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Maintenance Tips: How to Clean Out an Electric Fireplace


If you bought an electric fireplace, you’re probably wondering how to clean it. The good news is that they’re much easier to clean than a fireplace that actually generates a real fire. You’re probably wondering why this is, and the answer to that question is that they do not create any sort of build-up. That’s because there is no combustion of any kind. Therefore, these products do not generate ash.

However, this does not mean that there is no need for regular cleaning. Dust can build up on the inside and outside of your product, which can make it harder to see the simulated flames. Not only that, but the dust can cover the grate in front of the heating element. This can reduce your product’s energy efficiency, which makes regular cleanings exceptionally important.

So, the next question on your mind is probably, “How do you clean it?”. In this MagikFlame best electric fireplace buying guide, you’ll learn how. You will learn how to clean both the inside and outside of your new fireplace, and it’s very important to make sure that you follow the right cleaning process, use the right cleaning solution, and properly clean the front glass panel, and other areas of the fireplace.

This is true whether you have a traditional fireplace, a wall-mounted electric fireplace, one that has a blower, or any other fireplace in your entertainment center.

How to Clean Out an Electric Fireplace 

In this post, you will learn:

  • How to clean an electric fireplace that’s mounted to the wall
  • How to clean an electric-powered fireplace that is freestanding
  • The differences between cleaning various types of electric fireplaces
  • How to clean a MagikFlame fireplace
  • The differences between MagikFlame and other products
  • Why you should choose MagikFlame for your new fireplace
  • The advantages of choosing an electric fireplace instead of a gas fireplace or conventional fireplace
  • How to tackle problems that you might encounter during the process of cleaning your fireplace
  • Information about different cleaning techniques that you can use
What Are Some Of The Best Cleaning Techniques To Use?

If you are cleaning your fireplace, there are several methods that you can use. Unlike conventional fireplaces, you will not need to worry about chimney sweeping or removing ash that has built up over time, which can make the job much easier and faster. However, you will need to make sure that you thoroughly remove dust that has built up on the inside and outside of the product with a slightly wet cloth or paper towel.

However, there are other techniques that you can make use of when you’re cleaning your new fireplace. For instance, you may want to consider wiping the buttons down with a disinfectant. This can get rid of any germs that have accumulated on them from people touching them. Not only is it a good idea to do this on the interface of your heater itself, but it’s also a good idea to clean off the remote this way.

Should You Use A Dry Cloth Or One That’s Damp?

If you are cleaning an electric fireplace in your bedroom, it’s usually best to use a cloth that’s slightly damp on the top and exterior of the fireplace. However, it is very important to not clean the grate with a cloth that has any moisture on it. If the water gets on the electric fireplace insert, it can create a serious electrical hazard.
Also, it’s best to avoid using a damp cloth on the thermostat. This is because of the electrical devices within the mechanism. However, you can use a vacuum cleaner on this surface. In addition, it’s important to avoid using anything with moisture anywhere near the power supply.
Do not clean light bulbs with anything that has moisture, which is also due to the potential electrical hazard. Also, it can leave water spots that interfere with the look of the flame.

Always Read The Owner’s Manual
Most electric fireplaces are fairly low maintenance. However, that does not mean that you do not need to carefully read the instruction manual and buying guide. Reading these documents will give you important information about how to clean it, such as what type of screwdriver to use when you’re removing the grate over the coils. This is an important part of the process.

Why Is It Very Important To Clean The Coils?

Dust and debris on the coils can potentially create a fire hazard, which is why it needs to be immediately removed. However, this will mean taking off the safety grate that covers them. First, you need to make sure that the fireplace is off and not plugged in.
Then, you will need to remove the screws that hold them in place. After you do this, it’s important to clean them with a cloth that is completely dry and will not leave any lint behind. Not only is this essential for preventing fires, but it’s also a crucial part of optimizing the energy efficiency of your fireplace.

Should You Use A Scrubber?

Do not use a scrubber to clean your new fireplace, which is because this could strip the paint off of the surface. Instead, using a small amount of warm water on a cloth is a better way to clean the exterior of your fireplace. If you are wondering whether or not you can use glass cleaner, the answer to that question is yes. You can use glass cleaner, but only use it on glass surfaces.

Should You Use A Soft Brush?

If you are wondering whether or not you should use a soft duster or brush attachment to clean off your electric-powered firebox, the answer to that question is yes. There is no danger of a dry brush causing any sort of electrical hazard. Just make sure the fireplace is off before you begin cleaning it.
However, a conventional dust brush can be just as effective as using a damp cloth, and it’s often even more effective. Keep in mind that these products are designed to remove dust, which is exactly what you’ll need to do if you’re wondering “How to clean out an electric fireplace?”. Also, cleaning it with this tool will be quick, which greatly reduces the hassle.

How Do You Avoid Getting Lint On It?

Ideally, you should always use a lint-free cloth to clean your fireplace. This is very important. Lint can potentially be flammable, which means that it’s a dangerous situation if it gets on any electrical components of your fireplace heater.

If You’re Wondering How To Clean Out Electric Fireplace, It’s Important To Avoid Abrasive Cleaners
Some cleaners are far too harsh to use on our fireplaces or any electric fireplace, which is because they are very abrasive on surfaces. This can lead to damage to the paint, and it may be damaging to the wood or metal structure of the fireplace itself. Make sure that the cleaner that you use is designed for the type of material that your new electric-powered firebox is made out of.

