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Does an Electric Fireplace Insert Add Value To My Home?

An Electric Fireplace Insert

The appearance of your home matters and is the reason why a realistic electric fireplace insert is essential. Besides your home decor, it provides an upgrade that makes your home more welcome and appealing.

No matter what kind of home you have, a realistic electric fireplace insert is one of the best ways of adding value to your home. It ensures that your home has a focal point which is the main attraction of the house. It also provides you with a form of heating that keeps you comfortable and cozy.

Your home should get the appearance upgrades that are deserving of it. With a realistic electric fireplace insert, you get to enjoy several advantages at the same time. You will be living in a visually appealing home, which creates an ambiance that everyone feels might be visiting. With the most realistic electric fireplace, you get to overhaul the look and feel of your home and stay warm throughout the winter.

Does Insert Fireplace Add Value To My Home?

Does Insert Fireplace Add Value To My Home

What are Electric Fireplace Inserts?

An electric fireplace insert is a heating component intended to add warmth and comfort to a home. It is designed to fit alongside the rest of your home’s electrical components, such as the TV. They are designed to fit into many places of your home and can be freestanding or recessed into a wall for the associated space-saving.

Some require venting, while others are ventless in their design. The ventless fireplace inserts do not require a vent for heat distribution. Ventless methods are standard in infrared heaters.

They are an improvement over your existing fireplace and valuable home upgrades. As a homeowner, you are free to select a fireplace insert that is a perfect match for your home’s specifications. A recessed fireplace is vastly different from a freestanding fireplace and knowing the difference is essential.

For instance, an infrared heater makes use of infrared quartz to heat objects directly. The infrared quartz element produces energy similar to that from the sun and uses LED lights to keep you informed. The LED lights are used to indicate when it is in operation and when it is not.

If you live in a small home, it is recommended that you purchase an electric fireplace-insert that fits into the available space. The fireplace must insert that you are buying for your home, use the open space in a good way, and replaces your existing fireplace effectively. It should not feel too squeezed in as required to provide heat and comfort to all your home members. Fireplace inserts are designed to fit into all kinds of spaces. In some cases, you might be required to construct a mantel around the fireplace to provide a comfortable space for it.

Electric fireplace inserts are designed to provide heat to your entire home by using an embedded heating element. When induced using an electrical current, the heating element gets hot and, as its temperature keeps rising, heats the air. The hot air produced from the realistic electric fireplace insert is then distributed to the rest of the home through a vent or blown using an included fan. The hot air is spread all over your living room and ensures that you are comfortable and warm throughout the cold season.

During the winter, you might be required to purchase additional means of providing heat to the rest of your home. Your other rooms might require varied kinds of heating elements that are suited to their interior design. For instance, the fireplace insert that you use for your living room will be quite different from an electric fireplace used in your master bedroom.

When you go shopping, it is essential to ask for more information about the electric fireplace’s capabilities that you are purchasing for your home. It will ensure that you are buying the correct electric fireplace inserts and also saves you money. Dimplex, Classicflame, Opti-Myst, and Duraflame are significant brands that are energy efficient in their operations. Opti-Myst, for instance, uses water vapor to create a smoke effect.

When you have the electric fireplace inserts installed, your home gets to stay warm and comfortable throughout the cold seasons. During the winter, you will be able to remain relatively comfortable. Making progress on your hobbies in the garage will also be much easier when you have a fireplace insert to keep the space warm and comfortable.

A garage is not as well insulated as the rest of the home, and air keeps circulating in and out of the building. The choice of electric fireplace-insert will therefore be very different from the other areas of your home.

How Inserts Improve the Aesthetics in a Home?

The appearance of your home matters a lot, and that is why getting a realistic electric fireplace insert installed makes a lot of difference. For one, it ensures that your home looks special and appealing to all the occupants. The aesthetic appearance of your home is massively improved by adding an electric fireplace-insert to the decoration. It ensures that you have a feature that serves to catch visitors’ attention apart from the TV.

