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Living Room Ideas: How Much Wall Space is Needed for an Electric Fireplace

How Much Wall Space is Needed for Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are a wonderful way to add ambiance to your home with the look and feel of a real fire. You will have warmth provided by the built-in electric heater as well as realistic flame effects that can range anywhere from softly glowing embers to a full-sized roaring fire. They can be much safer than a traditional or gas fireplace with no emissions or hot surfaces, and many include additional features such as crackling sounds. It is easy to find an electric fireplace that perfectly fits your needs. They are available as pieces that resemble a traditional wood-burning fireplace, fireplace inserts, and wall-mount versions. They even come in media centers where you can beautifully display your TV. The only problem is trying to decide which size fireplace would be best when it comes to your wall size. Armed with a little knowledge on how to measure your room’s walls and space, it should be easy to find that ideal fireplace for your own home.

How Much Wall Space is Needed for Fireplaces?

The size of your fireplace should suit the size of the room it is in. This is determined more by common sense than any specific mathematical formula. For instance, a smaller fireplace will be lost when placed in a large room. It is just the opposite with a large electric fireplace being put in a small room. All you will see is the fireplace. Everything else will be lost from view.

When considering how much wall space is needed for electric fireplaces, you need to think about the size of the wall you are placing your electric fireplace on, in addition to the size of the room. Small walls require small fireplaces, while large walls need something more substantial.
Don’t be fooled by small walls in large spaces. Open floor plans include one great room that contains the living room and dining area as well as the kitchen. Small walls are often used to divide these areas within the great room. Placing a small fireplace on this dividing wall will make it look out of place when compared to the scale of the entire room. You obviously need a fairly large fireplace in a home with this type of open floor plan. The best solution would be to choose a different wall for the fireplace, one that can handle the size of fireplace you need.

How Big of a Fireplace Do I Need for Under My TV?

A very popular trend in home decor these days is to place the television over the electric fireplace. This makes one main focal point in the room rather than have the TV and fireplace competing for your attention. This option will look best if you make sure the fireplace is wider than the television. Linear fireplaces work nicely in this design because they are longer than they are tall. Keep in mind that as your TV size gets wider, the TV gets taller. Fireplaces can have a greater width without requiring any additional height.

When deciding how much wall space is needed for electric fireplaces, balance is important. In order to keep the TV and fireplace balanced, you need to measure each one carefully. Televisions are measured diagonally from one corner to another. Electric fireplaces are measured across from side to side. So, a 55-inch television is 55 inches from the top corner to the bottom corner on the opposite side. This TV will look best above a fireplace that is 50 inches across from one side to the other.

Factoring in the Heat

People typically want to use the fireplace heater as supplemental heat to their main HVAC system. The size of your room will tell you how many BTUs your fireplace will need to provide. The British Thermal Unit is how heat is measured.

Check your fireplace to see how much heat you can expect from it. Most fireplace models offer similar amounts of heat. For example, a 5,000 BTU heater can handle 400 to roughly 500 square feet of space, and they use a 120V connection to produce heat. A connection of 240V can power larger 8,000 BTU heaters.[1] Many fireplaces will have a thermostat to help you keep your heat setting regulated.

The Space Needed for a Freestanding Electric Fireplace

These types of fireplaces look like a traditional fireplace. They include a surround made of wood, stone, or brick along with a mantel that makes the piece beautiful and functional. Installation is simple for these plug-in units. Avoid using an extension cord. This is a safety hazard. Instead, hire an electrician to install an electrical outlet where you need it.

In order for these electric fireplaces to look their best, they need to be in proportion with their surroundings. Before making a final purchase, take note of the dimensions of each fireplace you are considering. Next, decide which wall you want to place it on. You can use painter’s tape to outline the exact shape of the fireplace in the exact spot you want to place it. Arrange your furnishes around this outline, and step back to see how it all looks together. This can tell you how much wall space is needed for the electric fireplaces. You should immediately be able to see if the fireplace looks way too big or is so small it is hardly noticeable.

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Size

A wall mount electric fireplace is a popular option with a contemporary appearance. It provides a sleek look without wasting any floor space. Selecting the right one for your home will require you to make a few important decisions.

Think about whether or not you want to cut into the wall in order to install a recessed electric fireplace. If so, you will need to know how much depth you have in the wall to work with. You might have to build the wall out into the room to make it fit, and it could require hardwiring into your home’s electric system.

