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What Do I Need to Hang an Electric Fireplace in My Home?


Modern electric fireplaces are sleek and stylish, making them ideal for any home and decor. They are a wonderful complement to the existing décor in your living room (here you can see the best living room electric fireplaces) and will be a sure means of being a focal point for the entire home. Visitors will have something to focus on when they come to visit, and the very moment they step inside your house, they will instantly notice the wall-mount electric fireplace. Linear wall-mount electric fireplaces provide them with enough heat that keep them comfortable and cozy through the cold seasons. The linear wall mount also balances the home’s ecosystem and atmosphere by ensuring that the air is not too dry but warm and humid enough to be breathable and comfortable for the home occupants. The ambiance is also something to be proud of the electric fireplace.

When you know how to hang an electric fireplace, you can go about the installation process rather easily without much hassle. For instance, knowing how to hang an electric fireplace means that you will not need any assistance while installing it. You will be able to go about the entire process in a simple DIY manner that will be a better way of capturing the interests that are at heart. Your tastes and preferences will also be addressed when you hang the fireplace by yourself, and you will be making all the decisions concerning the installation processes. The recessed electric fireplace can also double up as your entertainment center, and you can have pictures and other decorative items as a result of your installation processes.

A proper installation ensures that your firebox can hold on to the inch wall and support all the other accessories that you will attach to it. With the proper know-how of hanging an electric fireplace, you get to install it more easily, and nothing will be able to get in your way. You get to install the fireplace precisely where you need it to be without anything interrupting your setup. Your design opinion gets to be executed precisely how you want the fireplace to look and how high you would like to hang it. With this in mind, you will find your installation process getting easier and even more enjoyable.

For the installation to be successful, you need to have the necessary equipment for the procedure. This will ensure that you can complete the process successfully and capture all the accurate measurements and dimensions to ensure that your recessed electric fireplace is installed straight, recessed, and aligns perfectly with the rest of the wall. An electric fireplace is very different from a traditional fireplace, wood burning, or gas fireplace, and the fireplace installation is different.

Your local Home Depot, Napoleon, Dimplex, and Amazon stores are great places to look for recessed accessories. Napoleon and Amazon are places of interest whenever you need some recessed appliances and installation equipment or accessories. It will ensure that you achieve both the ambiance flame effect and the multicolor flame effect you need with the proper colors and fireplace choice. Make sure you research properly for payment plans and financing. Proper preparation is necessary for the successful hanging of the fireplace to your wall. You should ensure that you have met all the necessary conditions before starting the upgrade process. This way, your setup is not interrupted or halted as a result of lacking one of the tools required for the installation process.

In this post, you will learn:

  • How to Hang an Electric Fireplace
  • Mounting Bracket Installation
  • Instruction Manual
  • Hanging the Fireplace

How to Hang an Electric Fireplace?

The process of hanging an electric fireplace requires that you decide on the place where you want the fireplace to be located. This will depend on the room size and the floor space where you feel that the fireplace will distribute its heat and warmth evenly to the rest of the room. The fireplace location is essential and ensures that you can make maximum use of the recessed electric fireplace to heat your home. For instance, some rooms might be tiny, and, in this case, you will not install the fireplace in a place where it is hidden or pressed into corners as it will not be able to heat the room fully. Deciding on the correct spot ensures that you can create the correct visual impression and install the electric fireplace somewhere it will complement the decoration of the home.

The location of the touchstone fireplace should also be somewhere that the occupants of the home will be able to see it. The fireplace display has realistic flames and dancing flames, which are accompanied by lights in different colors. These spice up the electric fireplace heater’s appearance and are something for the people in the room to look at. For this reason, you should have it conspicuously displayed so that the family members will be able to see the fireplace and get entertained in this way. The light from the fireplace should also be well-balanced with the rest of the room’s lighting. It can also serve as the entertainment center of the room, and its position should be aligned with the seating arrangement to incorporate it into the daily lives of the people in the house.

Another thing about the location or installation position you choose is that it should not be susceptible to moisture. Moisture tends to affect the electric fireplace’s normal operation as the humidity tends to affect the heating element and the warm air quality that is released from the fireplace. A location is a touchstone to a nice fireplace installation. One that is close to the open windows is not recommended for installing or hanging the electric fireplace as it will be exposed to a lot of air currents from outside. You will greatly reduce the operating efficiency of the appliance. You should also maintain a safe distance from high-traffic areas in the living room where people pass through a lot. This prevents collisions with the fireplace, and the people will stay at a safe distance from the fireplace.

Safety is an important factor in installing the fireplace. As you go about the hanging process, you should ensure that you have selected a position that does not have any drapes or curtains that are likely to burst into flames. These materials are considered to be hazards and should be a good distance away from the fireplace. With this in mind, you will have reduced the chances of a fire developing in your home, and the touchstone fireplace will always be a good distance away from combustible and flammable materials. Furniture should always be a safe distance from the fireplace as it can get affected by the heat produced by the electric fireplace. Ensure that you read the manual that comes with the electric fireplace before hanging it to get all the precautions and factors to pay attention to as you go about the installation process. Reading the manual will also ensure that you know all the warnings and, as such, avoid running into problems or developing disasters with the wrong steps or instructions being followed when you are hanging your fireplace on the wall.

Mounting Bracket Installation

The installation bracket will be your main installation procedure and will be an important lesson in hanging an electric fireplace. The bracket is the foundation for the rest of the setup and holds everything in place. It is a significant part of the installation process, and extreme caution and keenness should be followed when preparing for its installation. You should ensure that you measure out all the dimensions properly and double-check with a level to ensure that your fireplace does not slip off one side and come crashing to the floor. Being careful about the wall mounting bracket means that the rest of the wall mounting installation procedures will be easy and effortless. You will also not have to worry about the amount of weight that it will exert on the bracket as long as you have installed it properly.

