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Which Electric Fireplaces Match Rustic Fireplace Mantels?

Which Electric Fireplaces Match Rustic Fireplace Mantels

Electric fireplaces stand out for their realistic flames and the different features they include to make them easy to use when you’re working with an architect or home builder to remodel your house or build a new home. Many of the fireplaces come with mantels to create a built-in look that is decorative and eye-catching. If you want to create a contemporary look, it’s important to know which modern electric fireplaces match rustic fireplace mantels.

In this post, you will learn:

  • Which Electric Fireplaces Match Rustic Fireplace Mantels?
  • How to Avoid Safety Issues with Your Fireplace?
  • How to Install Your New Electric Insert?
  • Why Electric Inserts are Safer to Operate?
  • Other Ways to Style Your Electric Fireplace
  • Best Ways to Care for Your Fireplace
  • Tips to Find the Best Fireplace for Your Needs
Which Electric Fireplaces Match Rustic Fireplace Mantels?

Electric Fireplaces Match Rustic Fireplace Mantel

28″ Insert: Most versatile fireplace. Surround and mantel can be custom-designed.

The MagikFlame 28 Inch Fireplace Insert is one of the most popular fireplace inserts available in the industry and pairs well with different fireplace mantels, including a rustic floating shelf or a matte wood fireplace mantle. The 30 realistic flames can trick the eye into thinking there’s a real wood burning in the fireplace, contributing to the overall look of the rustic mantel. Holographic technology is used with this type of fireplace, which is realistic and is what makes the MagikFlame story interesting and unique.
The Masterflame 36” Fireplace Insert is another option that has faux wood logs with brick details, pairing beautifully with rustic mantels and a farmhouse floating shelf to ensure they become the focal point in the room. The insert comes with three flame colors and five levels of flame intensity. Two energy-saving heating options are also available to reduce the cost to operate the feature.
The Dimplex PF3033HL Multi-Fire XD 33″ Electric Firebox with Faux Logs Bed also has a farmhouse look, making it pair well with a rustic fireplace mantel. The insert has a rustic design with realistic wood logs in the firebox, as well as a brick design on each side of the firebox. The flames look like they’re present in the front of the logs, as well as behind them, to create the look of a real wood-burning fireplace that looks gorgeous with a live edge mantel.

How to Avoid Safety Issues with Your Fireplace?

How to Avoid Safety Issues with Your Fireplace
MagikFlame is safe for children.

Electric inserts are designed to be safe to operate because they have a lot of safety features and don’t use real fire, which prevents them from heating a fireplace mantel overhead. It’s still important to practice a few safety tips to ensure the product doesn’t encounter any issues as it’s in use.
Never plug electric inserts into an extension cord when you place it at a distance from an electrical outlet. Always place it within reach of an outlet to avoid fires that can occur. It’s also important to keep all cords and wires hidden behind the fireplace to prevent animals or kids from tampering with the electrical components. Carefully inspect the parts when you remove them from the packaging to ensure everything is in good shape. Contact the manufacturer or retailer if you notice frayed or punctured wires.

How to Install Your New Fireplace Insert?

Once your new fireplace arrives at your home, you can enjoy having a smooth and simple installation process. The installation process requires a lot fewer steps compared to installing a gas or wood fireplace. You don’t need to install any vents, which means you can place it almost anywhere in the home. They should be in proximity to electrical outlets and not too close to other furniture items to ensure they stand out and don’t make the space look too crowded.
If you don’t have a lot of space available, you can opt for a corner fireplace, which is easy to tuck away into one of the corners of the room. You can still install a mantel shelf with two pieces placed together.

You don’t have to make any alterations to the building to install your new fireplace and can have it ready to use on the same day that it arrives on your porch. The plug-in design also makes it easy to hook up in seconds rather than hardwiring any of the components and hiring a professional electrician. Some fireplace inserts require a small amount of hardwiring, but this doesn’t take long and can increase your home’s value once it’s in place. They also pair well with a fireplace mantel overhead, whether you prefer a wood beam or a Shenandoah or Alder fireplace mantel on a brick fireplace for a one-of-a-kind look.