In the old days, the TV set or a painting would be the main attraction of the living room. It would be a focal point for the home and the feature that would get the highest looks and glances. The addition of an electric fireplace-insert serves to change this. It makes the winters more comfortable by adding a home feature that adds visual comfort to the home’s people. When they look at the fireplace insert, your friends and families will be able to stay comfortable and confident of the feature.

The electric fireplace-insert usually provides visual appearance upgrades that make it possible to identify the feature instantly. A realistic flame effect is the main feature that makes the Dimplex electric fireplace insert different from your television set. While your TV will only provide images and visual upgrades of an abstract nature, the fireplace inserts make your home appear more lively and welcoming to your visitors.

The addition of an electric fireplace-insert to any home means that there is something to focus on apart from the art pieces and the TV. A glowing log set and an ember bed are features that come with most fireplace inserts. The electric fireplace log is made up of glowing logs, which are very realistic in their appearance. The electric fireplace log set helps create an appropriate visual effect in your home.

These are automated and accompanied by crackling sounds from the electric log set, making the entire log set effect seem more realistic.

The LED flames are also interchangeable log set, and through the heat settings on the fireplace control, you can easily change the flame type. An array of flame colors to choose from means that you don’t have the same flame dancing in your electric fireplace heater. You are free to change up the LED lighting and theme as you like. It makes sure that you have an appealing focal point for your living space.

An electric fireplace-insert ensures that your home is lively and appealing. It gets rid of the home’s dull and boring appearance and adds to its comfort and appeal during the dull winter months. With the use of an electric fireplace-insert, you can keep your home comfortable and attractive throughout the year. The fireplace insert also makes your home have a focal point of attraction. Instead of your visitors getting bored, they will have something to look at whenever they are around.

The use of life-like flames also makes the occupant of the home aware of the heat that is being provided by the fireplace insert. The association between the appearance of fire and a feeling of rising temperature and warmth makes the visual effect even more important. Someone that feels warm without seeing a fire will not appreciate the fact that they are comfortable.

However, an electric fireplace stove takes care of this by ensuring that the flames are always in sight while the fireplace is operational. You can keep the real flame on even when the heat has been turned off. It is a feature of most modern electric fireplaces and valuable when the temperature has risen to a comfortable level.

Importance of Electric Fireplace Inserts

An electric fireplace-insert is significant for your home and the real flame effect options. It makes use of electricity and does not take much maintenance to keep it running. A traditional wood fireplace and gas fireplace would typically take a lot of time out of the homeowner’s day to keep clean and maintain. Real flame maintenance costs a lot more than a modern electric fireplace heater due to real fire combusting objects. They would also take a lot of time cleaning, and it required constant attention for them.

Luckily, electric fireplaces use electricity from the nearest outlet and will not require much of your attention once you are plug-in. Whenever you have an electric firebox insert installed at your home, you will only need to clean it of dust once in the summer. There is no additional maintenance required for a Dimplex fireplace, and you get to enjoy using the fireplace insert worry-free.

An electric fireplace-insert will only require an initial installation and plug-in to an outlet. The rest of its operations will not need to stress you. The installation can be a simple DIY undertaking, and with the straightforward instructions accompanying the insert, there is no way you’ll get lost.

An electric fireplace-insert also makes your home safer to live in and much cleaner. As compared with wood fireplace means of heating your home in the cold winter months, you will not be required to keep cleaning up your real fireplace and removing the ash. Instead, all you will be required to do is ensure that your fireplace insert is running smoothly. It also runs cleanly and does not produce any harmful gases that have been known to harm the carbon footprint. You will be doing the environment a massive favor by getting yourself an electric fireplace-insert.

An electric fireplace-insert does not burn up or combust anything in its operation. It is not known to produce any harmful gases or release carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. It can also run for many years with minimal maintenance and the reason they are preferred over a traditional fireplace.

When you have an electric fireplace-insert in your home, your cold months will be significantly more comfortable. The fireplace insert also serves as a visual upgrade during the warmer summer months, where you can use it to display the flame effects without dissipating any heat. You also do not have to worry much when you are using an electric fireplace-insert.

Your attention is pried off the electric fireplace, and you are free to focus on doing other things around your home. Automated safety and timing features make the fireplace much easier to use, and operating it will be effortless and smooth. It also prevents overheat using an automatic shut-off feature when the temperatures are too high.

