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Home Improvement Ideas: What Size Electric Fireplace do I need?


Home heating needs are widely varied, and the size of your home and the expanse of the rooms determines the size of fireplaces you will be required to have. Installing too small fireplaces in a huge room means that you will not heat them as effectively. You will find yourself faced with a lot of challenges in the process. As this goes, you should know what size of electric fireplace do I need even before you begin the installation process. Planning is important for an ideal result. When you have the appropriate fireplace size, you will have made the best investment that you could ever want to make.

What Size Of Fireplace Perfect For Me?

Getting the right size of the fireplace is important, and as you go about the DIY home improvement project, you get to make a better investment. Your money should go where it is, making the highest level of impact. For a fireplace, this means purchasing a fireplace only once and not worrying about it again. Small fireplaces are an inefficient heating solution for medium and large-sized rooms. You might be required to buy many of them to fit your needs and zone heating requirement. This will also mean that you will be incurring significantly greater costs. Your home will not get the much heat that it needs due to the poor choice of fireplace size. Electric fireplaces are better than gas fireplaces or traditional wood fireplaces.

When determining what size of fireplace you need, you need to calculate the energy and heat you will need in your home. This is determined by where you intend to install the electric fireplace and the size of your rooms. This is often determined by the floor area and the position of the occupants of the home. If the occupants are seated far away from the electric insert, they will not enjoy the heat produced by the fireplace. You will also be required to invest in a larger-sized fireplace in a scenario where a simple rethinking of the layout and home arrangement could have ended up saving you costs. To avoid investing more than you needed to on a perfect electric fireplace with reasonable infrared quartz, be sure to inspect all the currently available options. It will ensure that you can identify where you can save by moving things around. At the end of the exercise, you settle on an infrared heater option that is best for the room.

Small rooms will need small-sized fireplaces, and as you think about it, you will also notice that a single electric fireplace best serves these rooms. This can dissipate heat to all the corners of the tiny room, ensuring that all the occupants are seated comfortably in the room. Larger rooms, in comparison, will not be ideally served by a small-sized fireplace and will be more likely to require a bigger electric fireplace.

An existing fireplace that is appropriately sized will be suited perfectly for a large room. For you to maximize the utility derived from the fireplace, remember to position the fireplace better. The positioning matters as it determines the area that is going to be covered by the fireplace and how far the heat will be able to reach once the device has been turned on. It also makes it possible to take advantage of the room’s layout features to maximize the heat supply that is available to you. With proper planning, large rooms can be as comfortable as their smaller counterparts. You will not need to be worried about not getting all the corners of the room heated. Maintenance is another factor to think about whenever you are settling on the correct size of the electric fireplace and determine the kind of fireplace mantel you end up choosing. 

Electric Fireplace Size Requirements

Electric fireplaces are designed to function by plug-in into a 120-volt electrical outlet. This is done after taking the time to assemble it and happens during the installation process. The power is meant to power the fireplace and the light that is within it. This ensures that it can provide realistic flame effects, among other things. These fireplaces are operated using either remote control or a button with others featuring automated heat settings that shut it off automatically after a certain period elapses.

Before you purchase the electric fireplace, you will need to decide where it will go. Do you intend for the electric fireplace to be in your living room? Will it be in your bedroom? Do you expect the fireplace to act as a heat source for your entire home or a single room? These are important questions that will guide this process and enable you to configure the area you intend to cover. By deciding on the room where you will be installing your fireplace, you will prepare better for the next couple of steps. This includes selecting the right size of electric fireplace for your home.

Upon deciding where the fireplace will go, measure out the area where your fireplace will eventually reside. Don’t just think about where it will sit but the items and home features positioned around it. Is your fireplace expected to be on the floor, or will it be recessed into the wall? Do you have other furniture in the same room as the fireplace? The fireplace unit’s dimensions will also be important as they will factor into the calculation that you will make to know the space you are working with. With this in mind, you will be in a better position to pick an appropriate fireplace that has got the correct dimensions.

Two main dimensions are used in choosing your fireplace. This is the size of the unit and the size of the room. These factors greatly into the equation, and you obviously will not expect a tiny fireplace to be capable of heating a room that is several hundred square feet large. It is more likely that you will use bigger electric fireplaces for bigger rooms or your entire home. This will be easier to keep the entire room at the desired temperature instead of small fireplaces that only heat the area closest to them, leaving the rest of the room in the cold.

Smaller areas such as your bedroom will be ideally suited with a small electric fireplace for the bedroom. Electrical supply is another factor that plays a significant role in the selection of a fireplace to install. The room should be capable of handling the electrical load without much hassle. An electrician can be called in at this point to set up a dedicated circuit that will serve the fireplace only. This means that your home circuit will not be overloaded in any way, and you will be able to make the best choice of an electric fireplace. The thermostat will be used to determine the total heat output from the Dimplex electric fireplace.

Your architecture and building style will determine the kind of freestanding electrical fireplace that you choose for your home. Someone looking for a real fireplace feels will be more likely to go for a traditional fireplace style. Homeowners that are suited to a more contemporary feel will appreciate a fireplace that gets embedded directly into the entertainment center. This looks great in addition to giving you more space for your video games and DVDs. It also forms an ideal position for a TV stand and upgrades your home to a modern look.

