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Finally an Electric Fireplace
Worthy of Your Home

Made In America and Built to Last

There is no doubt that MagikFlame Electric Fireplaces are an industry disruptor. About every 20 years a new product will come along that is so revolutionary that the world changes forever when it’s released. MagikFlame is such a product. Never before has there been an electric fireplace that looks or feels as real as ours. The secret lies in our HoloFlame technology that is a real game changer.

MagikFlame Artemis Mantel Package

When it comes to realism in electric fireplaces we have no equal. We are not the cheapest fireplaces on the market but we are by far the best. When quality counts choose a MagikFlame. Our fireplaces offer real value that you can understand. Every MagikFlame comes with built in Bluetooth so that you can use your phone with a smart-app to control your fireplace, Wire-Less (Wi-Fi) so that we can give you updates for free (like new flame f/x), touch-screen displays so the fireplace can be operated in dimly lit rooms, HD projection so our flames look as good as real and specially coated holographic glass for fire effects as sharp and vivid as any actual fire you’ve seen — complete with crackling log sounds to take it to the next level! If wood and gas-burning fireplaces are not an option and you want the most realistic electric fireplace ever made then look no further than a MagikFlame.

Our competitors will have you believe that their $800-$1500 fireplaces are worth the price when they sell out-dated technology that creates fake looking flames. Many of them use technology developed over 40 years ago and changed little over the years, as the focus shifts away from quality to quantity. We have a different strategy. We build each fireplace by hand to exacting detail in the USA (in limited batches) and we don’t crank them out in China, 100,000 at a time making sacrifices to quality. We’ll never cut corners and use in-expensive troublesome electric motors or thrifty lighting effects to re-create the organic look of a real fire. It just can’t be done using dated technology and that’s what sets us apart. Holographic technology similar to our patent-pending HoloFlame technology has wowed crowds at theme parks all over the world, and now that holographic technology has been scaled down and put into a fireplace you can afford to bring home today with MagikFlame. See first hand your logs appear to actually burn with vivid and life-like flames complete with wispy smoke, and burning embers that will create years of enjoyment.

Our fireplaces are built like a tank and created to last. The idea of selling “maintenance” parts is not in line with our beliefs, so instead, we build a fireplace built to keep running, day after day, and year after year for a true to life experience that keeps ongoing. Can you believe other fireplace manufacturers sell replacement bulbs for about $90.00 each and they need replacement regularly? It’s a hidden cost and it adds up. Every MagikFlame fireplace is packed with quality parts rated to last 15-20 years in order to ensure your MagikFlame will continue to be the focal point of your home with little to no downtime. You won’t need to buy replacement parts from us and that’s just the way we like it.

We Offer Mantel Designs of Various Colors and Sizes
Speak With An Experienced Product Specialist Now At +1 (800) 558-8098 to Find The Perfect Mantel For Your Home.

Or Upgrade Your Existing Gas/Wood to Electric

If you have an exiting gas or log burning fireplace you can upgrade it to a MagikFlame insert that is capable of re-producing both wood and gas burning fireplaces with the same look as real fire (with sound) but no actual flames are used. Our patented technology turns your existing traditional into a safe and efficient electric fireplace with realistic visuals. Can be installed directly into your existing fireplace opening (requires no venting). This is also a good base component to consider if you wish to build your own custom wood or stone mantel surround. We have detailed blue-prints here to give your handyman or carpenter all the required measurements and specifications to easily build your own custom surround to perfectly match you decor.

28″ Wide x 12″ Deep x 32″ Tall
(Viewable Area: 28″x 22″)

Other electric fireplaces make a poor attempt at re-producing the look of real fire. You may have heard about water vapor electric fireplaces that use myst to create flames. Maybe you even heard they look real? These mist electric fireplaces rely on distilled/filtered water that is not readily available, use hot burning halogen bulbs that burn hot and are expensive to replace, and these systems require a ton of maintenance just to keep them running! A good value? No way! Their electric pond foggers that create the mist cost only a few dollars and their molded log sets even less. The value for your money is just not there and at the end of the day you still have ONE fake looking fire with mist systems and a head-ache to go with it. Who needs that trouble?