Advanced features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and realistic flame are also being included in modern electric fireplace inserts to allow you to control it from anywhere. So long as you have an internet connection and a mobile application that has been paired, controlling the fireplace insert is very easy. All you need is to provide your credentials, authenticate yourself and get to see real-time information and statistics from the fireplace insert.

Comfort Benefits of an Electric Fireplace Insert

An electric fireplace-insert with realistic flame is indeed the most comfortable addition you can ever have in your home. The moment you turn it on, a draft of warm air starts flowing around the home. The warm air in the home ensures no one clinging to their bones or shivering due to the cold. The home occupants get to stay comfortable throughout the cold season, and nothing ever interrupts their comfort.

The electric fireplace-insert does not produce any harmful gases and makes your home more comfortable. The absence of toxic emissions means that your home occupants’ health is always safeguarded. In contrast, a traditional wood-burning fireplace would have produced tons of toxic gases known to cause health complications whenever they are inhaled.

A clean environment is one of the significant benefits of the electric fireplace-insert and a reason to upgrade your home to this heating option. It is a safer, healthier, and more comfortable alternative that will provide you with years of service without the need for attention or any maintenance.

A one-off investment on the electric fireplace insert also means that the fireplace is comfortable on your budget too. You do not need to purchase any fuel to keep your fireplace running throughout the cold seasons, and this is one of the ways you can ensure that you do not spend more than you are willing. It is a wise investment for anyone considering a heating solution for their home. An electric fireplace insert ensures that your home stays comfortable and appealing to everyone that lives inside it.

The wall-mounted electric fireplace insert does not take up much space in your home in terms of space consumption. It has been designed to take up as little space as possible. It is not as conspicuous as other features decorating your home and tends to use more wall space than floor space.

The economical use of space means that your home gets to stay comfortable, and there are no restrictions while you are moving around. A wall mount electric fireplace means that your fireplace does not eat into the space of your home. As such, you can get the heat and visual comfort that you require for your home without sacrificing the space you have available.

You can install the electric fireplace insert in any room of your home. You are not limited in terms of the places that you are allowed to position it. As such, you can easily keep any room in your home heated and comfortable for its occupants. It is the reason people are known to purchase smaller fireplace inserts for the additional rooms in their homes. These act as supplemental heat in addition to the central heating system. It keeps home occupants more comfortable regardless of where in the home they are located.

The heat output of the fireplace insert in BTU is enough for a reasonably large area of your home. The heat from the fireplace insert covers more square feet than you could have considered possible, and there are no wastages. All the heat produced by the fireplace gets distributed to the rest of the home without loss.

Typically, wood-burning fireplaces have been very inefficient in their operation and would lose a lot of heat through the chimney. They were also known to be less effective than modern electric fireplaces, covering fewer square feet and a reason most of them are being replaced. Modern homes require more comfortable heating, only possible with methods that do not use real wood or propane as fuel.

An electric fireplace insert is a perfect addition to your home and a massive improvement over a gas fireplace or a traditional wood. It ensures that you are comfortable throughout the cold season and in the winter. The use of visual effects acts as an aesthetic upgrade for your home and covers more square feet. It gives you something to focus on whenever you are not occupied with something. It provides physical and mental, and psychological comfort, which is very important for the cold seasons. Getting one installed for your home can be a massive upgrade, and you will get to enjoy years of service.

The installation is relatively simple, and you do not need anyone’s assistance to get the fireplace insert into place. The instructions are also easy to follow, and all the necessary accessories required for the installation accompany the appliance, including a touch screen monitor. Whenever you are looking for an electric fireplace insert for your home, ensure that you look for the best. A good quality will ensure that you have an easy time operating and interacting with the fireplace. Also, you get to have more straightforward means of controlling your fireplace through means such as mobile applications, a touch screen panel, and remote control.

MagikFlame Electric Fireplaces

For many years, MagikFlame has been the leading manufacturer and designer of the best electric fireplace inserts. The use of advanced technology means that all the features they include in the products are nothing but the best. They are the best in electric fireplace design for modern and contemporary homes.

