will introduce new flame and sound effects in time that you can just [automatically] download as you wish. It even has nature sounds like rain or waves (among many others) that will give you an even greater ability to create the perfect atmosphere in the room. Named after the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, this electric fireplace has been made to inspire romance and grace in every aspect of its design. From the rich and elegant detail in its finish to the warm and realistic sound and visual effects, the MagicFlame Aphrodite isn’t just trying to imitate the experience of a genuine wood fire, it seeks to improve the experience [no mess]. If you’ve got the kind of money to spend that it takes to own one of these exclusive fireplaces, you’ll be the envy of your friends and neighbors – even if you rub shoulders with the rich and famous. This truly is the best electric fireplace for those of you who can afford it.

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  40. Ron R.

    Packaged very securely so arrived in perfect condition. The mantle was of high quality and assembled nicely. The MagikFlame is quite creative in how it goes about creating a natural looking fireplace experience. At it’s best, looking straight at it in dark room from a few feet back it is quite amazing. The trade offs are it doesn’t look so right from side of the room [only at extreme angles more than 45 degree off-set), and with brighter lights, like during the day, it is easy to have reflections on the glass piece that are distracting [*EDIT only when standing above the unit within 1-2 feet, else there are no visible reflections visible in the glass]. But if you don’t want to settle for that “fake electric fireplace” look this could be worth a try. A lot of engineering went into inventing it, and you pay for it, so not cheap.

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  41. Sharon E.

    We just received today and love it!! Mantel is very high quality and love the crackling sounds, nature sounds and different flame options!!

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  42. Ron

    If you want an electric fireplace but don’t want it to look like a toy when it is on, this is about as good as it gets. Was well built, shipped in sturdy boxes, and when seated in front 12 feet back it does look amazing. And you can control it with your iPhone…you can’t do that with a real fire. The trade offs are that from an [extreme] angle or with lots of light you [may] see some reflections in the coated glass [that are not visible when seated] that creates the nice effect in low light. It is a high tech version of an electric fireplace…sometimes takes a couple of different button presses to turn it all on or off [*EDIT iPhone control only takes 1 tap or a quick tap on the touch-screen]. It is very expensive so you have to really want the best…you can see there was a lot of engineering and design cost and software development to provide a current iOS app too. I recorded a short video of how good this can look.

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  43. Scot Yesmunt

    This is a first class business. Howard and his crew define the meaning of customer service. The unit we ordered displayed great workmanship and clever technology. The classiest part of the business is the communication, response speed to emails, answering the questions on the phone (yes you talk to a real person every time) The website is informative and accurate. I can’t say enough good things about the service that Howard provided. Please if you can, give you business for a classy fireplace to MagikFlame

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  44. Joe Cashara

    My wife and I are very satisfied with our new magik flame electric fireplace. The simulation of a real fire is the best I’ve ever seen on any electric fireplaces currently sold. You can change the style of flame and hook it up to your iPhone and control all your functions there to boot. The Aphrodite mantel, with its antique ivory, is fine to my wife, but to me I wish the antique effect was not there. I’m getting use to it as my wife loves decorating and my eyes are now focused on other things. The customer service I’ve received after I received and paid for the product from magik flame has been outstanding. There was one assembly issue which was handled over the phone expertly by a trained professional. I would recommend this company and product they have if your looking for a quality unit.

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  45. Judson Smith

    My wife and I wanted to enhance the ambiance of our master bedroom with a fireplace, but installing a gas or wood burning one was not in the budget. After looking at several electric alternatives we purchased the MagikFlame with holographic technology on Amazon. As electric fireplaces go; this one is superb. The technology creates a remarkable 3D illusion that successfully produces the warm cozy fireplace ambiance that we were looking to bring into our bedroom. The product includes so many options… 22 [*EDIT now 26 in 2019 version] different fires, each with its own distinctive crackling sound. heat, glowing logs and embers, Bluetooth that allows the fireplace to be updated with new fires and sounds at no extra cost, outstanding customer service… the little extras are too numerous to mention. I recommend MagikFlame wholeheartedly for anyone looking for an alternative fireplace to a standard wood or gas. This product is the Rolls Royce of electric fireplaces.