You should also consider mounting the fireplace on the wall’s surface. Installation is much simpler. How much wall space is needed for electric fireplaces becomes extremely important if you want to place a TV above it. You need ample room for both.

How much wall space is needed for an electric fireplace depends on clearance requirements too. Clearance requirements recommend keeping all combustible items at least three feet back from the fireplace. These items, like drapes and furnishings, also need to be 1 1/2 feet away from the fireplace along the wall.[2]

Most linear models of electric fireplaces can use a depth of anywhere from 4.25 inches to 12 inches of depth.[3] If the space in your wall is limited, it is best to know this before you start shopping for an electric fireplace.

In-Wall Fireplaces

Don’t assume that a wall mount fireplace can be inserted into the wall. These are two very different types of fireplaces. Most units are specifically designed for use on the wall or for use in the wall. They are not interchangeable.

Surface mounted fireplace will reach out into your room by roughly 4.25 inches to 6.5 inches.[3] The advantage to surface mounts is that you can reposition them easily without having to reconstruct the walls.

Wall Unit Heaters

Recessed fireplaces typically force the warm air out a vent found on the face of the fireplace. Wall-mounted fireplace use venting that pushes the air out of vents at either the top of the unit or the bottom.

If you plan to place a TV above the fireplace with a mounting bracket, make sure the warm air is expelled from the bottom to ensure the TV is safe from heat damage. Most electric fireplaces do include some type of heater, so it is important to understand any complications this may create when determining the amount of space needed on your wall.

Size Considerations for Electric Fireplace Entertainment Centers

A media center with an electric fireplace built into the design is an extremely functional piece that provides multiple needs. In just one component you will have a place to set your TV, a place to store all of your electronics, and the look and feel of a real wood fireplace.

An electric fireplace entertainment center is actually a piece of furniture. It is quite larger than just a fireplace. While it is pleasing to the eye and keeps the room less cluttered, keep in mind how much wall space is needed. These units tend to be wider than a typical fireplace, especially if it has shelves or cabinetry on the sides. You will be placing the TV on top of the unit, so factor in the height of the television and the TV stand together. This means you have to consider the width of your wall as well as the height from floor to ceiling.

When purchasing a media center fireplace, you will need a little more wall space than for a fireplace alone. Invest in a quality piece. You will be looking at it every time you are watching the television.

In addition to measuring your wall and making sure the media center is in proportion with it, measure your TV and items like the cable box, DVD player, and gaming consoles. You want to make sure everything fits. The same rules apply for setting a TV on top as apply for hanging a TV above a fireplace when it comes to measurements.

Measuring for an Electric Fireplace Insert

An electric fireplace insert is an item that is used to turn your existing fireplace into an electric one. It includes a fireplace heater and a flame effect to give the illusion of a real fire, but no gas lines or wood is needed. This means that you don’t have to worry about venting, and there is little to no maintenance needed to keep it functioning properly.

Installation is easy. The insert simply slides into the existing firebox where it can be plugged into a standard outlet or hardwired into the home’s electric system. While wall space isn’t a concern, you do need to measure carefully to ensure you get an insert that will fit correctly inside of the existing fireplace.

Measure the firebox exactly. Your insert needs to be the right size to fit correctly. Check with the manufacturer’s recommendations to see how much clearance might be needed around the unit, and factor this in with the size of the opening as well.

How Much Wall Space is Needed for Fireplace

Here we give you a list of high quality fireplaces. We have included at least one fireplace from each of the main types of electric fireplaces available. All of these makes and models can be found on Amazon.

How Much Wall Space is Needed for Fireplace

Morpheus White Electric Fireplace

This free-standing unit is housed in a wood surround and beautiful mantel all in an Alpine white color. It includes realistic flames created by a video. The realism is further enhanced with a sound system that provides crackling and popping sounds, just like you would find with an actual fire. Other sounds from nature are also available such as ocean waves and the sound of rain. A 5,200 BTU heater is the perfect size for larger rooms. Heat and flame effects can be controlled from your smartphone or the touchscreen panel. When it comes to wall space, this fireplace takes up a space of 43 x 45 inches.

Electric Fireplace – 28” Inch Insert

These electric fireplace inserts use MagikFlame’s HoloFlame video technology to produce 30 ultra-realistic flame effects. The built-in 5,200 BTU heater can easily warm up to 1,000 square feet with an infrared quartz heating system. It includes a textured black finish that allows the unit to blend in with your existing fireplace without looking out of place. Settings are controlled by your favorite device or the touchscreen panel. Other features include crackling sounds, a sleep timer, and a volume control. It fits any 32 x 28 x 12 inch opening.