Learning about each mantel shelf available can allow you to make the fireplace the centerpiece of the room and allow the fireplace mantel shelf to complement your home decor. A faux wood floating shelf or solid wood barn beam mantel will work well with different materials and can complement the interior design of the setting.

Why Electric Inserts are Safer to Operate?

Why Electric Inserts are Safer to Operate
MagikFlame is not only the most beautiful choice, it is also the safest.

Electric fireplace inserts are known to be safe and easy to operate compared to gas or wood fireplaces with real flames. They’re less likely to cause a fire in the house and don’t have any ebers that can land on your floating mantel or fireplace surround. This means you don’t need to purchase a fireplace screen to protect the surrounding materials.
You have the freedom to display decor items or furniture pieces a few feet from the fireplace without the risk of your belongings catching on fire. The panel and glass doors also stay cool to the touch on the fireplace to ensure no one burns themselves, especially kids and pets in the home. You don’t have to worry about anyone getting too close to the feature as it’s operating.

There also aren’t any harmful chemicals, contaminants, or byproducts that are produced because wood and gas aren’t used as the fuel source. You can prevent your family from being exposed to carbon monoxide. You also won’t increase your risk of developing cancer in the future because of the byproducts you’re exposed to with a wood fireplace. When the fireplace is installed, you don’t need to spend money installing carbon monoxide detectors in different rooms of the house for added savings and convenience.

This type of fireplace allows you to have peace of mind and confidence in protecting your family’s health. The fireplace won’t trigger asthma, respiratory issues, and sinus problems, or allergies when you spend time enjoying the heat. You also don’t need to remember to open the flue or vent on the chimney to allow any smoke to be released outside. Many homeowners fail to open the flue at times, which can cause the smoke to infiltrate the indoor air in the building, which contaminates the air quality and can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. This is never a risk because smoke isn’t produced with electric inserts.

Electric inserts also don’t generate a lot of noise when their internal components are in use. You can place it in your living room without turning the volume on the TV up or place an electric fireplace in a dining room and still enjoy making conversation with your family members or guests. Electric inserts are virtually silent when you turn them on each time and won’t require trying to heater over the blower or motor each time you enjoy having a fire.

By knowing which inserts pair well with a wood fireplace mantel or a DIY rough-sawn floating shelf, it can create a beautiful design. You can display your favorite items on the shelving to ensure the fireplace mantel shelf stands out and draws more attention to the feature.

Other Ways to Style Your Electric Fireplace

Which Electric Fireplaces Match Rustic Fireplace Mantels
MagikFlame is the best choice for gorgeous and seasonal interior design

Not only can you make your fireplace inserts stand out when you pair them with rustic fireplace mantels, but there are additional ways to style the feature to make it stand out. Start by decorating the base of the fireplace to ensure it looks decorative from top to bottom. Add a woven basket, which works with different styles of homes and can be filled with throw pillows, blankets, or even a plant. Wood logs can also be added to make the fireplace look real. You can also place a small wood stool or pouf at the base of the fireplace to make it look like a cozy part of the living room.

Building a new surround for the electric insert is also an option to add a bit of drama and make it look like it’s a wood-burning fireplace. Fortunately, this project is simple and easy to complete without needing any carpentry skills. The one-piece frame will sit on the wall and will block any of the heat from the fireplace from having contact with nearby materials or objects on display. The different materials to use on your surround include wood, concrete, and even brick.

Most people create a wood surround to create a traditional, classy style in the home. This requires using wood screws, pocket screws, and woodgrain trim. Start by building the frame with the use of plywood boards. Cover the base to enhance its stability and support provided. Any spots where there’s excess trim should be trimmed to make the design look seamless and professional. The wood filler should also be used on any nailhead holes. It’s also necessary to sand down all spots where the joints meet. Use a vacuum cleaner or broom to clean up any sawdust messes.

You can now add a coat of primer to the materials before applying paint. Allow each coat to dry for a few hours before applying the next coat. The finish now needs to be applied to ensure the paint is protected and doesn’t get scuffed up in the coming years as you have contact with the fireplace.

