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Are Electric Fireplaces Safe for Birds?


Electric fireplaces are an ideal installation for a home that needs to stay warm during the cold seasons. It is effective in the production of heat and ensures that everyone in the home is comfortable. With a modern electric fireplace installed on your wall, you only have to worry about electricity bills and minimal maintenance. The rest of the time, you won’t even notice a fireplace that requires your attention. The electric fireplaces are designed to dissolve into the background and decor of the house. They do not take up much space and require minimal maintenance.

Knowing about electric fireplaces is important and in this post, we answer the question, “Are electric fireplaces safe for birds?” 

In this post, you will learn:

  • Electric Fireplaces and why they are the best
  • A brief look at MagikFlame
  • Safety features of fireplaces
  • Are electric fireplaces safe for birds?

The post will ensure that you know what safety features exist in current models of electric fireplaces and how well they can protect your birds. You will also learn how to tell the difference between good fireplaces and not-so-good fireplaces by the very nature of the embedded features in them. The know-how will be quite useful as you research Amazon for the best fireplace for your home.

Electric Fireplaces

Various brands are some of the best manufacturers and designers of electric fireplaces. These include major brands such as Napoleon, Amantii, Duraflame, Touchstone, and MagikFlame. Each of the brands has certain features in their fireplaces, such as automated controls, flame effects, and other useful settings. However, the main distinguishing factor that can help you get a fireplace that is best for your home is heat production. The heat production determines the space that it can heat, and the output in BTUs ensures that the heat is well dissipated throughout the home.

In energy-efficient and impact on the environment, electric fireplaces are generally better than gas fireplaces, wood-burning fireplaces, and traditional fireplaces. Kerosene heaters and wood-burning wood stoves will generate carbon monoxide, particulates, and toxic gasses harmful to health. They are also largely inefficient, with a lot of the heat being lost through the chimney. A propane-operated gas fireplace is also significantly riskier than electric fireplaces. In comparison, electric fireplaces are way better than all the other counterparts and are the best choice for your modern home.

Whenever you are looking for the best electric fireplaces, you should take the time to study all their features. This will ensure that you get the best deal and all the latest safety and efficiency features. Do not look for outdated models that do not work with modern electric fireplace technologies, as these will have significantly dragged you behind. The different brands might have different features, and learning to recognize advanced and the latest features can be quite useful. These features include but are not limited to:

  • Form of Energy Source
  • Installation ease and requirements
  • Ease of use and operation features
  • Carbon footprint and effect on the environment
  • Heat production and area covered

Some of the electric fireplaces on the market try to make copycats of other fireplaces, but they do not get the features right. They are also vastly different in longevity and the efficiency of the fireplace. Some of the fireplaces will only last you a short while, and once they start breaking down, you are forced to replace them or buy new ones. It will help if you avoid these costs and hassles by being well-informed whenever you are looking to purchase. This is what we provide you in this post by taking you through the most advanced electric fireplaces in the market.

MagikFlame Electric Fireplaces

As a brand, MagikFlame is a leading specialty electric fireplace manufacturer. None of the other competitors even comes close due to the technology that MagikFlame has employed to make their fireplaces. The MagikFlame story is one of resilience and dedication to providing quality products for your home, and this has been the reason for their high-quality products. Nothing is left out of the picture when designing fireplaces that will serve your home for many years to come, and this is how MagikFlame is built.

Buying a MagikFlame electric heater means that you will not be required to replace or repair your product for a considerable chunk of the future. For instance, one of the popular features of the fireplace is the flame effect. These are realistic flames that accompany the heat produced by the electric fireplace. One unique feature of the flames by MagikFlame is that they are in line with the logs. They appear at the front of the logs and provide a continuous visual effect that is often ignored in other fireplace brands.

A flame aligned with the logs makes for an authentic effect, and you can choose from the 30 available flame settings. From the many MagikFlame reviews you might find on Amazon and the internet, the flames are the feature that makes it very popular. People do not like flames that are being produced by moving parts at the back of the fireplace. This tends to be less than realistic, and the homeowner and occupants are bored very quickly by such substandard flames.

MagikFlame fireplace flames are produced by solid-state elements that do not move in their operation. They are very silent and will not make the home noisy and uncomfortable. The silent function also gives you the confidence to use the fireplace long into the night and not get distracted as you do other things in the home. You are also free to adjust the sound effects volume, and you can change the crackling log sound effect into something else. You can easily change the fireplace’s environmental ambiance by choosing natural effects, rainfall surroundings, or other available options.

The built-in 5200 BTU heater is one feature that makes the MagikFlame fireplace a leader in its field. This space heater is capable of covering a much wider area of your home and reaches more people than you’d have anticipated. This also ensures that everyone in the home is comfortable and warm throughout the night and during cold seasons.

The MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide will be a useful way to get a look at all the available features and how they serve your needs. It is a helpful way to make the best decision and ensure that the fireplace you purchase serves you for many years. With the buying guide, you will also be able to compare features and payment plans, and financing options that will serve your financial needs best. This way, you will get the best value for your money, the latest features available in the market, and the technology you can rely on to serve you for a more extended period.

Safety Features of Electric Fireplaces

Safety is critical for any home, and according to the National Fire Protection Association, you should adhere to certain safety standards for your home. This will reduce the likelihood of fires and ensure that your home and property are kept safe from fire incidents caused by not adhering to the set regulations. The codes and standards that have been set by NFPA are meant to keep you safe and well-protected from these fires.

