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Is it Safe to Put a TV Above an Electric Fireplace?


Placing the TV above the fireplace is a big trend in home decorating. In fact, many builders now install cable and electrical outlets next to the electric fireplace for convenience. It makes sense from a designer’s point of view. The two pieces can work together as one main focal point rather than compete for attention, and it frees up floor space for other essential furnishings. Unfortunately, interior designers are focused more on aesthetics than functionality. The good news is that you can safely mount your TV over your fireplace if you know how to do it correctly

In this post, you will learn:

  • Heat and Electronics Don’t Mix
  • Test the Wall Temperature
  • TV Damage from Excessive Heat
  • Other Concerns with a TV Above the Fireplace
  • Switch to a TV Friendly Electric Fireplace
  • TV-Friendly Features of an Electric Unit
  • Benefits of Hanging the TV Over the Fireplace
  • MagikFlame Electric Fireplace Buying Guide

Heat and electronics don’t mix

Heat is not a TV’s best friend. High temperatures can affect the delicate electronics that provide you with that crystal-clear image you love. This is why it isn’t always a good idea to mount the TV above a gas or wood-burning fireplace with high heat output.

The wall above the fireplace is often warmer than any other surface in the room. This is due to the amount of heat a fireplace generates. For example, a gas fireplace generates 20,000 to 35,000 BTUs of heat per hour. To understand how much heat this is, consider how a 15,000 BTU heater will easily heat a 1,400-square-foot home during the winter months.[1]

A blower is designed to force the hot air into the room, but even a fireplace with a good blower tends to have hot air that rises above it. This doesn’t mean you have to eliminate the idea of placing your TV above the fireplace.

There are many factors to consider before making your final decision. For example, the depth of the fireplace mantel could make a difference. A narrow mantel allows the heat to go straight up. A deeper mantel helps shield anything above the fireplace from the intense heat. You also need to realize that some types of fireplaces produce less heat than others or include a higher-quality blower.

There are also electric fireplace inserts available. These are a great option if you want your TV to be mounted above the fireplace. Is it safe to put a TV above an electric fireplace? Yes, it is. These units produce less heat than a gas or wood fireplace. This is because the flames are not real. The flame effects are artificially created for the ambiance. Some include a heater to add to the realism of the piece, but those with heat are typically around 5,200 BTUs.

Electric units are so compatible with a TV that some are specifically designed to hold the TV. They have a mantel created for flat-screen televisions along with shelves for the cable box, DVD player, and other equipment. The heaters in these versions generally produce a low level of heat in order to protect the electronics.

Test the wall temperature

Regardless of what type of fireplace with a tv stand you have, the best way to know for sure if you can place the TV above it is to test the wall’s temperature. This is easy to do. Decide exactly where the TV will be mounted. Tape a thermometer where the center of the TV would be on the wall. Let the fireplace run for several hours. If the wall temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more, this area is too hot for the TV. Anything below 100 degrees is acceptable for your electronics.

TV damage from excessive heat

Large flat-screen TVs are expensive. The manufacturer’s warranty protects your investment. The last thing you want to do is call a repairman to come look at your new TV because it suddenly doesn’t function properly due to heat damage. If the repairman determines that excessive heat is the cause of your television’s damage and poor picture quality, the manufacturer may refuse to cover the cost of the repairs. Read the fine print. Many warranties state that a TV wall mount above the fireplace voids all coverage.

Other concerns with a TV above a fireplace

In addition to the problems, heat can cause, the height of a fireplace can be an issue. Many times, a TV mounted above a fireplace is often too high for comfortable viewing. Fireplace mantels have to be a safe distance above the flames. This makes the fireplace tall. A TV above that point is even higher off the ground. Watching it is like sitting too close to the screen in a movie theater. You will be looking up the entire time which can cause neck strain.

How high the television is mounted makes a huge difference in comfort. The most comfortable height for your LCD TV is when the bottom third of the TV set is at eye level with where you are sitting. Otherwise, you may start to feel the strain and neck pain from looking up after 30 minutes of watching.

You also need to consider how LED TVs are hard to see from an angle. The greater the viewing angle, the worse the picture looks. This could make it extremely difficult to view the TV from the sofa or your favorite chair when it is mounted over the fireplace.

Some of this neck strain can be avoided by using the correct type of wall mounting kit. There are two types to pick from.

Tilting mount

A tilt mounting allows you to angle your flat-screen TV down towards where you are sitting. This makes watching TV much more comfortable. When you aren’t using the TV, it can be pushed back up against the wall where it looks like any mirror or piece of art would above the fireplace.

Full-motion mount

A full-motion mount will tilt down for you as well as swivel. This is accomplished with an extension arm that brings the TV out away from the wall. You can tilt it up or down and turn it from the left or right when it is pulled out. When you are done watching TV, it can be put back into its original position.

Switch to a TV-friendly electric fireplace

Having a TV and a fireplace together in the living room can be a big problem when it comes to interior design. Both pieces want to be the main attraction. Separating causes them to compete with one another, and it leaves the room looking chaotic. This problem is instantly solved by using a wall-mounted TV above the fireplace.

Unfortunately, there are two significant concerns with this idea. If the fireplace is a gas or wood-burning fireplace, it’s too much heat for your TV to handle. These types of fireplaces also have higher mantels that make TV viewing uncomfortable.