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  46. Richard Harris

    We bought the insert directly from Majikflame. Tracking numbers were a bit wonky, but a call to customer service (I believe the owner actually fields calls) gave me updated numbers that worked. Seems to be a FedEx problem, and not Majikflame’s Upon reciept the monitor wasn’t working. It was after 6 on the west coast but yet, once again a call to customer service was answered immediately. He walked me through some troubleshooting points, but it still wasn’t working. He said they’d send a replacement monitor and walk me through installation when it arrived. I thanked him and fooled around with some connections after I hung up, and it fired up. The connections are tight, but a coast to coast trip can jostle things around. I called right back, and yes, he answered the phone right away. I let him know it was working, yet he still walked me through a few things to make sure all was good. I can honestly say the customer service is top notch. I am in the early stages of building a platform/surround for the unit that will be faced with faux stone. We really love all the features and the realistic flames. I do plan, however to place a fireplace screen in front of the unit to cut down the reflections on the Holoflame glass. A little experimenting seems to show it will make the Holoflame effect even more realistic. Overall so far we are more than satisfied with our Majkflame fireplace and would heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality alternative to a wood or gas fireplace. Lastly, was it pricey compared to the competitors? Yes it was. But I’ve learned a long time ago that you get what you pay for. We got quality , great ambiance, and unmatched customer service with the Majikflame.

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  47. Sharon M. Jouppi

    Nicely done looks like real fire and enjoying the sound. I had a little challenge with the slight modification on assembly [*EDIT only on the Aphrodite model now discontinued]. I had the fireplace complete then received the separate instructions in the mail [*EDIT all current mantels come with all parts in original box; no-longer mailed].

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  48. Ingo Poth

    I am a German engineer and I am very picky when it comes to details. I got my fire place today and I was so curious to see it working that I went home earlier. After unpacking and a little bit of assembly I was able to turn it on. Its hard to explain how realistic this unit shows off. Its like a real fire and the sound real as well. I am just amazed how many visual and acoustical options are available. Sitting now on my sofa while writing up this review and looking at it…..relaxing. I am even afraid touching the unit as my mind is telling me to be carefully for not getting my fingers burned. I am simply amazed. It has even a heater unit build in. Too many to talk about and yes yes yes, I am highly satisfied :)

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  49. Harold S.

    This fireplace is the most attractive, realistic I’ve ever seen. The selection of flames is diverse and unbelievably real. The sound gives it a true experience of a real wood fire along with the log set. The mantle and workmanship is top notch I would highly recommend this to anyone.

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  50. Thomas A.

    Customer service gets 6 stars, they will help you with any questions you may have. Give them a call if you are undecided. Great unit and very real looking flames. Higher price = higher quality. I am happy we purchased this unit.

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  51. Karen Marie Moon

    It took me ( a woman…ALONE) only 2 hours to build it and have it working completely off my phone app. Am amazed at how easy it was to assemble and how realistic it looks for an ELECTRIC fireplace. WOW!!!!

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  52. Sandy

    Unique type of electric fireplace with realistic crackling sounds and many styles of flame selection. Any questions or help required after purchase, call their help line in the instruction booklet and ask for Howard. Howard is very responsive as easy to work with.

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  53. Susan D.

    Bought it to take the chill out of a room. Mantle looks great. Hologram looks ok. Looks like the fireplace channel on tv. Throws off very little heat [*EDIT user error]. Very disappointed for the price. Is there a way to turn up the heat? [*EDIT Yes! There is a built in thermostat for increasing the heat.]

