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How Does a Corner Fireplace Save Space?


There are several reasons that people may want a fireplace but can’t have one. To begin with, a lot of areas within the United States don’t allow wood fireplaces to be built onto existing homes that don’t already have one, or they don’t allow them to be built during the construction of new homes. Also, people might be renting, or own an apartment or condo where installing a traditional fireplace just isn’t something they can feasibly do.

For these reasons, a lot of smart homeowners are choosing to go the route of installing electric fireplaces in their homes. Electric fireplaces don’t have any of the concerns that traditional fireplaces have, they are easy to install, and they can be installed into any kind of home. In many cases, it doesn’t even matter if you are renting since a lot of electric fireplaces only need to be plugged into a normal wall outlet and don’t need any kind of venting.

Of course, even if you are considering installing an electrical fireplace in your home, you may be limited in space. So, how do you install an electrical fireplace while saving space and making sure the room still has plenty of accessibility? There are a few options to solve this problem. One of those options is by installing a corner electric fireplace. By installing a corner fireplace you can keep it out of the way, while still remaining an interesting focal point when it comes to interior design.

In the following article, we will talk about electric fireplaces, why they are a good choice over other alternatives, and which types are best if you are limited in space.

These Topics Will Be Covered In The Following Post:

  • Why Are Electric Fireplaces Considered Better Than Wood or Gas Fireplaces? – While some people have the option to choose between wood, gas, or electric fireplaces for their home, here we will explain exactly why you should avoid those first two and choose an electrical fireplace for your home. We will highlight the different types of traditional fireplaces and their downsides. We will also talk about all of the upsides electric fireplaces have over them.
  • Is It Okay To Buy Budget Electric Fireplaces? – Even though it is really tempting to look for cheap deals on electric fireplaces, like many things in life, what you pay for is what you will get. This part of the article will explain why getting a cheap, generic electrical fireplace is a really bad idea and why investing in high-end electric fireplaces is much smarter.
  • What Are All of The Different Categories of Electric Fireplace Units? – Whether you are looking for a corner unit, a standard wall unit, a fireplace that is part of a media console, or something else entirely, there are many different types of electric fireplaces that are out there. This section will talk about the different types that you can find and what situations you might want different ones.
  • What Electric Fireplace Types Are Good For Saving Space? – If your main concern is how much space you have available due to living in an apartment, condo, or small house, this part of the guide has you completely covered. We will highlight the electric fireplace types that are best for people that are lacking sufficient space for a large fireplace.
  • What Are The Main Benefits of a Corner Electric Fireplace? – If you are someone who is interested in corner fireplaces, this part of the post will help talk about the features and benefits of corner units so that you can properly decide if this type of electrical fireplace unit is right for you or not.
  • What Kind of Styles of Corner Fireplaces Are There? – Beyond the normal types, there are still several styles of fireplaces when it comes to materials, looks, and home decor choices. This part of the article will help you be aware of the different styles that are out there so that you can properly choose a style that matches your preferences.
  • If I Want a Corner Fireplace or Another Type of Electric Fireplace, What Brand Should I Get? – Choosing a brand of any kind of product you aren’t already familiar with can be incredibly challenging. In this last section, we will help you decide which brand you should be looking at if you want a top-of-the-line electrical fireplace.

Why Are Electric Fireplaces Considered Better Than Wood or Gas Fireplaces?

Most people already know how much of a hassle wood fireplaces are to deal with. All of the cleaning and maintenance can be a serious pain. However, people don’t always know how unsafe they are. The risk of a house fire is much higher when you have a wood fireplace in your home, but the risk of smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning is also greatly increased.

Some people have tried to escape the problems of wood fireplaces and switched to a gas fireplace. Of course, these have all of their own problems. A burning flame is still present, so the chance of a house fire is still increased. On top of that, with a gas fireplace you either have to put in gas lines for natural gas, or regularly change out liquid propane tanks. If you are someone who enjoys a more authentic fireplace experience, you are unlikely to get it with gas fireplaces due to their weak flames and absurd flame colors.

Because of these reasons and so much more, a lot of people are wisely choosing to get a high-end electrical fireplace. With these, you can expect tons of great benefits:

  • Easy and Effortless Installation – Wood and gas fireplaces require excessive construction jobs and expensive installations. Electric fireplaces are as effortless as setting it down and plugging it in just like you would a toaster.
  • Efficient Heating – Electrical fireplaces work incredibly efficiently by sucking cold air into it, instantly heating that air with an infrared heating device, and then cycling it back out into the room through a gentle blower. Because of this constant cycle, a room can be warmed very quickly and the energy use is incredibly efficient.
  • Immersive Experience – With a high-end electrical fireplace purchase, you can expect the most realistic flames that flicker, crackling audio sounds, and more. The best electrical fireplaces on the market are almost indistinguishable from the real thing.
  • Hassle-Free – With electric fireplaces, you don’t have to worry about all of the hassles you would have with a wood fireplace. You won’t be cleaning out the ash, building a fire, or regularly stacking new logs on top.

Is It Okay To Buy Budget Electric Fireplaces?