Many people also want to create a rustic, farmhouse looks on their surround, which pairs well with rustic fireplace mantels. Laminate floorboards can be used on the outside of the surround to make it look like a real shiplap. You can achieve a farmhouse style that makes it look like real reclaimed wood is used on your new fireplace. This will look beautiful with a rustic wood mantel or a rustic floating fireplace mantel.

There are also a variety of rustic mantels to select from, whether you want a hand-hewn wood mantel with corbels, a driftwood wooden mantel, or a barn wood floating shelf. Pine wood is another popular material to select for your wood shelf and can have a chunky design with beautiful craftsmanship with hand-hewn corbels underneath. The wood grain will have imperfections for added character and will pair beautifully with a stone fireplace for your living space.

Best Ways to Care for Your Fireplace

Fortunately, the low-maintenance design of electric inserts makes them a lot easier to use and operate over time compared to a wood fireplace with a fireplace mantel. The lack of wood burned in the fireplace prevents any ashes from forming, which means you don’t have to clean anything up every time you enjoy a fire. Annual chimney sweeps also aren’t required.

Routine cleanings are only necessary once or twice a year, depending on how much dust forms on the faux wood logs in the fireplace. Use a clean cloth to wipe everything down and make it look new again. Stick to using a small amount of water to make the cloth damp instead of using harsh cleaners, which are known to take the finish off the materials.

You can also expect the light bulbs to burn out at times, requiring replacing them, which is a simple and easy task to perform. If the fireplace insert has halogen bulbs, the lights will last about two years before they start to burn out, depending on how often you use the feature. Fireplaces with LED lights can last up to 11 years before they need to be replaced. Put gloves on before you replace the bulbs to avoid contact with the glass parts, which can affect the bulbs’ lifespan and cause them to become dimmer from the oil on your hands.

You may also want to hire a professional to inspect all the parts once each year to ensure everything is in good working order. An electrician will be capable of checking the mechanisms of the parts and can spot areas where some of the parts are worn or damaged. They’ll even apply a small amount of lubricant to make everything operate smoother without grinding.

Tips to Find the Best Fireplace for Your Needs

Tips to Find the Best Fireplace for Your Needs
MagikFlame’s 28″ Insert is ideal for a rustic interior design style because you can customize the surround.

As a consumer, you likely want to purchase the best fireplace in the industry to ensure it meets your needs and lasts long-term. Conducting thorough research is necessary to ensure you discover all the models available from different manufacturers.

Look into the various brands that stand out on the market, which include Dimplex, MagikFlame, and Duraflame. Not all brands are created equal, and they each manufacture their fireplace inserts in different locations. It’s important to understand how MagikFlame is built, which is an American-made electric insert brand. They construct their inserts in Nashville, Tennessee to ensure they have a higher quality and that any repairs that are needed are simple because the parts are easier to find than looking overseas.

You also want to think about how much space you have in your home or office to ensure the fireplace fits. Each model has different dimensions and doesn’t always fit in smaller settings. A wall-recessed electric fireplace insert can work well in an entryway or dining room where there are fewer square feet available. A freestanding fireplace with a mantel shelf will work better in a living room or bedroom.

Reading online reviews will also make your shopping experience easier if you’re overwhelmed by the different options available. This will allow you to hear from customers and get their honest insight about what they like or dislike about specific fireplace models. They may include video clips or pictures with their review. You can find MagikFlame reviews directly on their website or on Amazon where the inserts are sold.

Browsing through the MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide is also helpful when you want to read more about each option. Every fireplace includes a 5,200 BTU heater, allowing it to heat larger rooms and floors. The 30 flames on the screen also create the most realistic look. Many consumers also enjoy the crackling log sounds you can hear as the flames dance on the screen to ensure it creates the ultimate experience of sitting by the fire.

You also need to consider your budget and what you’re willing to spend. Remember, you get what you pay for, which means you should avoid purchasing the cheapest fireplace insert you can find. The type of materials used and the quality of professionals hired to make each fireplace influences the pricing. Most quality brands also have a lot of overhead costs.

Traditional White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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