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  54. Karen Jean

    We decided that an electric fireplace would bring both warmth and beauty to our always-chilly family room. We viewed the only model available at our local fireplace specialist and were beyond disappointed thinking “is that all there is”? Thankfully, my husband searched for electric fireplaces on-line and found MagikFlame! We received the upmost in customer service every step of the way. All of our numerous questions were answered within minutes, from the time we first considered purchasing a MagikFlame fireplace, through the installation process and now that we have and LOVE our MagikFlame. Not only does it provide incredible warmth to the room, but also brings the mesmerizing beauty of realistic-looking flames without mess and fire risk of a wood fireplace. The variety of flame intensities and colors is delightful, with the display ranging from peaceful undulating flames to full-blown roaring fires depending on our mood. The glowing embers of the electric logs look so real! The option to activate the sounds of crackling logs or those of rain, the ocean or nature allows us to set the mood for our evening. We look forward to using our fireplace on summer nights, as well, since the flames can be operated without activating heat. The unit itself is gorgeous and rich-looking, a beautiful addition to our family room. The mantel is constructed from beautiful wood and wide enough to accommodate numerous decorations; we look forward to hanging our Christmas stockings onto it next December! We can’t recommend MagikFlame enough, as it has helped us to escape our hectic days and truly relax. We invite you to share the magic of Magikflame :)

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  55. Customer

    We needed either an electric firepalce or to shell out a significant money to completely rebuilt a chimney that was unsafe. With young kids and pets in an old house we opted to go for a high-end electric solution that still produced heat. Magik Flame product checked all out must-have boxes. From the right viewing angles, the logs compbined with 3D fire effects is almost perfect, and could potentially fool someone not looking too closely or off angle that they were seeing an actual wood-burning fire.

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  56. S. McP

    I wish I could give 4.5 stars. The short version: this is a good product, with even better customer support. Here’s the full review… (The Good) We needed either an electric fireplace, or to shell out a significant $$ to completely rebuild a chimney/flu that was unsafe. With young kids and pets in an old house, we opted to go for a “high-end” electric solution that still produced heat. (*of their stand-alone units, one produces heat, the other is visual/sound effect only) MagicFlame’s product checked all our must-have boxes. The best part of the experience was working with their representative. We needed to open up our existing fireplace space in order to fit the unit, and needed exact measurements and guidance before committing to stone/mason work. Over 3-4 phone calls, I was able to get exactly what I need and quickly got the sense that they care about their product *and* customer satisfaction. From the right viewing angles, the magikflame logs combined with the 3-D fire effect is almost perfect, and could potentially fool someone not looking too closely (or [considerably] off angle) that they were seeing an actual wood-burning fire. The included components were heavy-duty and well made. Be advised, it needs 2 grounded (3-prong) plugs unless modified. Lots of options to choose from both in terms of visual and audio effects. (The Okay) The metal framed enclosure was well built. The “projector” is a LCD television, w/average to low-quality speakers [*EDIT upgraded in 2019 to high-quality speakers] giving the audio recorded fireplace sound-effect a somewhat treble heavy or “tinny” [no longer the case] sound. The logs produce a decent amount of heat, though don’t expect it to warm a large living area quickly [*EDIT works best as a supplemental heater]. I left it on for most of the first day we had it installed and after about 6 hours I noticed the room was warmer, but you have to be within about 3′ to feel direct-heat. A couple of times I had to get really close to determine whether it was on. Kids weren’t quite as ready to cozy up to it as they have been around a real fireplace of equivalent size. Likewise, the logs have approx 3-4 lighted phases that “blink” [actually pulsate] from effect to effect vs a slow transition, somewhat ruining the realism [*EDIT improved in 2019 version]. This last is personal taste, but many of the fire effect options were roaring gas or outdoor fires and don’t match the small logs [*EDIT 2019 version now includes several realistic in-door flames captured from real indoor fireplaces]. For our family, we really only liked about 3-5 of the optional settings, and often just use the basic logs themselves for a less intense, small fire effect. (The Bad) The control touch-screen is very bright in a dark room [dims to black after 3 minutes of in-activity], and at least on our unit, some-what cumbersome [improved in 2019 version]. We wound up building a removable enclosure for the fireplace that covers it — but that’s purely an aesthetic choice. (see end of video) I mention the touch-screen in the bad column because for our unit, I am not able to turn on the monitor (ever) using the power buttons, and occasionally while trying to control heat, audio, and fire effects using the touchscreen, it simply blanks for 10-15 seconds before resetting [others have NOT experienced this]. I’ve found using the 3-different remote controls to be easier, though I’d prefer to use one control [should be using touch screen or app], either the screen or a single remote, rather than the clunkiness of managing 4 different input methods [CORRECTION: the fireplace is meant to be operated with the built in touchscreen and not the 1 (NOT 3) included remote. Final notes. Great customer support. Finally, I would be more forgiving of the sound-quality [upgraded in 2019 model], remote/touch-screen setup & functionality, and log quality/heat if this were a sub-$1k unit. While this unit looks great, and ultimately we are very happy with it, at $2.5k I expected slightly higher components in terms of display, logs, and control options. *Just realized that in the video the flames appear to have a blue-tinted background. This is an effect of my Phone's camera. It does not appear blue when looking at it with the naked eye.