We are also conscious of the environment and design products intended to reduce carbon emissions to the environment. Getting familiar with the MagikFlame story is one way you can ensure that your home is equipped with the best selection of electric fireplace inserts.

MagikFlame electric fireplaces are designed to the industry’s highest standards and beat the competition significantly. For instance, the fireplace inserts from MagikFlame make use of the latest solid-state flame technology to produce their 3D flame effects. The solid-state technology is similar to what is being used on modern SSD hard drives. These hard drives ensure your computer’s quiet operation and are much faster in data retrieval and storage.

In comparison, the solid-state flame production technology used by MagikFlame does not make use of any moving part to achieve the effect. It is proof of the level of quality and adherence to standards that MagikFlame puts into its production and manufacturing process. Using no shortcuts means that the flame effects are totally genuine and much closer to the actual fire than what the competition has managed.

The other producers of electric fireplaces have been known to cut corners by using moving parts to create the flames effect. These moving components are known to create friction, and as you continue using the fireplace, the flame-effect breaks down when these components wear out. In comparison, the solid-state flame effect production used by MagikFlame does not wear out, and you are assured of continued service for many years.

The flame effect only goes to show the quality you can expect to get from MagikFlame. It also serves as a standard to gauge other fireplaces and lets you compare electric fireplaces. Reading through several MagikFlame reviews on Amazon as you go about buying your next fireplace is very important. It will ensure that you get the best quality of the fireplace. You will also be able to see for yourself evidence from other people’s testimonies to attest the quality of the products from MagikFlame.

A buying guide best electric fireplace serves to simplify your purchase process. It also shows you how MagikFlame is made and its strength over other fireplaces from Dimplex, Classicflame, and Duraflame. Additionally, it provides you with available payment plans and financing.

Whenever you are purchasing a fireplace, ensure that you make a comparison of the features.

The comparison lets you keep track of the features and benefits that most of the fireplace will bring to your home. Some of the fireplaces are also much easier to set up and install than others. As such, you will not have to make the wrong selection if you have all the features listed down in front of you.

Many years of experience have made MagikFlame the best in their field. Investing in modern technology has also enabled them to upgrade and optimize their manufacturing processes to ensure that you only get high-quality products.

The electric fireplace inserts from MagikFlame have been known to provide many years of service and include practical and efficient control mechanisms. They also offer various flame effects, with the typical MagikFlame fireplace providing over 30 different flame effects. The flame effects are in addition to 5200 BTU of heat production, which is more than sufficient for your home needs.

During a remodel, an architect or a home builder will recommend a fireplace from the manufacturer owing to their reputation. They are also easy to install and can be easily mounted on the wall using installation brackets. You don’t have to stress their setup as they have easy-to-follow instructions for the installation process.

Automation of the features of these fireplaces also makes it simpler and safe to use MagikFlame fireplaces. For instance, a digital thermostat embedded into the fireplace ensures automated temperature control for your home using the remote control. You get to stay warm and comfortable while keeping the temperature well regulated. With the use of an accompanying mobile application on your smartphone, you get closer control that is available even when you are away from home.

As you look to add comfort and aesthetic value to your home using an electric fireplace insert, consider going for the best. In the market, you will be presented with many options such as Multi-fire XD, Opti-V, Touchstone, Duraflame, Classicflame, Opti-Myst, and Dimplex revillusion. Opti-V and Multi-fire XD are some of the top picks on the market. As you make your comparisons on Amazon or other online stores, ensure that you look at the Dimplex, Opti-V features more keenly.

Some manufacturers are better than others and only work with quality components in electric fireplace design. As such, you will be able to get a comfortable and safe fireplace for your new home. A buying guide for Amazon is also helpful, and with the information provided here, you will have enough information to use.

Comfort and an appealing look are some of the main consideration factors when selecting an electric fireplace. MagikFlame ensures that all these needs are met by using advanced technology to keep your home comfortable. It also provides easy-to-install fireplaces that are known to keep your home safe, secure, and comfortable throughout the cold season. Information from their website will give you better insight into the technology behind their designs and modern features included in their fireplaces.

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