If you are serious about getting a fireplace that looks real, costs almost nothing to run, and will last for many years without problems than look no further than MagikFlame. The compliments will start rolling in from friends and family as soon as they’ve seen your new fireplace discovered online. There is a reason why we are not sold in stores. If we were nobody would buy anything else once they’ve seen a MagikFlame in action! The truth is most brick and mortar fireplace stores don’t want to sell you a realistic electric fireplace liked ours because it’s more profitable to sell you an expensive gas or wood burner than needs lines run and venting that requires costly maintenance every year which they will happily provide. It’s just not in their best interest to sell you a realistic electric fireplace like MagikFlame when there is so much to be made on expensive installations and annual maintenance which you won’t find with ours.

The MagikFlame requires no professional installation and if you can turn a screw-driver you can put one together yourself in minutes, no matter your age or skill level. Our electric fireplaces are worthy of being the focal point of your living room and we’re ready to “move in”. If you’re ready to experience a fireplace like no other on the market than hit the buy button below now and we’ll have the fireplace to your door in days. Tech support is there when you need it seven days a week day and night. A real person is just a phone call away with MagikFlame and technical support is free for life. Try to find that with any other fireplace manufacturer. We care deeply for each and every customer of ours and treat you as an individual with respect and not just another number. Your business means something to us and we want to thank you for it with top notch customer service — there when you need us — 7-days a week at just about any time. Another game changer…


The World’s Only Fully Immersive Electric Fireplace

Get lost in the flames as the MagikFlame stimulates several senses simultaneously to
reduce stress & anxiety.

Ultra Realistic Flames

Extremely realistic flame effects with
rolling smoke & glowing embers.

Crackling Log Sounds

Hear the logs crackle and pop with
superior clarity for added realism.

Bluetooth Technology

Fireplace updates itself with new
features for free with iPhones.

Our Electric Fireplaces Are Like the Model-T (1st Gas Powered Car) Compared To Horse Drawn Carriages
They’re That Much Further Ahead. Call Us Now At +1 (800) 558-8098 to Learn What Sets Our Fireplaces Apart.

Benefits to Owning a MagikFlame

Completely Safe Around Children & Pets. Own a
Realistic MagikFlame With NO Fear of Anyone
Getting Burned!

MagikFlame is completely safe around children and pets because it does not heat up and cause burns like a traditional fireplace. The MagikFlame emits no harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide into your home making the air safer to breathe and it saves you money…
Our fireplaces are in-expensive it is to run during the coldest months of the year. Your electric bill will be shockingly low thanks to zone heating and warming only the room you want where you spend the most time. Take the shivers out of the cold winter air with a realistic MagikFlame electric fireplace in your home this Holiday season and enjoy a no mess, maintenance-free experience that will bring happiness to the whole family.

Safe Around Pets/Kids

Safe to the touch. Does not burn like a traditional fireplace.

No Risk of Fire

Does NOT emit hot embers that could cause a fire.

No Dangerous Fumes

Burning wood emits dangerous fumes like carbon monoxide.

Save on Electricity

Only heat the rooms you are in. Save money with zone heating.

No Dirt & No Mess

No more cleaning dirty ashes or sweeping up wood debris.

No Wood Storage

No need to purchase and store messy wood.

Our Electric Fireplaces Are Like the Model-T (1st Gas Powered Car) Compared To Horse Drawn Carriages
They’re That Much Further Ahead. Call Us Now At +1 (800) 558-8098 to Learn What Sets Our Fireplaces Apart.
Our Electric Fireplaces Are Like the Model-T (1st Gas Powered Car) Compared To Horse Drawn Carriages
They’re That Much Further Ahead. Call Us Now At +1 (800) 558-8098 to Learn What Sets Our Fireplaces Apart.
Christmas is Better With a MagikFlame

Realistic Flames With Smoke and Embers

Buy Electric Fireplaces With Realistic Flames
The MagikFlame has the most realistic flame effects of any electric fireplace bar-none. Experience vivid photorealistic flames dancing upon logs complete with glowing embers and wispy rolling smoke.

Realistic Flames With Smoke and Embers

Buy Electric Fireplaces With Logs Insert
Each log is meticulously painted and lit from the inside using a variety of low powered but brilliantly colorful LED lamps that pulsate to simulate glowing embers as your logs appear to burn.

