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How to Incorporate Your Fireplace Into Your Living Room Layout

How to arrange living room furniture with fireplace and tv

Electric fireplaces give us the ability to enjoy the look and feel of an actual wood-burning fireplace, even if our home didn’t come with one built-in. Installation is easy. You simply plug them in, and you will be ready to appreciate their warmth and ambiance.

The only stumbling block for many homeowners is that it can be hard for them to arrange the furniture in a way that allows the fireplace to be the focal point of the room. This is especially true in the living room where it will have to compete with the TV for attention. Fortunately, there are many tried and true furniture arrangements that keep the fireplace as the centerpiece of the room while still allowing you to relax, walk about the area freely, and watch TV comfortably.

In This Post, You Will Learn the Following:

  • Furniture Layout Basics
  • Special Considerations for a Corner Fireplace
  • Working with Unique Room Shapes
  • Small Living Rooms and the Challenge of a Fireplace
  • Where to Place the TV
  • Magikflame Electric Fireplace Buying Guide

Furniture Layout Basics

The ideal layout is comfortable and uncluttered. It should be an area that welcomes you. You need a peaceful retreat where you can sit by a cozy fireplace and watch your favorite movies and shows on the TV, but how do you accomplish this?

Fortunately, there are layout basics that all interior designers rely on when arranging the furniture. Begin by making a very important decision. Do you want the TV or the fireplace to be your focal point? This can be a difficult decision as these two items tend to compete for your attention. Both are of substantial size and are best appreciated when the furniture is arranged in a way that makes them the main attraction.

One option is to hang the TV over the fireplace. This is the perfect solution, as long as you know the proper way to do it. Otherwise, it can appear awkward. Your other option is to make one of the two pieces stand out above the other. In these layouts, one will be the focal point while the other is its complement.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Room Designs

You do want to arrange your furniture in a way that allows easy access to the fireplace. You also want to intentionally place smaller pieces like the coffee table or ottoman. When these items are put in as an afterthought, you risk blocking the flow of traffic. It can also make the space look cluttered. Also, you do want to consider using an accent chair next to the fireplace to instantly make the room warm and inviting.

Do not place rugs too close to the fireplace. While rugs are not a fire hazard when used near electric fireplaces, you want to keep the illusion alive. Another mistake you don’t want to make is placing the sofa in a position that blocks one’s view of the hearth.

Plan Ahead

For the best results, map out a plan of how you want to arrange the furniture before you bring everything in. Measure all of your pieces, and use painter’s tape to mark out their exact shape and size on the floor to give you a more realistic idea of how the layout will work.

Remember to always choose your focal point first. It helps you stay organized and keep the room balanced. This is true for bedroom electric fireplaces in the corner as well. Include open pathways for a comfortable and convenient traffic flow in the room.

Once you have determined exactly where you want your living room furniture placed, you can bring in the actual pieces. Simply pull the painter’s tape up as you go. This method saves a lot of heavy lifting and shoving.

Special Considerations for a Corner Fireplace

You may have to consider more unconventional space planning when it comes to a fireplace in the corner. Figuring out how to arrange living room furniture with a fireplace and tv in these rooms is challenging, but fortunately, some decorating tips can help.

You want the fireplace to remain as the focal point. Have at least one chair or sofa facing the fireplace. In fact, the overall living room furniture layout should accent the fireplace rather than ignore it.

Stop thinking that the furniture needs to be lined up along the walls. Think of the furniture as floating in the middle of the room. When your sectional or chairs, sofa, and loveseat are placed away from the walls in a floating manner, it creates a design that naturally allows the fireplace to be the centerpiece of the room.

Working with Unique  Room Shapes

When placing your furniture in a way that will complement your fireplace and TV, you need to consider more than just the focal point. The shape of the room will determine the final design layout more than any other factor. It is one of the features of a room that you can’t change without doing a complete home makeover.

An Open Living Room

Open floor plans are popular. If you have a new home or have renovated an older house, chances are you now have a great room that leaves you with a large space to fill. This makes it difficult to develop a comfortable interior design.

Trying to decorate it as one big space is overwhelming. Instead, divide the large space into smaller areas. Once you create a definite dining room, kitchen, and living room, it will be so easy to arrange the furniture.

The living room area should have the fireplace as the center of the room. Use a large area rug to anchor the space and visually create a room separate from the dining area since you don’t have actual walls. Once the rug is in place, you can create a seating area by arranging chairs and a sofa around a coffee table in front of the fireplace. You will be amazed as you see a distinct living room taking shape.

A Narrow Living Room

Avoid using a furniture arrangement that makes your narrow living room look and feel like a hallway. Start your decorating with accent tables, bookcases, or shelving. You can buy these on Amazon or turn them into a great DIY project for a more custom piece. Use these smaller pieces to shorten the length of the room. You are trying to create the look of a square room by filling in the extra spaces.

A Square Living Room

While it would seem the easiest shape when it comes to creating a beautiful living room layout, square rooms come with their own set of problems. Play around with angles in order to give the illusion of more space. Place chairs, sofas, or a sectional away from the wall. Big pieces lined up along the perimeter of the room will only accentuate the square shape.

Oval side tables will also help soften harsh corners. As long as all of the furniture centers around the fireplace, you and your guests will feel cozy and relaxed in this space.