The Fire code is used by first responders to manage the fire hazard and follows industry benchmarks. NFPA also sets the code for electrical safety and requires that, at a minimum, an electric fireplace possess automatic shut-off features in case of power surges in the home. You must ensure that the plug-in is safely close to the fireplace and does not stretch the available extension cord.

Surge protection is crucial for your electric fireplace and the other appliances in your home. It ensures that your home appliances do not get damaged and shut off immediately. Home electrical fires account for more than 50,000 fires annually with an estimated loss of $1.4 billion. These are disappointing figures, with most of the incidences being caused by not following the set standards and regulations.

Any time you are shopping for electric fireplaces, you should be keen on integrating the safety feature. These features are critical, and you should not miss out on what is being provided by the fireplace you are looking to purchase. Ensure that you know all the available features that are in the electric fireplace before buying it. This will give you a fireplace that will serve you better and not develop complications while it is being used.

Features in the electric fireplaces ensure that you do not spend too much energy, and whenever the parameters are exceeded, they have safe and graceful means of shutting down. With safety comes comfort and peace of mind such that you can let your kids and pets play in the house without any worries. An inbuilt thermostat, for instance, enables you to regulate the temperature settings of the fireplace and limit it to a specific temperature. The electric fireplace does not get heated beyond what is set in the thermostat, and this lets you be in charge of the feeling inside your home.

Radiators are also well-regulated to ensure that they operate effectively. The fireplace inserts are also kept away from the outside, and power outages will not affect them. A safe shutdown means that none of the fireplace components will be affected by a power interruption, and this will let them serve you for much longer.

A clear air inlet and outlet mean there will be no buildup of heat on the inside of the fireplace, and all the electrical components will be safe and secure. Too much buildup of heat on the inside can cause the wires to overheat, significantly affecting the fireplace’s operation. Air fresheners should be able to work with the temperature settings on your fireplace. Carbon monoxide detectors ensure that any incidences of carbon monoxide emissions are quickly reported and dealt with appropriately. With these features, you are assured of a fireplace that you can install next to the TV set and not have to worry about a thing. You will also be able to run your fireplace for the duration you need and set limits for supplemental heat production. These are important features, and they must not be ignored whenever you are looking to buy an electric space heater for your home. PTFE and Teflon covering serves as non-stick coatings and adequate protection for external entities that might get into contact with the fireplace. Ensure you have fitted PTFE and Teflon.

Are Electric Fireplaces Safe for Birds?

Do you have a caged bird such as a cockatiel in your home? Do you occasionally let the pet birds out to fly a little in the home? If you do, do you consider the fact that the fireplace could be one of the hotspots that your birds should not be around? Electric fireplaces are considered unsafe if they do not possess enough features and insulation from the outside, making their exterior cool to the touch.

Birds fly, and whenever they are moving around the living room, they will not be restricted. In this case, the electric fireplace’s height and positioning will not limit them in any way, and they are more likely to easily encounter the heated parts of the fireplace. So, are electric fireplaces safe for parrots or other birds? This is a question that mostly depends on the make and design of the fireplace itself.

The fireplace design should have features that ensure that the bird is not hurt when flying around the house. If it escapes from the cage, nothing should hurt it, and this includes your electric fireplaces. For electric fireplaces that vent out their heat from the top, the outlet should not be too exposed. It should not operate like the bottom of a jet rocket at takeoff but have controlled heat release. A controlled rate of releasing the heat reduces the incidents of burning or scalding flying birds.

Generally, electric fireplaces are safe for birds. This is because the birds will not get into contact with the fireplace directly but will instead fly around it. This means that the amount of heat getting to the bird will be significantly reduced, giving the bird enough time to detect it and move away from the fireplace. Whenever the bird flies close to the fireplace, it will be able to sense the heat source and move away without getting hurt. Are electric fireplaces safe for birds? This will depend on the design of the fireplace and what features it has.

Looking carefully at all the available features of electric fireplaces also lets you make a better decision. You will choose the model that best serves your needs, and you will not have to worry about getting unsafe fireplaces. Baby birds are susceptible to the heat produced by your fireplace and will be more likely to feel the heat. They should be kept at a safe but comfortable distance from the fireplace to ensure that they stay warm and secure.

A bird-safe heat lamp is what MagikFlame fireplaces boast of, and you only have to change the lightbulbs after several years. This means that the fireplace’s safety is assured, and you get to stay in peace and comfort.


Are electric fireplaces safe for birds? Birds are less likely to get into direct contact with the fireplace. This way, they will not get exposed to the full heat from the fireplace. As such, they are safe and sound whenever they fly around the house. Flying very close is the only significant danger you have to worry about, but this is nothing to worry about when you have reliable electric fireplaces. Electric fireplaces worth their reputation should be equipped with features that match electrical safety standards and follow all the set codes. They should be designed to be used safely around pets, and birds should not be affected by their heat. The fireplaces should also be equipped with easy and convenient means of keeping them well-regulated, and this usually comes in the form of remote control and mobile apps.

Mobile apps that accompany electric fireplaces connect the two devices and act to control the fireplace. The application also shows you all the detailed statistics about the fireplace, such as its current operational efficiency and performance. With this in mind, you will monitor your fireplace more closely, and you will not have to worry about it getting out of control. Remote-controlled fireplaces are also easier to manage, and you get to set timers that let the fireplace turn off after a set time has elapsed.

Hopefully, this post has given you all the information you need to know about fireplaces’ features. You will be keener while shopping and get to make your best selection of electric fireplaces that you can use safely in your home.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for general informational purposes only. While we strive to ensure accuracy, there may be errors, omissions, or discrepancies. The author and publisher make no warranties about the accuracy, reliability, or suitability of the information contained herein.

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