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What Are The Different Types of Electric Fireplace Inserts?


When you own a fireplace in your home, it can add character and allow the setting to feel relaxing and comfortable each season. The type of fireplace you choose to install can influence how much energy you use or how often you choose to enjoy the feature. If you opt for an electric fireplace insert, it’s important to know the different types of products available to compare each fireplace and make the right selection. 

In this post, you will learn:

  • Different Types of Electric Fireplace Inserts
  • How Your Home Will Benefit From a Fireplace Insert
  • How to Operate and Maintain Your Fireplace
  • Adding Character to Your Fireplace
  • Are Electric Fireplaces Safe to Use?
  • Differences Between an Electric and Gas Fireplace
  • Installing Your Fireplace

Different Types of Electric Fireplace Inserts

Whether you’re performing a home remodel or want an easy DIY home improvement project to perform to boost the quality of your home, installing an electric fireplace insert is a great option that creates an inviting setting. The indoor insert can be installed in a variety of settings in the building, depending on where you spend the most time or the layout of your interior setting.

It’s important to be informed of the different types of inserts available in the industry to ensure you can select the right product for your needs. You can settle on something that looks authentic and original to ensure it becomes the main focal point in the room.

Many different types of technologies are available in inserts to create the look of real flames. Some inserts have water mist that is tinted orange, while others use LED lights. Some inserts even feature a screen that displays footage of a real fire, complete with burning embers and smoke. Gel is another material used, which is a combustible fuel source that is used instead of wood or gas.

When LED lights are used, you have the option of selecting different types of flame colors, depending on your mood and style. You can choose the flame color based on the season, holiday, or the tone you want to set.

Inserts that come in freestanding fireplaces are one of the most popular options because they look similar to a real fireplace. They include the firebox, surround, and mantel, which appear upscale and attractive once they’re on display. Inserts also come without any additional features for more versatility. You can add the insert into an existing fireplace in the home when you no longer want to use wood to burn in the firebox. Measure the opening of the fireplace to ensure the insert fits. A 28 insert will fit most fireboxes because of its compact size.

Corner inserts are a great option if you don’t have a lot of wall space. You can tuck the fireplace into the corner of the room to ensure the heat is evenly distributed in between other furniture pieces.

If you want to view the options available, check out the MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide on the company’s website. The site is also a great place to read MagikFlame reviews posted by customers and learn the MagikFlame story.

Look at how MagikFlame is built to determine the quality of the best electric fireplace technology and the parts. You can also inquire about payment plans and financing to ensure it works for your budget. You can now consider creating an insert statement before making your selection. With an insert statement, you can get a schema and have a place where different facts are easy to review.

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Most electric inserts are constructed by hand, making it necessary to find a product that is made in the U.S. by a skilled team of professionals. Other inserts are made in other countries and may not last as long because the quality of the parts isn’t as durable or solid.

How Your Home Will Benefit From a Fireplace Insert

There are a few reasons more consumers are purchasing electric fireplaces for their personal space instead of opting for a wood-burning or gas fireplace. Electric fireplaces have come a long way with their design and technology to offer more convenience and accommodation to the consumer, whether you’re building a new home or are working with an architect on a remodel.

The fireplaces are easy to use without loading wood logs into the firebox or trying to start a fire. You don’t have to crack a window open for ventilation or add more wood to keep the fire burning. There’s also a lot less heat loss. About 99 to 100 percent of the heat generated is used to increase the temperature in the room, making the product a lot more energy-efficient. You don’t have to spend money on wasted energy and can reduce your carbon footprint in the process.

The easy installation process is also another benefit of an indoor insert because you don’t have to perform any major configurations to the building. You can have it operating the same day you take it out of the box and assemble the parts.

The safe design is also appealing. There’s no need to worry about chimney fires that can occur because the unit doesn’t produce any creosote. You don’t have to spend time cleaning ashes out of the firebox or scheduling chimney sweeps. Because real wood isn’t used, there’s no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The lack of particles produced also protects your indoor air quality to avoid potential health issues that can develop over time.

There also isn’t any environmental impact that comes with electric fireplaces. You won’t need to cut down trees or purchase firewood to use each time you want to enjoy having a fire. You also won’t be contributing to pollution because it doesn’t produce any smoke.

The smaller size of the feature makes them fit in rooms where there are not a lot of square feet. Compared to a traditional masonry fireplace, they don’t overcrowd the room or block areas with high traffic.

You also have the option of only using the flame setting as the product operates. You don’t have to always have the heat in use compared to other types of fireplaces. This can allow you to enjoy the beautiful display of the dancing flames any time during the year instead of only in the fall and winter seasons. The heat settings can also be adjusted because most electric fireplaces come with a built-in thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature.

How to Operate and Maintain Your Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are extremely easy to maintain compared to other options in the industry. They don’t require a lot of time, energy, or money to operate to ensure you can maintain a busy schedule without compromising the comfort and warmth in the room.