It is always easy to look for a good deal and buy a product that seems to be on sale or really cheap compared to more expensive products. For some types of products, that is probably a good idea. Many of the generic breakfast cereals taste identical to the more expensive brand-name cereals, right? However, this isn’t the case with electric fireplaces.

Cheap electric fireplaces are always low quality. Generic brand electric fireplaces do a poor job at heating a home and they have a higher electric bill cost while doing this poorer job. However, the most disappointing thing about them is the quality of their fireplace simulation. They look extremely fake, and usually, quite tacky.

By investing your money wisely in a more efficient, powerful electrical fireplace with realistic 3D flame effects, you will not only be happier with how it looks and feels in your home, but your energy bill will thank you. The savings may even eventually cover the cost of your fireplace, much like solar panel systems.

If you are worried that high-end electrical fireplaces are a bit outside of your current budget, keep in mind that some high end electrical fireplace companies offer great financing options so you don’t have to pay for it all at once.

What Are All of The Different Categories of Electric Fireplace Units?

Electric fireplaces come in a variety of categories, not just the corner units that we are talking about here. You may find that a corner unit is best, you may be happier with a standard wall unit, or you may even have use for an insert. Here are the different types that are available so that you can choose one that is just right for you and your home situation:

  • Flat Wall Fireplace Mantel Unit – Your typical electrical fireplace will be one of these units. They sit flat against a main wall in the room that you want it in. When you order these from the company, you will usually have a choice of a few mantel styles, while the fireplace itself will remain the same. It will often come as two pieces that you can easily install together.
  • Fireplace Corner Unit – These are the main units we are talking about in this article. While these aren’t quite as common as the standard wall units, they function the same way, just in a different shape. By designing these to fit in a corner, they can save you space and add an interesting bevel layout to the room instead of a more boring square look.
  • Fireplace TV Stand – If you want something that you can put your TVs up on, but also acts as an electrical fireplace, this kind of unit is for you. Keep in mind that these tend to actually take up a bit more space than your average electrical fireplace, however, it does combine two items into one. Also, while many of these units have shelves or cabinetry for storage, it is more limited due to the space the fireplace takes up inside of it.
  • Wall Mounted Unit – Some people who enjoy a more modern look, get these units that can be mounted on their wall and sometimes even built into the wall so that it is recessed. The recession can be just partial, or it can be full so that the fireplace unit is completely flush with the wall that it is embedded in. These units can sometimes come in much wider linear fireplace varieties if you have a larger space to put it against.
  • Electric Fireplace Insert – There are three reasons someone might want to get one of these electric fireplace insert units. First, they have an old wood fireplace and want to convert it into an electric one. Second, they want to buy a third-party mantle separate from the company they are buying their fireplace from. Third, they want to build their own fireplace mantle from scratch. If you fall into any of these three scenarios, an insert is a good choice for you.
  • Freestanding Fireplace – Instead of a typical space heater, you can get these units that are designed to look like a fireplace. Keep in mind that out of all of the units listed here, these are the ones that will typically perform the worst when it comes to both heating a room and simulating fire effects. These kinds of units typically look incredibly cheap and tacky. It is a good idea to avoid these altogether and stick to the more standard units.

What Electric Fireplace Types Are Good For Saving Space?

There are typically three different options of electric fireplaces that will be able to save space the best. These three options are:

With a TV stand electrical fireplace, you are combining two different items into one. So, instead of having an entertainment center and a fireplace next to each other, you can consolidate them and leave that other space open or use it for another piece of important furniture in the room.

With a wall-mounted electrical fireplace, you are raising it off the ground to free up space below it. However, if you install it into the wall with either a partial recession or a full recession so it sits flush, you can save even more space. This is important if you don’t need to place any other furniture there, but you would like more space to walk by it instead of making it too tight of a squeeze between the fireplace and coffee table or couch.

With a corner unit electrical fireplace, you are taking it away from a main wall completely and tucking it into a corner that is likely unused anyway. It is unusual for someone to have furniture in every single corner of the main room of their home. Because of this, there will always be space for a corner unit fireplace without taking up any additional space that is more useful for other things.

Keep in mind, that even your typical flat wall mantle fireplace unit doesn’t take up very much space at all. Many electrical fireplaces have very small depth requirements since they sit flat against the wall. You may want to simply measure the space you have to work with and check the measurements of the standard electrical fireplace you are considering. You might be surprised that even a small room can handle a normal electrical fireplace without feeling cramped or cluttered.

What Are The Main Benefits of a Corner Electric Fireplace?