Low Power LED Fire Lamps

Buy Electric Fireplaces Low Power Usage
The MagikFlame is the only electric fireplace that uses micro-controlled LED lamps that contain 24 yellow and orange diodes to accurately re-create a fiery glow to warm your home with a soothing orange hue.

Crackling Logs Sounds

Buy Electric Fireplaces With Log Sounds
The flames are accompanied by digitally sampled crackles & pops of real burning logs to further sell the illusion of an actual fire. Built in speakers re-produce the sound of burning logs with utter realism & clarity.

Intricate Hand Carved Wood

The MagikFlame Neo features beautiful hand carved embellishments that add style and show off the workmanship right above each side post.

Scent Atomizer

Buy Electric Fireplaces With Scent
Enjoy the scent of fresh cut winter pine as your MagikFlame runs with this optional add-on. This device oscillates pine needle oil to re-create the scent of newly chopped wood just like a real wood-burning fireplace.

4,600 BTU Coil Heater

The MagikFlame can heat the room you’re in with it’s efficient and safe electric coil heater. The heating element can be turned on to warm you up on the coldest of winter nights or switched off to enjoy the MagikFlame in ambience only mode.

Aged Brass

The handcrafted look of the MagikFlame is taken to the next level with the addition of a simulated aged brass metal container to hold the logs. The antique look of the wood holder adds a decorative charm to your home with a sense of class.

Control MagikFlame with iPhone or iPad

Integrated Bluetooth Technology

Buy Electric Fireplaces With Bluetooth iPhone App

Most Technology Begins to Age The Moment It
Hits Your Home. Ours Updates Itself with New
Flames & Features Automatically & Gets Better In

* Android Version in Active Development & Coming Soon
Christmas Scene with Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater

Control MagikFlame with iPhone or iPad

Made in the USA
MagikFlame is proud to be an American made product! Our insert’s are built in small batches right here in Nashville, TN. by hard working Americans who are dedicated to building the highest quality electric fireplaces right here in the good old United States of America. We are proud to support our country and hire the best and most talented engineers and fabricators hand-picked from some of the best talent in the USA to build a premium electric fireplace insert that will bring the enjoyment of a realistic looking fire to your home guaranteed to operate trouble free for many years. We use premium parts and technology that are top quality and the best of the components parts are used. It may cost a little more but we the quality of the product and realism of the flame justifies the price. We are the only electric fireplace manufacturer to build our inserts in the United States to exacting precision.
European Style Brown Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater

All Fireplace Mantels Are NOT Created Equally

We have gone through great lengths to make the best inserts. Do it justice by complimenting it with the highest quality
wood mantels made by MagikFlame to complete the package.

All wood mantels are not created equally. You already know we worked for years to create a completely ground breaking fireplace experience like no other and it would be a crime to not pair a top quality insert with a top quality mantel built specifically for MagikFlame by the world’s premier fireplace mantel manufacturers. Our premium mantels like the Trinity and the Neo shown below are made from the highest quality wood and materials to exude class and sophistication. Our competitors use cheap MDF (fiber particle board) to make their mantels and the finish is horrible. As if the mantel is an “after-thought” thrown in around the fireplace insert. Another perfect example of how our competitors cut corners when it comes to things that really matter like a world-class mantel surround. We build our AAA mantels from the ground up to be the finest furniture quality wood mantels available anywhere that pair perfectly with our inserts for the “total fireplace package” that exude quality and craftsmanship in every detail.
Mantel production photos

Premium Wood Mantels with REAL Wood Grain Veneer by MagikFlame

Our premium MagikFlame mantels feature real wood grain veneer on both the inward and outward facing panels. This means that when you stand up close you can see the beauty of real wood grain. When the wood is stained it looks like real organic wood because it is. Even when painted or stained over the wood grain texture stands out and adds to the overwhelming sense of quality we strive for at MagikFlame. Our decorative appliques and moldings are carved from highest quality real hard wood and are AAA quality furniture and not an afterthought like so many other mantels. We have designed and fabricated our mantels from the ground up to be the best there is and when combined with a MagikFlame Insert you have an electric fireplace worthy of attention and an investment that will pay for itself time and time again every time you relax in front of your MagikFlame.
Morpheus white electric fireplace with realistic flames in living room
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