Dimplex Xavier TV Stand Electric Fireplace

This farmhouse design with dark wood details includes shelf space across the top with room for a cable box, DVD player, or gaming console. Steel net doors cover cabinetry on each side that is ideal for storing movies, games, and other small items. This piece is perfect for TVs measuring up to 50 inches. This insert features the Dimplex signature flames and real looking logs for the appearance of an actual fire. It takes up a 56.13 by 33.25-inch space on the wall.

Wall Mount Touchstone 80001

This is a lightweight fireplace that is 50 inches long. Finished in a black onyx, it weighs 46 pounds. The heating vents are located at the top of the fireplace, and the heating element is the perfect size to use along with your main heating system as a supplement. Realistic flames are created with LED lights and come in five levels of brightness. You will have your choice of logs or crystals to use in the fire bed. Tempered glass covers the front of the unit, and it includes an automatic shut-off timer.

Touchstone Sideline Recessed Wall Fireplace

This Touchstone fireplace requires in wall installation. It will take up a space of 60 by 21.5 inches on the wall. Heat vents are found on the front of the unit, and the heater includes two settings for added comfort. Five flame settings are available with three flame color effects for a more realistic experience. Choose from glowing embers all the way up to a roaring fire. This fireplace should not be used under a television.

Best Electric Firepace Buying Guide 2021

The MagikFlame story begins with Howard Birnbaum. As a consumer, he wanted an electric fireplace but was not happy with what was available. He wanted more realistic flames. With a background in special effects, and the help of a company that makes movie sets, he created a fireplace that met his expectations. It wasn’t long before others were asking where they could buy one. Once these fireplaces hit the market, MagikFlame reviews proved that homeowners loved how MagikFlame is built.

Realistic Flames

People are first drawn to MagikFlame fireplaces because of the realistic flames. Each MagikFlame fireplace includes 30 ultra-realistic flame effects that have the depth and color of a real wood-burning fire. Mr. Birnbaum first created his flames with video technology, but it was after a trip to Disney that he was inspired to make improvements. While visiting the Haunted Mansion ride, he took notice of the dancing ghosts. This sparked the idea of using holographic images to create flames. MagikFlame’s patented HoloFlame technology provides the most realistic flames yet.

Built-In Heater

The built-in 5,200 BTU heater found in each MagikFlame fireplace provides you with plenty of warmth. You can use this heating element as a supplement to your main heating system on those chilly winter days, but best of all, the flame effects can be used independently from the heater. This means that you can enjoy the look of a fire all throughout the year. All that is needed is a 120-volt outlet.

Crackling Sound Effects

MagikFlame features a high-quality sound system that provides you with the sounds of nature. While many fireplaces have one small speaker with a small sampling of crackling noises, MagikFlame uses quality speakers that bring the crackle and pop of actual wood burning into your home to enjoy along with the flames. In addition to crackling sounds, you will be able to choose the sound of thunder, rain, or ocean waves for a relaxing experience.

Convenient Controls

MagikFlame fireplaces are simple to operate. All of the special features such as the sound system, realistic flame effects, and heater can be adjusted by using the touchscreen panel found on the fireplace unit itself, or you can use the MagikFlame app on your smartphone or favorite device in place of a remote control. This means you no longer have to be standing directly in front of the fireplace to change the settings.


Owning a fireplace that is this realistic may seem out of reach, but MagikFlame offers payment plans and financing that can help you get one of these beautiful and functional pieces into your own home. Each MagikFlame fireplace is energy-efficient which further helps you save money, and a MagikFlame warranty will protect your investment.

Bottom Line

If you would like the realistic look of a traditional fireplace in your own home without the hassle associated with gas or wood fireplaces, an electric fireplace is the perfect solution. These units include realistic flame effects and electric heaters so that you can enjoy the look and feel of an actual fire.

Before purchasing a fireplace for your own home, consider the amount of space you have. Along with how big the room is, pay close attention to the size of the walls. The perfect fireplace will complement the walls rather than overpower them. You also don’t want to choose a fireplace that is so small that you can hardly notice it is in the room.

By carefully measuring the walls in your room and comparing these measurements to the fireplace’s dimensions, you can find one that is ideal for your home. The result is a piece that will look amazing and that you will enjoy for years to come.

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