To begin, you should mark out the position in which you will locate your bracket. This should be about half the fireplace’s height as the fireplace will fit about halfway on the bracket. Using a pencil and a long ruler, mark out studs on the wall that you will fit with the screws. Ensure enough distance between the studs to allow for enough allowance for the bracket to comfortably and safely fit into the bracket. You should very straight and horizontally align the studs with the wall. You can use a level or spirit level gauge to determine the straightness of the studs. Do not lean towards any direction, and always ensure that you double-check this measurement to avoid further complications down the road. Prepare your screws, anchor bolts, and screwdriver. An electric screwdriver is recommended to make the work simpler and fix the screws more tightly and securely to the wall. This is what you should have ready for the next step in our installation procedure where we get the bracket firmly into the place we have just measured and marked.

According to most deliveries, the electric fireplace arrives in two packages. One of the packages holds just the bracket and its installation screws and is separate from the rest of the electric fireplace. This is designed to simplify your hanging process, and it ensures that you can accomplish one step before looking into the other package. One of the packages that arrive with your order should contain the stainless steel bracket and the screws. This is what you will require for the next installment, and you should unbox the bracket from the packaging and unwrap the package that contains the screws. The screws should be enough for both the top and bottom sections of the bracket, and you need to confirm this before you can proceed.

Take out the bracket and hold it in line with the measurements you prepared. The wall studs will act as a guide for installing them, and you must ensure that the bracket is flat and straight. Once this is done, get the top screws drilled in using the screwdriver you had prepared for this step. Drive the screws in one at a time and ensure that you do not drop the bracket or let it slide down as you go about this installation procedure. When you do this, you will have ensured that the bracket is firmly in place and nothing can shake it. You will have finally assured your installation’s integrity, and the work you have taken working on the studs will not have gone to waste as the bracket installation will have been made easier. The studs ensure that you do not lean to any side when installing the bracket and are an important part of the installation process. When installing the screws, ensure that all the bracket corners are screwed into place and nothing is ignored or left out. This is very important, and you should securely screw both the top and the bottom of the fireplace in place.

Now that you have the bracket securely in place, it is not time that you get the rest of the items to be installed on top of it. This includes the fireplace itself and, in some cases, the screen that covers the fireplace. According to the packages that arrived with the delivery, this should be in the other package that did not contain the bracket. Be very careful with this step to avoid breaking anything. This is a fragile process and should be handled with a lot of care. You can wear gloves if you feel that your hands will be too sweaty to extract the fireplace from the package safely. Take the time to carefully remove it from the packaging, and do not be in a hurry. Also, caution needs to be considered in this step as you are not supposed to handle the fireplace using glass components. These tend to be very fragile and can lead to breakages when you handle the fireplace in this way. Once you have removed the fireplace from the package, you can pat yourself on the back. Remove the instruction manual and read through some of the warnings and instructions as you take a quick break.

Instruction Manual

The manufacturer might have specific instructions for their model of a fireplace, and when you have read through the instructions, you will be more informed about what you need to hang the electric fireplace in your home. This is why you should always read through the owner’s manual and warranty before proceeding with the installation. This will give you more details to use in the installation and any warnings, such as installing procedures that are likely to be detrimental to the fireplace structure. Whenever you read the owner’s manual, you get to install it better, and you will even find yourself handling the electric fireplace with a lot more caution. They will also inform you about the wall-mounted electric fireplace, various features, and anything special that accompanies your package. It will also include any venting required in the instructions. Never ignore the instruction manual whenever you hang the electric fireplace in your home, and always ensure that you handle the fireplace correctly.

Hanging the Fireplace

Having rested for a moment, lift the electric fireplace vertically in the position it should end up in. The infrared electric fireplace insert should be able to click into the hooks that are located on the fireplace. The fireplace’s size is compatible with the fireplace, which makes the installation process a lot easier. You should be able to hear the fireplace click when you have installed it correctly. Do not release the fireplace if you haven’t gotten it firmly in place, and always ensure that it fits the bracket. The bracket now holds your fireplace in place and ensures that it stands tall against the wall. This is often considered the most complicated installation procedure process, but the rest is simple once you have completed it.

If the glass covering came as a separate entity, you should now attach it to the front of the fireplace to protect the heating element and ensure that the entire setup is complete. Plug in the cord to the nearest electrical outlet and ensure that you hide the cord carefully using wall painting and other methods. You can have wall coverings on top of the cords to keep it away from fire and blend it with the rest of the wall decoration. You can pass the cord behind the TV stand for easier concealment. This is an important aesthetic step that makes your hanging effect more realistic.

Upon completing the connection step, turn on the power supply and use the main button to switch on the electric fireplace. This will be a good way to prove and confirm that your fireplace works. It ensures that you can see the fireplace’s capabilities and the many features that it is endowed with. Turn the fire effect to a different color and try using the remote control to change the lighting’s fire and color from a distance. Explore the flame gallery and the photo idea gallery. Turn off the fireplace and try setting the timer for 30 minutes to test the electric fireplace’s automatic shut-off feature. Try the Amantii bed ember and see how the log set glows in the dark while adjusting the heat using the thermostat. Try creating an Onyx theme and other appearances as you test out your final thermostat adjustments.

These are all the steps you need to know, and they teach you how to hang an electric fireplace. Following each of the steps and being careful about the key points highlighted in the procedures will get you the best result with much ease. You can do it all by yourself and don’t need an electrician for the process as it is as simple as hanging a picture frame.

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