If you are currently using real wood, a wood-burning fireplace, and have spent too much money on maintenance, you can always think of converting it to an electric one. This is very easy, and you will be able to accomplish it with a fireplace insert. Inserts have a real fire visual depth, and the log set looks as if they are burning, which is a good ambiance. Your home architecture will determine the size of the fireplace that you choose. The firebox compliments the rest of the home décor. When you have an appropriately sized fireplace, you get to have a home that looks and feels much better with a firebox.

Your style also factors into the selection of a fireplace size. When you are looking for the best electric fireplace that matches your tastes, you will also be in a better position to decide on the kind of fireplace you need. The right size of a Dimplex fireplace means that it fits into the locations you have in mind and does not appear odd. Luckily, electric fireplaces do not produce any fumes, and with this comes lower maintenance costs. They also have flame effects that resemble a real flame but are different in color flame effects and an artificial ember bed or log set. The reduction in maintenance costs for the “real fireplace” should be reason enough for you to invest in the best size of the fireplace.

By purchasing an appropriately sized Touchstone electric fireplace for your home, you will be able to maximize supplemental heat, flame color, and comfort for all the occupants of your home. You will also have eliminated the need for future investments in other brands of electric fireplaces. This way, you will not have to repeat the endeavor. You will only need to buy and install the Touchstone electric fireplace insert once and forget about ever spending any more money on it. A good choice eliminates the need for further investments down the road. You will find yourself breathing freely once you have settled on a size that will be a perfect match for your home.

Electric fireplaces are ventless installations and will not require any flue or venting to bring in air for combustion. This makes them easier to install, and they are energy-efficient. The ventless option means that they do not take up much additional space. The size you choose for your home will be determined by the amount of space you already have. For homes with limited spaces, you will be required to make sacrifices and significant changes where you feel appropriate. With this in mind, you will also be able to abide by local building codes and regulations on venting with the appropriate size of the fireplace.

Sometimes, getting the wrong size of the fireplace has a hazardous and sometimes detrimental effect on the entire setup of your home. A size that feels like it is being squeezed into the available space is hazardous. Any time you are making the purchase, make sure you consider the final effect after the installation. The installation process will involve making changes to the wall and installing brackets to hold the fireplace in place. If you intend for the fireplace to be on the floor and not attached to the wall, then the size will be considerably different than when you need to have it against the wall.

A wall mounted electric fireplace will usually require an appropriate electric fireplace size that can fit into the available space and doesn’t protrude too much to the sides and outwards. A convenient installation should maximize available space while maintaining decorum and a graceful appearance that your guests and visitors will appreciate. An appropriate size ensures that you get to achieve the look and feel you have always wanted. This is all possible without having to invest in fireplace sizes that you will end up r

The space that you have will determine the size of the fireplace. There are different sizes of available fireplaces, and what you choose is determined by the space you have. Someone with an 8-foot wall will not go for a 60-inch unit as this would occupy most of the wall space. There are personal design choices that a wall mount can influence your decision. Measuring out the space where you intend to install the electric fireplace is important. The heat of an electric log is as important as the physical size. BTU output is an important determiner of size. Whenever you are selecting a fireplace that is appropriately sized for your home, you should consider BTU.

Models for Different Room Types

You might be tempted to select a type of fireplace that seems perfect and suitable for the installation but does not cover the space that you have available. Some fireplaces models are suitable for even the tiniest spaces available in your home, and these should be used for matching locations. Modern corner electric fireplaces are an excellent choice for fireplaces that are fitted into the corner. These are the right size for limited spaces and will be perfectly fitted into the corner and blend in with the rest of the surroundings.

A hanging fireplace, in comparison, will depend on the size of the wall, and you need to ensure that it fits into the space that you have available. A hanging fireplace should also be sized according to your home’s space and not what you intend to cover in your home. The wall should be a good installation place for this type of fireplace and whenever you are making the installation, ensure that you leave plenty of allowance around the fireplace once you have completed the installation.

While still on what size of electric fireplace do I need? A ribbon fireplace can fit comfortably into most of the spaces that you have at your home. A designer mindset will ensure that you can achieve the correct visual impression with your fireplace. Remember to install it in alignment with the rest of your home décor, and when you do this, you will be able to realize a huge boost and upgrade in your home appearance. The ribbon fireplace fits into your home’s limited spaces and makes it the ideal sized model for those limited spaces of the home. There are no limitations that can get in your way when you are serious about the installation and ready to make decisions to the same effect.

Whenever you are looking for the best size of a fireplace for your needs, ask yourself, what size of electric fireplace do I need? This is an important question and will guide the rest of the selection process for your electric fireplace. It will save you greatly on costs by ensuring that you can make the right decision and not spend additional costs on replacements and returns, which take much longer to process. The seller might also refuse returns owing to the warranty requirements. Once you have bought the wrong size of the fireplace, you are stuck with that choice. This is an inconvenience that is best avoided with better planning. Whenever you invest in the correct size, you will realize that your home maintenance is reduced greatly.

The guide above is a good assistant whenever you are looking for an electric fireplace to install in your home to have a real flame experience. The fireplace’s size matters and you should always get the best size for the space you have available. This ensures that you maximize the heat produced by the fireplace, and you also get to enjoy the heat from all corners of the room.

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