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  57. Weng

    Good looking: Magikflame electric fireplace looks good by itself whichever way you decide on your interior decorating and design ideas. Entertaining features: Different sounds and flame effects Excellent customer service: Professionalism, promptness, and politeness. Need I say more? Thanks Howard!

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  58. Ethel S.

    Good experience with this company. Purchased holoflame insert for my existing wood burning fireplace. Received good customer service and love my fireplace insert. If you want realistic look and sound of either a wood burning fire or gas fire this insert delivers just that. Five stars for this company and its product.

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  59. William R. Yount

    I bought this with the HoloFlame log set and installed both two weeks before Christmas. It has added an unbelievable ambiance to our living room. Full disclosure: it is obvious, especially when viewing from the sides of the room, that this is not a real fire. But sit or stand in the front of the fireplace, and the gentle flames (there are many flame types to choose from) and cracking sounds make the whole room a zone of relaxation. We let it “burn” all day long, and makes even a brief walk through a relaxing event. The pictures do not do justice to how this insert looks while sitting in front of it. The electric heater (HoloFlames logs) all provides a pleasant warmth coming from the fireplace. No venting issues, and no loss of house heat through the chimney. I priced the installation of propane gas for our fireplace. $11,000 plus the cost of the propane. Wood costs are high, and clean up and house soot are real problems for AC filters and health. This unit is very easy and inexpensive to operate, and ignition and clean-up happen with clicks [on the touch screen]… Here’s my experience. Right after Christmas, after two weeks of enjoying the flames, the unit froze. The log set worked, but the more expensive insert locked up. Since it is basically a computer displaying digital flames, I “rebooted” the insert by unplugging the power for 15 seconds, and then plugged it in again. The insert re-booted and worked perfectly. I have had no further problems since. Yes, it is an expensive investment. But the result (given the much higher priced and inconvenient alternatives) is — as of today — well worth the money. I have had one experience with the company customer service, and they could not have been more helpful to me (I was missing a simple instruction on remote use, and they quickly and happily helped me). I could not be more pleased, except perhaps for the difficulty in installing the optical glass brackets with the provided nuts and hex bolts [*EDIT instructional VIDEO for glass installation NOW available]. I ended up using metal screws instead [not necessary], which worked just fine.

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  60. Jennifer S.

    Our MagikFlame fireplace is a beautiful piece of furniture that has actually transformed our master bedroom into a place where we never want to leave! My husband and I just want to hang out in our room 24/7! The fire place does a remarkable job of creating that warm cozy vibe that only a fire place can do. This is by far the best electric fire place I have ever seen. I had no idea that these could be so realistic. The quality is second to none. Another thing I like about our new MagikFlame Holographic fireplace is that it is super clean and inexpensive to use. All the technology is LED, so it’s very energy efficient. I love that we can enjoy the ambiance of a fireplace now without the dirty mess and pollution. Thank you, Howard for your amazing customer service! I will definitely be recommending MagikFlame to my friends and family. Jennifer Smith-San Diego, CA

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  61. Amazon Customer

    This fireplace is beautiful. Love all the different flames as well as the crackling sounds. Took about two hours [*EDIT most people can do in < 1 hour when using an electric screw-driver] for the two of us [usually one can do it on their own] to assemble it but worth the time. Here is mine assembled.

