MagikFlame Shipping & Availability

MagikFlame holographic fireplaces are unique in their realism and flame aesthetic experience and are in heavy demand. With the Covid-19 situation as folks shelter in place it means more time at home and that has resulted in more demand for our products. Unfortunately our global supply chain has slowed or broken down due to certain component vendors being temporarily of goods we require to build our fireplaces. This has resulted in our temporary ability to manufacture. Right now it has paused but we expect to start building again once source materials are once again available. At this time we are selling through our available inventory very quickly and will be completely selling out shortly.

Temporarily Unable to Manufacture

As of today fireplaces are in-stock and ready to ship immediately but it will not stay that way for long. If you would like a MagikFlame in your home in the immediate future we suggest placing an order soon so that we can either 1) ship your fireplace immediately or 2) ship your fireplace on a date you request. Once we sell out it may be some time before we are shipping again so please consider this. If you place an order once we sell out we will ship to you immediately when MagikFlame comes back into stock in the order in which your order was received. Thank you for your consideration in these unparalleled times.

AVAILABILITY: MagikFlame is in limited availability due to Covid-19 supply chain disruptions for our essential building materials. Production is ramped down currently and will remain so until source components are once again available to us . In order to ensure timely delivery please order now while we have units in stock and ready for shipment in 24-48 hours (business days). Once we run out MagikFlame will not have products available for sale for an unknown amount of time.

FREE SHIPPING: We use specialized freight carriers to ensure your fireplace is delivered quickly and damage free. We ship our mantel packages using LTL freight companies and our inserts are shipped with FedEx. Because of the size and weight of our fireplace packages shipping can cost as much as $350-$450 to ship in the continental USA. For a limited time only MagikFlame is offering free shipping on all orders placed before we sell out.