What Types Of Cleaners Are Okay To Use?

If you are choosing a cleaner for your electric fireplace, there are several different options to choose from. However, you will usually have to use different types of cleaners for each part of your fireplace. For instance, glass cleaners should be used on any glass doors. However, this type of cleaner is not ideal for other areas of the product. Also, you’ll need to know exactly what the exterior of your new fireplace is made out of.

What Type Of Cleaner Should You Use On Wood?

Many MagikFlame products have a wood exterior. If you are cleaning wood, it’s important to avoid getting it too wet. Any cloth that has moisture on it should only be very slightly damp, and it’s important to use only wood cleaner. This will ensure that the stain is not stripped off of the wood. Also, it will help to ensure that the wood itself is preserved.

What Type Of Cleaner Should You Use On Metal?

The answer to this question depends on whether or not the metal surface is painted. If your fireplace is made out of unpainted metal, it’s possible to use an ordinary metal cleaner on it. Though, these products can be somewhat abrasive. So, it’s important to not use them on a fireplace that’s made out of anything else.
Check the label of any metal cleaner that you’re using to ensure that it is compatible with a painted surface, if your electric fireplace is painted. If it isn’t, you’ll still need to make sure that the product you choose is compatible with the type of metal that your fireplace is made out of.

What Makes MagikFlame The Best Fireplace To Choose?

If you are looking for a new fireplace, MagikFlame offers some of the best products on the market. Not only do we offer 30 different flame settings to pick from, but we also have gotten excellent reviews from our customers and have years of experience in the industry. However, these are not the only advantages of our products. Here are a few other important things to know about our brand:

The MagikFlame Story Is Unique
One thing that’s unique about our story is the extensive experience that we have in the industry. Also, you can count on us to work hard to please every customer. This is something that sets us apart from many competitors. If you have any questions about our products, you can easily give us a call or contact us via online chat. Our customer support staff will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Furthermore, we offer an extremely comprehensive warranty. This ensures that anything that goes wrong with your fireplace in the first year will be covered. Most of our competitors do not offer anything even close to this level of protection. In fact, many other manufacturers of electric fireplaces do not offer warranty coverage at all. Ones that do typically will offer protection for 30-90 days, and the plan is often significantly less comprehensive. However, it will often come at a significant additional cost. Ours does not. We strive to satisfy every customer, and that’s why we offer this comprehensive coverage.

How MagikFlame Is Built Is One Of The Reasons Why Our Products Are Exceptional
One reason why our products stand out above the competition is the fact that all of our products are built with the best materials on the market. As a result, you can count on anything that we sell will last for many years to come. So, you’ll be able to make many fond new memories of sitting around the fireplace.

You Can Actually Touch The Fire
Unlike a genuine fireplace, you will not get burned if you touch the flames. That’s because they do not actually create heat. They’re simply a simulated LED display, but they look incredibly real.

What Makes Our Products Better Than Other Electric Fireplaces?

There are several important advantages of choosing a MagikFlame product. If you want to have highly realistic flames, we’ll have what you’re looking for. Also, you will be able to change the setting easily, and we offer 30 unique flame settings that feature crackling log sounds. This is not something that most of our competitors offer. Furthermore, MagikFlame offers products that are incredibly powerful. In fact, everything that we offer generates 5,200 BTUs. This is enough to heat a large room.

While many people use our products for supplemental heating, they can be used as a main heat source for a small room. This is not the case with many other products. Furthermore, we offer Dimplex, wall-mounted, and freestanding fireplaces. Therefore, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.
Not only will you be able to choose from many different fireplace styles, but you will be able to pick out a unique color for your products. We offer products that are made of both wood and metal. This can allow you to get the right look for your unique living room or den, which can create a very comfortable ambiance in your home.

If You’re Wondering How To Clean Out Electric Fireplace, You Can Count On Our Products To Be Easy To Clean

Not only are our products exceptional, but they are known for being easy to clean. So, you’re probably wondering “How to clean out an electric fireplace if I choose MagikFlame?”, and the answer to that question is quite simple. Cleaning our fireplaces is a similar process to cleaning other electric fireplaces. Use rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth. Dust as necessary.

We Offer Excellent Payment Plans And Financing

If you are looking for an affordable new fireplace, we will have exactly what you need. Not only do we offer low prices, but you can also pay for our products gradually over time with our financing partner and their interest-free financing. There are very few other sources of electric fireplaces, which offer affordable financing. 

Check Out Our Flame Gallery To Learn More About Our Products

If you are wondering what your product will look like when it’s on, check out our photo idea gallery. This gallery offers an excellent way to get an idea of what our flame effects look like, and it can also give you ideas for how to decorate your living room or den.

Our Products Offer An Exceptional Value

The quality and price of products are difficult to find on Amazon or any other source. In fact, MagikFlame reviews almost always express amazement at the exceptional value that we offer with our unique fireplaces.

How to Clean Out

If You’re Interested In MagikFlame, Check Out Our Online Selection

Are you interested in getting a new fireplace that does not create a fire hazard? If so, MagikFlame might offer exactly what you’re looking for. Not only that, but if you’re wondering “How to clean out an electric fireplace?”, you can count on our products to be among the easiest to clean. Furthermore, all of the products that we offer feature exceptionally realistic simulated flames and a very high BTU output. So, give us a call or contact us online today.

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