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How Noisy Are Electric Fireplaces?

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Electric fireplaces continue to surge in popularity as their sales trump traditional fireplaces and gas fireplaces. For those who are considering owning an electric fireplace, you may wonder if the feature is as noisy and loud as it’s in use to ensure you can continue to enjoy a relaxing setting. 

Are Electric Fireplaces Noisy?

Most electric fireplaces that are available aren’t noisy and operate quieter than other types of appliances in the home. When the flames are on without any heat and the blower is operating, a minimal amount of noise is created. Users can also choose to adjust the blower when they want to watch TV in the room. The level of blower noise you hear mainly depends on the brand of the fireplace and the quality of the materials.

The top brands in the industry are known to have a quiet blower motor that doesn’t generate as much noise as their gas counterparts. The electric fireplace will also be silent when the heater is turned off. The type of components that are present inside the firebox also determines the noise level as they work together to generate the flame effect without the use of fire.

Brands like MagikFlame also have cracking log sound effects, which you can turn on to mimic the experience of enjoying a real fireplace with wood burning. The sound effects can also cover up any humming noises that the fireplace creates while the feature is in use. Overall, the best electric fireplaces are known to be significantly quieter than a gas fireplace insert because they don’t have built-in fans that are running at high blasts. It’s important to also lubricate the parts of the electric fireplace each year to ensure the mechanisms don’t start to squeak or make noise over time.

If you want to prevent the noise, consider tightening loose connections on the components, especially if you hear rattling. The access panels also need to be double-checked to ensure they’re secure. You also want to examine the tubing to determine if anything is bent. Cleaning out the fans will also reduce any noise you may hear to remove lint and dust that builds up over time. The fan belt should also be examined to determine if it’s sticking. You may need to adjust or tighten it if it looks loose. An electrician can also inspect the internal wiring to determine if any operational issues are present.

Reading the owner’s manual can also offer additional tips and guidance on how to care for the parts. You can avoid mistakes and understand more about its operation with the guidance of the manufacturer.

Are Electric Fireplaces Safe to Use?

One of the main reasons electric fireplaces are commonly found in more homes is because of their family-friendly design. Not only are they energy-efficient, but they aren’t at a high risk of causing a fire with their operation and design.

Because a fireplace heater is used instead of fire, children and pets can get close to the feature without getting burned by the glass doors or panels of the fireplace heater. The glass doesn’t get hot because real fire isn’t used in the firebox. The lack of sparks also means there isn’t the risk of nearby items or furniture igniting. Most of the heat is also released forward instead of upward, which means you can place a television above the feature without the risk of damage occurring. This also means you can place furniture items or curtains in proximity to the feature without worrying about fires occurring. You don’t have to change the layout of your home to avoid the risk of a fire.

There also isn’t a forced-air system to release allergens and dust, which prevents dirt from circulating throughout the air in your home. The lack of dangerous fumes or gas leaks also offers a safer design, which is a common issue with traditional and gas fireplaces. They operate and maintain heat at a lower level to ensure none of the materials get hot to the touch or cause nearby materials to melt. You also don’t have to worry about the flames becoming too large or raging out of control compared to a fireplace that burns wood. The artificial flames never get hot but still offer a cozy and warm touch to the setting.

The design is safe enough to allow you to leave the fireplace running overnight. It can operate safely by setting the temperature to a comfortable temperature between 60 to 65 degrees to ensure the room stays warm without the risk of any safety issues. Some models can even turn off once they reach a specific temperature that you set. It should even come with a built-in timer to immediately shut off the feature after a few hours to ensure it turns off if you forget to do it manually.

How to Find the Perfect Electric Fireplaces

If you’re unsure of where to start looking after you decide to buy a new fireplace, you can start by reading reviews that are posted online. This can allow you to get recommendations from other customers and discover the pros and cons of each model available in the industry. You can look on Amazon or the manufacturers’ websites to read recent MagikFlame reviews or Duraflame reviews. This is also where you can view a flame gallery for each model offered.
It’s also important to look into the reputation of each fireplace brand to ensure you purchase a model that will last longer and has quality parts. Some of the top brands that are popular among consumers include MagikFlame, Duraflame, Touchstone, Puraflame, ClassicFlame, and Dimplex. Visit the website of each manufacturer to look into payment plans and financing that is available. A manufacturer’s guarantee or warranty should also be included with the purchase of the product to ensure repairs are covered in the first year. You can also opt to purchase an extended warranty if you want to add an extra year or two with the coverage you obtain.

You also want to consider how realistic the faux flames look to ensure the product you purchase from Dimplex or Touchstone looks realistic and resembles a real fireplace. The type of technology and effects used determine if it has a realistic flame effect. Some fireplaces use Opti-myst, which features water that is tinted orange to resemble real flames. This type of fireplace requires refilling the water reservoir in between uses. The flames also shut off when the water runs out.

MagikFlame offers something unique compared to other brands with its patented holographic electric fireplace. This advanced technology allows the brands to manufacture the most realistic electric fireplaces in the industry. Learning the MagikFlame story can make it easier to understand how the company became so competitive in the industry. The founder, Howard Birnbaum, has a background in f/x special effects in the film industry and decided to make his own electric fireplace when he couldn’t find many realistic options in the industry.