Small Living Rooms and the Challenge of a Fireplace

A tiny living room or family room is always hard to decorate. Figuring out how to arrange living room furniture with a fireplace and tv in these tight areas only adds to the challenge. You want the fireplace to be beautiful as well as functional. On the bright side, a small room allows you to take full advantage of the warmth your fireplace provides.

Anchor the Fireplace with Ample Seating

Don’t always assume that a small space needs fewer pieces of furniture. When using the fireplace as a focal point, consider replacing one large sofa with a loveseat and two small chairs. Skip the end tables and use one accent table placed between the two chairs. Use this table for a lamp. Add bookshelves to each side of the fireplace for a built-in look.

Anchor the Fireplace with Two Sofas

When you place your electric fireplace in the center of the wall, you can fully utilize the functionality of the space by placing two sofas across from each other with a table in between. It will still seat plenty of people, allow for tabletop space, and look uncluttered. Use a rug to anchor the entire layout.

Where to Place the TV

Figuring out where to put the TV is the real challenge when decorating around a fireplace. Should it be mounted above the fireplace? This could cause neck strain if it isn’t done properly. Maybe you want it beside the fireplace or across from it. These other areas can cause the two pieces to compete with one another. The following tips allow you to comfortably view the TV without distracting from the beauty of the fireplace.

Placing the TV Above the Fireplace

Mounting++206 a TV above a fireplace is a popular trend in home decorating. There are two benefits this design offers:

  1. If done properly, the size of the TV compliments the scale of your fireplace — creating a balanced look.
  2. Both pieces become a single focal point of the room. This simplifies the layout of the furniture.

Now to figure out how to avoid the neck strain this can cause when watching a TV above a fireplace. It is unnatural to look up for extended lengths of time. While you will want to hang the TV as if it is a mirror or a piece of art, you will enjoy watching your favorite movies and shows more if your wall mount can tilt and swivel. There are two types of wall mounts to choose from.

Tilting Mount

A tilting mount gives you the ability to tilt the TV down in order to make watching more comfortable. When you are not watching, the TV can be pushed back against the wall.

Full-Motion Mount

A full-motion mount can tilt as well as swivel. An extension brings the TV out from the wall where you can angle it down or turn it to the right or left. When not in use, it can go back to its original position against the wall.

Place the TV Beside the Fireplace

Many new homes are designed with a built-in electric fireplace and a recessed location next to it for the TV. You can mimic this look in your own home with your electric fireplace and a TV mount next to it.

This eliminates the competition between the two pieces. The entire wall takes center stage, and it will be much easier to arrange the furniture.

Don’t feel trapped with the idea of a wall-mounted TV. You can just as easily use a media center next to the fireplace. Look for one that coordinates with your electric fireplace nicely.

Place the TV in a Corner

You may not think of the corner as a good place for the TV, but it can be beautiful with a fireplace. This is especially true in small spaces.

Use a TV mount specifically designed for the corner. Look for one that provides full motion so you can position the TV perfectly for viewing. An actual corner mount also keeps it from looking like the TV was shoved in the corner as an afterthought.

The corner placement is ideal if you usually think of the TV as an eyesore. Once placed in the corner, it becomes inconspicuous. Choose a corner that includes the wall the fireplace is on.

A TV Perpendicular to the Fireplace

You can place a TV 90 degrees from the fireplace and still have a living room with a pulled-together look. Even though they are on separate walls, they won’t compete with one another.

This furniture arrangement works wonderfully with a sectional or a sofa that includes a chaise. You can sit and face the TV or sit and enjoy your electric fireplace with one piece of living room furniture. You can create the same effect by using two sofas.

Magikflame Electric Fireplace Buying Guide

Knowing how to arrange living room furniture with a fireplace and tv beautifully also requires finding the right electric fireplace for your living room. Magikflame has many lovely fireplaces for you to choose from that work perfectly in many different living area designs.


Magikflame understands how important it is to have realistic flames. They use patented state-of-the-art holographic technology to provide you with realistic 3D flame effects. The look of a flame is projected onto an actual log set in the fireplace cavity where it looks like the logs are actually burning. The LED light and holographic technology coupled with pulsating logs appear like a real fire.

You will find immersive details such as an organic movement of the fire, true-to-life flame colors, simulated smoke, and smoldering embers. You can even add the scent of fresh-cut pine with a scent atomizer. Combine this with the 30 ultra-realistic flames and the sound of a crackling log and you have the ambiance of an actual wood-burning fireplace without the maintenance of the real thing.


Magikflame provides you with the ambiance of a wood-burning fireplace without the hassles. Electric fireplaces are ideal for homes with small children. They don’t get hot to the touch. You won’t have to worry about your little one getting burned.

You also don’t have to worry about routine maintenance. There is no chimney to clean or gas line to inspect. All you need to do is plug it into an outlet, and you are ready to enjoy your fireplace. Best of all, you can control your electric fireplace with your smartphone for even more convenience.


You don’t sacrifice the warmth of a real fire with Magikflame. The 5,200 BTU heater will keep you toasty warm while watching your favorite movies and shows with family and friends.

In Conclusion

With these helpful decorating ideas, you can enjoy your fireplace and TV within the same living space without sacrificing beauty or functionality. You will love your wonderful room as you watch TV and enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a cozy fire.

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