When you want to operate your electric fireplace, you can turn it on by plugging it into a wall socket. Switch on the power button on the side of the unit, as well as the flame effect. Many fireplaces come with a flame dial that you can turn to adjust the brightness of the faux fire.

Remotes often come with the inserts to make them easy to operate without using the control panel on the units. It’s still important to know how to use the control panel if you lose the remote or it needs new batteries.

From time to time, you can expect to replace some of the light bulbs that burn out in the firebox. This will allow you to maintain the illusion of real flames and enjoy the warm glow of the faux fire. There are a few simple steps required to replace an old light bulb. Start by unplugging the fireplace. Remove the access panel and wear gloves while turning the old bulb counter-clockwise to unscrew it. Discard it by wrapping the glass in a thick material like paper or cloth to prevent it from shattering once it’s in the trash can. Screw in the new bulb by turning it clockwise. Avoid touching it with your bare hands because your skin’s oil can tarnish the glass and affect its lifespan. Screw the access panel back onto the fireplace and plug the cord into the outlet to view the glow of the bulb.

Cleaning the interior components is a similar process and is easy to perform in minutes. You can wipe everything down with a clean, lint-free cloth that is slightly moist to remove excess dust that has built up over time. If certain areas are hard to reach, opt for using a vacuum cleaner with an attachment head. You can also wipe down the glass door on the fireplace for a better view of the fake flames.

Inspections can also be performed by a professional to ensure everything continues to work correctly. The expert will take a close look at the different parts and mechanisms while looking for signs of damage or wear. Addressing any issues early on will prevent more expensive repairs from being needed in the future.

Adding Character to Your Fireplace

Not only will your fireplace increase the temperature in the building, but it can look aesthetically pleasing as it’s on display. You can add character to the feature to draw more attention to it and create an attractive look that contributes to your interior design. Whether you have a 28″ insert or a freestanding fireplace, there are a few ideas to consider.

Consider adding garland, candlesticks, or flower vases to the mantel. The items you display should blend in well with your home decor. You can also add a pouf near the base of the fireplace or a basket of blankets or faux wood logs.

Painting a surround will also draw more attention to the feature and can allow the fireplace to stand out on the wall.

Are Electric Fireplaces Safe to Use?

Safety is one of the main concerns people have when they begin shopping around for a fireplace. The lack of fire used in electric fireplaces is what makes them so appealing because you don’t have to worry about dealing with real flames.

There are also many safety features to utilize, which include a built-in timer to ensure the unit automatically shuts off after a few hours. You don’t have to worry about leaving it on too long to prevent it from overheating.

Electric fireplaces don’t produce any smoke, so there’s never the risk of exposing yourself to harmful chemicals or carbon monoxide if you forget to open or close the flue or vent.

Differences Between an Electric and Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are another popular option that is similar to electric fireplaces, but has a few differences. Understanding the comparisons can make it easier to realize which option will work best for your setting.

Gas fireplaces use a lot more energy and can cost an average of 40 cents an hour to use, whereas electric fireplaces cost as low as one cent per hour if you’re not using the infrared heating element.

Electric fireplaces are safer to use compared to gas fireplaces because they don’t use real fire. With gas, there’s still the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and fires because real flames are used.

Installing Your Fireplace

It doesn’t require a lot of effort or planning to install your new fireplace once it arrives at your home. Most of the parts are easy to assemble with a screwdriver, meaning you don’t have to spend more on advanced equipment or tools. Start by looking at the different electrical outlets that are in place in the living room or office to determine where you can place them. Never use an extension cord, which can lead to electrical problems because of how much power is surging through the cords.

Compared to a traditional fireplace, you don’t have to plan for vents or chimneys to be installed because only electricity is used, and smoke is never produced. You also don’t have to spend money on installing a gas line. The plug-in design offers a high level of convenience and makes it easy to begin using almost immediately.

If you select an insert, find a spot to carve out a cavity in one of the walls in the room where you want to place the fireplace. The fireplace should be in a central location that allows the heat to be evenly distributed throughout the room. If you already have an existing fireplace, you can shimmy the insert into the opening of the fireplace. A trim kit will prove to be useful because it can create a custom fit. Once you fit the insert into the opening, plug it into an outlet on the outside or inside of the fireplace, depending on where the outlet is located. If you want to keep the cords hidden, an electrician can add an outlet inside the firebox.

One of the conveniences that come with owning an electric fireplace insert is the feature is easy to move around. You don’t have to commit to installing it in a specific place in the home and can have the freedom to place it in a different spot in the coming years as you change the layout of your interior setting. This is a great option when you buy new furniture or remodel one of the rooms in the home.

In some cases, hardwiring may be needed if you don’t want any of the wires or cords to be visible. An electrician can hardwire the unit, which can enhance its style and design as a permanent fixture that increases your home value.

Once you learn the different types of electric fireplaces that are available, it can become easier to determine which product will be the most accommodating to your family’s needs. You can feel more confident with the decisions you make and own a product that is functional and easy to use.

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