Corner fireplaces have a lot of great benefits to them. Obviously, as has been covered plenty in this article, corner fireplaces can help you save space by being more out of the way and not taking up precious flat wall space in your room. They can be tucked more into a corner. However, there are other benefits you should be aware of:

  • Interesting Layouts – Some rooms don’t have a typical layout. You may have an asymmetrical space to work with that puts more focus on the corner of the room than a single, large flat wall. For this reason, corner fireplaces would be a fantastic choice to naturally draw the eye in a room like this. Take note of the layout of the space you are working with and decide if a corner unit might be especially useful.
  • Can Put Your TVs Up, because of the additional space on top of a corner unit versus a typical flat wall unit, you can place your TVs up on top. Of course, the size of the TV will be limited by the size and clearance involved with the fireplace you install.
  • Book Corner – You can install or build your own corner bookcase shelving to sit directly above the fireplace so that the space is more useful. Who doesn’t love grabbing a book and curling up in front of a warm fireplace? Now you can set up your own little corner space reading area.
  • Holiday Decorating – Just like other electric fireplaces, you can hang your stockings in front of your corner-style fireplace. Unlike a standard electric fireplace for a flat wall, you can also place a small to medium-sized Christmas tree on top of your corner unit fireplace. This is especially useful for people that don’t have a lot of space to work with from the beginning.

Keep in mind, that these benefits are in addition to all of the other benefits that normally come when you choose to install an electrical fireplace in your home.

What Kind of Styles of Corner Fireplaces Are There?

Whether you are specifically getting a corner unit, a flat wall unit, or another type of electrical fireplace, there are several aesthetic styles you can choose from. When thinking about the aesthetics of a fireplace, there are a few things to consider:

  • Flame Effect Quality – If you go with an electrical fireplace with cheap mechanical flame effects or some simple LED flames, it will look tacky and you will be very disappointed after it is installed into your home. Instead, you want to focus on investing in a better fireplace that has more realistic flame technology. For the most realistic quality of visual flame effects, you should be looking at something like a MagikFlame fireplace.
  • Color – The color of your fireplace will make a big difference in how it looks in your room. A dark fireplace like black or espresso may have a mysterious and interesting look to it, but it can make a room feel even smaller. To make a room feel larger and to give a nice modern aesthetic appeal, try a clean white electrical fireplace.
  • Material – Consider what kind of material you want the mantle of your fireplace to be made out of. There are several materials to choose from: solid wood, MDF, faux stone, and more. Keep in mind that the material you choose will often go hand in hand with the color you will get. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits the current aesthetics of the room you are going with. Again, if you are unsure, just stick to something white, usually solid wood or MDF.
  • Details – Do you want a fireplace that is ornate with lots of little details? Or do you want a fireplace with strong, minimal lines and let the shapes speak for themselves? While ornate details can have an interesting look to them, they will also tend to look dated much faster. If you want something more timeless that will stay in style for many years to come, stick to something timeless with simple, straight lines and shapes.
How does Fireplace Save Space

If I Want a Corner Fireplace or Another Type of Electric Fireplace, What Brand Should I Get?

Whether you are thinking about getting a corner fireplace or some other type of electric fireplace for your living room, one of the best brands of electric fireplaces you can get is MagikFlame. Due to their superior built quality and commitment to a realistic fireplace experience, MagikFlame fireplaces stand tall above the rest of the competition. Here are just some of their amazing fireplace features:

  • 30 Ultra-Realistic Flames – While many electric fireplaces try their hardest to perfectly simulate the flickering flames of a wood-burning fireplace, MagikFlame electric fireplaces actually achieve a realistic flame look. Their flame effect success is due to their forward-thinking holographic technology called Holoflame. Essentially, this technology allows 3D holographic flames to be realistically projected onto a log set that rests inside of the firebox of these units. You’re not limited to just one real flame-style holographic projection. Depending on the mood that you are going for, you can select between 30 different flames that move and spark embers.
  • Built-In 5,200 BTU Heater – The heaters inside MagikFlame electric fireplaces are powerful, yet very efficient. A single MagikFlame electric fireplace can easily warm a living space of 1,000 square feet. If you have an area that is more than 1,000 sq. ft. due to having a large home with multiple rooms, you can easily install more than one MagikFlame fireplace in your home to set it up for supplemental zone heating. By only warming rooms that are occupied and keeping doors shut between them, you will further see big savings on your energy bill.
  • Crackling Log Sounds – For added ambiance, MagikFlame accompanies the beautifully realistic firebox visuals with realistic audio in the form of crackling log sounds. Hearing each subtle crack and pop of a burning fireplace immerses you further, allowing you to feel like you truly have a real fireplace in your living room.
  • Smartphone Control – There is no need for remote control with MagikFlame’s state-of-the-art application. From the comfort of your seat, you can use this intuitive smartphone to set the programmable thermostat to your desired temperature. Not only can you set the thermostat, but you can also cycle through several of the other features that come with your fireplace like flame and audio effects.

If you are specifically looking for a corner fireplace, MagikFlame offers the Churchill Corner Fireplace model. This fireplace has all of the same features and benefits as any of their other fireplace products, but in a clean, modern, and timeless fireplace design that is made to perfectly fit in the corner of a room. Of course, MagikFlame also has many other styles of electric fireplaces to choose from including flat wall units and inserts.

If you are interested in learning more about MagikFlame, you could enjoy the MagikFlame story or read about how MagikFlame is built. You can also see many MagikFlame reviews from existing customers. If you want to know more about MagikFlame electric fireplaces, check out the useful MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide. When you are ready to invest in a high-end MagikFlame fireplace, look into their effortless payment plans and financing.

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