The best solution is to replace your existing fireplace with an electric unit. Is it safe to put a TV above an electric fireplace? Yes. This allows you to avoid both problems. Electric units don’t have a real flame. This eliminates the clearance issues when it comes to the surround and the height of the mantel. This means that you can have a fireplace with a low enough mantel to allow for comfortable TV viewing. The bottom of the television should be 42 inches from the floor for the best experience, unless you use a swivel and tilt wall mount.[2]

Electric versions also produce less heat. There isn’t enough heat escaping to damage your TV overhead. The average one contains a 5,000 BTU heater or smaller. They are also affordable. Especially if you take advantage of the payment plans and financing offered by MagikFlame.

Those without an existing fireplace can purchase a freestanding unit. In contrast, homeowners with a traditional built-in fireplace can buy an electric fireplace insert that they can place in the opening of the existing fireplace. Installation is easy. You only need to clean out the fireplace opening and slide the electric fireplace insert in. Plug in the unit, and it is ready to use.

Electric inserts can be plugged into any nearby outlet or hard-wired into your home’s electricity. You don’t have to worry about overloading your circuit. Electric versions produce a low amount of heat with minimum wattage. This means it is safe to plug it in with the TV without any problems.

You can install a wall-mounted electric unit and place the TV directly above it for a contemporary look. Your TV is safe if the heat is expelled from the bottom of the fireplace instead of the top.

TV-friendly features of an electric unit

Is it safe to put a TV above an electric fireplace in the bedroom? In addition to a safer heat level than a gas or wood-burning fireplace, electric versions often incorporate features that make it easy to have your television above it.

Media mantels provide plenty of room for your Samsung TV to sit on top. They have storage for the cable box and other equipment underneath the mantel. A hidden door can be opened to reveal these devices while watching TV. When you are finished, you can close the door for a beautiful, clutter-free look.

Console fireplaces are stylish entertainment centers that include the look and feel of a real fire. They have ample room for a TV on top with plenty of shelving for equipment, DVDs, and Blu-ray. You can choose from open designs that allow you to see all your electronics, totally concealed options with doors to hide everything, or elegant pieces with beautiful glass doors.

Benefits of hanging the TV over the fireplace

You may wonder why homeowners would be so determined to mount their TVs over the fireplace when there are so many things to consider. The reason is the benefits of this arrangement. Now that we know how to safely mount the TV above the fireplace, let’s look at this layout’s benefits.[3]

Save space

While flat-screen TVs and modern media consoles are designed to be quite streamlined already, it is always nice to be able to free up a little more floor space in the living room.


Being able to come home at the end of a long winter day and be able to relax is important. What better way to unwind than to sit in front of a cozy fire while watching your favorite movie or TV show?

One focal point

Creating a focal point by combining the TV and fireplace eliminates the competition between these two main features in the room. Instead of having to decide whether to center the furniture around either the fireplace or the TV, the furniture layout is immediately simplified.

One Large Focal Point

Best electric fireplace buying guide

Is it safe to put a TV above an electric fireplace? The answer is yes. These fireplaces won’t produce the intense heat that a wood-burning or gas fireplace will. That means that your TV and other electronics will be safe from damage. These electric units are energy-efficient and affordable as well as beautiful. They are available in a variety of surround and mantel styles, so it is easy to find one that will complement your home décor.

MagikFlame provides you with 30 ultra-realistic flames to enjoy. These flames are the most realistic you will find due to the state-of-the-art holographic technology used. The images this patented feature creates give you the look of a real fire without the hassle of routine maintenance such as cleaning the firebox between uses or hiring a professional to tidy up the chimney and flue.

Once you understand how MagikFlame is built, you will realize you can count on the 5,200 BTU heater for warmth and comfort. It easily takes the chill off while supplementing your existing heat source. Highly efficient, these modern electric fireplaces help you keep your monthly energy bill low.

Addition features that make people leave positive MagikFlame reviews include the ability to enjoy the sound of a crackling fire as well as the scent of fresh-cut pine. This adds to the realism of the flame effects. You can enjoy one or all of these aspects of MagikFlame by using the iPhone app as your remote control.

The MagikFlame Story

The MagikFlame story begins with Howard Birnbaum. An avid entrepreneur and tech geek, he never set out to start a fireplace company. While shopping in a Costco, he spotted an electric unit fireplace and decided to have a closer look. Thinking it would be an excellent addition to his own home, he was disappointed as he got closer to the fireplace. Having worked on special effects for movies like Harry Potter and The Matrix, he found the flames to lack realism.

This is what prompted Mr. Birnbaum to develop a more realistic flame effect. He decided to use a video of a real fire to produce the look of flames. He added crackling sounds, and he had a Florida company that worked on TV and movie sets to design the surround and mantel. The result was a fireplace that others soon noticed and wanted to have in their own homes.

The first MagikFlame fireplaces were sold on Amazon with great success. It was a trip to Disney that further inspired Mr. Birnbaum’s creativity. While on a ride through The Haunted Mansion at Disney, he became fascinated with the holographic technology used to make ghosts dance before his eyes. He soon found a way to use this concept for an even more realistic fireplace flame. Today, his patented state-of-the-art holographic technology is available for you to enjoy in your own home.

In conclusion

So, is it safe to put a TV above an electric fireplace? The answer is yes. While a gas fireplace or wood fireplace produces intense heat that can damage your TV, electric units provide a comfortable heat that is much safer for your electronics. While heat rises naturally, an electric unit includes blowers that direct the heat into the room instead of up.

Placing the television above the fireplace makes it much easier to arrange the furniture. With the proper wall mounting kit, you can comfortably enjoy hours of watching movies or binging your favorite shows at eye level. In the process, you won’t be sacrificing the look and feel of a cozy fire. Instead, you will have an easy-to-control, realistic warmth and safe and energy-efficient ambiance.




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