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  62. Eric

    Product is as advertised in both function and appearance. I purchased this because I didn’t want something in my home that looked cheap and unrealistic. The difference between this and the others is modern technology and quality finish. You get what you pay for.

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  63. Amazon Customer

    I got the stacked stone. I love it. It looks beautiful and it’s everything they said it would be. Customer service is great. The mantel is nice and wide so you can put things on it. Got mine yesterday. Took about 45 minutes to get it all set plus I decorated it up for Christmas. I love it!

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  64. Dawn Eisenhut

    I ordered the firpeace that has the stone front for the ambiance and look more so than the actual Heat part of it. My husband put it together with no problem at all. It looks absolutely beautiful in my home. It gives a wonderful, warm cozy feeling. The shipping was great. Everything was wonderful. I highly recommend this company and this product

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  65. Renee Morse

    Absolutely love this fireplace. A little more pricey, but well well worth the difference. Looks beautiful and heats the same. Nice attractive decor feature to any room. Bonus, their Customer Service was out of this world! Howard called me twice. First call when Part one shipped and next was when Part two shipped [*EDIT usually ships all together in one shipment]. MAGIKFLAME you rock! I’ll be back!

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  66. Jeremy Waters 

    Great design and, great designer. A special room effect for interior design and comfort. It’s also modern and blue tech device compatible. Available in different stains or, color.

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  67. Amazon Customer

    I wanted an elegant an d high-end electric fireplace for a home I am renting out in Atlanta. One things I knew for sure is I wanted it to scream classy and look like real flames. It was a tall order to fill but the Holoflame by MagikFlame came through with flying colors. The 22 [*EDIT NOW 26] flames it comes with are enough for any occasion and it looks fabulous on or off. Definitely upped my game and i’m extremely satisfied with it!!

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  68. Irene Ronquillo

    I wanted a rugged but realistic looking fireplace with sound for my vacation cabin. A rugged look was a must. Found the Magikflame hologram and love it. Looks almost as good as a real fire but doesn’t smell up the cabin with smoke and I don’t have to clean it. Win-win all the way around!!!!!!!

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  69. Bertrand Saysset

    Love the magikflame big time in my living room and bought a second one for my daughter. She absolutely loves it!

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  70. Alessandra Marzano

    I absolutely love my holographic fireplace. It is sooo comforting to have it on all day long while I work, the sound of the logs are calming and give me a homy feeling. and at night I leave the lights on while watching tv, not only it makes a very romantic setting but also saves me energy. My husband is loving it :) Thank you and I will definitely recommend to my friends.

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  71. Maria

    It doesn’t get that cold here in Florida so I bought a fireplace mainly for the cosmetics of it. The Magik Flame looks great in my living room and it does provide heat on those few months out of the year that get cold. Everyone who has seen it raves about it and I would recommend it to anyone that wants a fireplace all year without the mess.

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  72. Judy W.

    I’m amazed at how far electric fireplace technology has come in the last several years since I bought my first fireplace with fake looking flames and no sound. Just a few years later my new Magikflame holoflame fireplace has realistic flames that look just like the real thing by using holographic technology. It even has a built in touch screen which I love for using at night when the lights are off and even a Bluetooth app I can use to control the thing from any room of the house. Oh and the sound that goes with the flames is amazing as well! You’ve got to see this thing to believe it!!

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  73. Bradley B.

    I wanted a fireplace that looked real and also had sound. There are very few that combine realism and sound together and the magik flame does just that. Looks and sounds great! Recommended.

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