For those asking, “Are electric fireplaces noisy?” will enjoy the quiet operation of the models sold through the brand, as well as the crackling log effects for the complete experience of sitting by the fire. Visiting the manufacturer’s website will offer insight into how MagikFlame is built. The company prides itself on making American-made products by a skilled team of technicians in Nashville, Tennessee. This makes it easier to obtain replacement parts if any repairs are needed in the future compared to companies that manufacture their products overseas.

Those who want to a buy fireplace that serves more than one purpose can also look into fireplaces that are built into a TV stand to use in the living room. You can enjoy watching the realistic flames behind the log set while the TV stand emits warmth into the room. Wall-mounted fireplaces are also an excellent option for those who are looking for a fireplace that looks like it’s built into the wall. This is ideal for those who are looking to create an upscale and modern design for contemporary settings.
Looking online on sites like Amazon can offer more convenience instead of visiting stores in person. You can take your time comparing different models while also enjoying the convenience of having the product delivered directly to your door without worrying about how you’re going to transport it.

Where to Install the Fireplace

After asking, “Are electric fireplaces noisy?” you can also learn about the installation process to expect. Installing an electric fireplace is simple and straightforward, which means you don’t have to rely on an electrician or contractor to perform the task with the home improvement project. The electric fireplace can be plugged into nearby electrical outlets and is ready to use after putting the parts together.
Compared to traditional fireplaces, venting isn’t needed with an electric fireplace insert because smoke isn’t produced from the artificial flames with the heating element. You also don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to build a chimney or add a flue after obtaining permits.
Wall-mounted fireplaces may seem intimidating to install but are also simple with getting them hooked up. They easily fit within the cavity of the wall and can sit securely in brackets. This allows them to sit flush on the wall to avoid taking up any space in the room. It can also increase the value of your home as a built-in feature that adds more appeal and accommodation.
With freestanding fireplaces, they are easy to move around and are portable without any hassle, which can allow you to transport them to another room of the home without too much of a commitment to where you install them. You can even take them with you to a new home when you plan to relocate instead of investing in a fireplace.

Benefits of Fireplaces

After asking, “Are electric fireplaces noisy?” you may want to learn more about the advantages they offer aside from their quiet operation. There are many reasons homeowners opt for purchasing electric fireplaces to heat the interior setting and create a comfortable climate. Electric fireplaces are unique because they use less energy compared to gas and wood-burning fireplaces.

Electric fireplaces can reduce your energy bill because they supplement your main heating system in the building, which can allow you to lower the thermostat. The cost to operate the feature is low and only costs an average of three to eight cents per hour, depending on if you use the heating source. This can allow you to run the feature several hours a day without worrying about a spike in your energy bill. Compared to a gas fireplace or a space heater, they also release a lot of warm air minutes after you turn it on, which can allow you to get warm and cozy quickier.

Zone heating is one of the main benefits that come with using fireplaces because it means you only have to heat the room where you’re spending time instead of the entire house. You no longer have to use energy to heat unused rooms in the building and can contain the heat to a specific place in the house. This also prevents other floors in the home from becoming too warm to ensure residents stay comfortable as the fireplace is in use.

Electric fireplaces are also safer to operate, which can offer peace of mind. They don’t use any real flames or fire, which means you don’t have to worry about embers jumping out of the fireplace and into the room. The lack of chemicals and creosote released also prevents chimney fires from occurring.

Many people opt for purchasing this type of fireplace because of how easy it is to maintain. You can even leave the feature running for several hours at a time without stoking the fire while trying to keep the flames going. The lack of ashes it produces also means the unit doesn’t need to be cleaned out in-between uses. You don’t have to spend time or energy cleaning out chimneys or vents because the faux flames don’t produce any particles or chemicals.

The only maintenance needed is an occasional cleaning of the parts, which includes using a dry and lint-free cloth to wipe down the different parts. You can do this without the help of a professional by removing the access panel in the front or back with a screwdriver.

Those who are looking to make their home green can opt for this type of fireplace because it doesn’t have an impact on the environment. Wood-burning fireplaces release a lot of emissions every time they’re used, which can contribute to pollution. There may also be restrictions in place where you live with how frequently you can burn the wood. Electric fireplaces won’t affect the environment even when they’re in use each day.

Many people with health issues are hesitant to enjoy sitting by the fire because the particles released can contribute to allergies, asthma, and respiratory issues. With a fireplace that runs off of electricity, you can protect the indoor air quality of your home and continue to breathe in clean air each day. There’s also no risk of exposing yourself to carbon monoxide, which means you don’t have to invest in detectors that have to be installed throughout the building to protect your family’s safety.

Additionally, residents don’t have to worry about forgetting to open and close the flue while using the fireplace. It’s also easier to control the temperature in the building without a chimney where air can enter at different times of the year.

The variety of styles and designs of electric fireplaces can also allow you to have more options available with the type of model you select, whether you want to place it in your home or office. You can choose something that’s the appropriate size and complements the other features in the room to ensure it blends in well. You can look at a photo idea gallery to get more ideas about what will work well in your setting.

The main reason many people enjoy using the fireplace in their homes is because of the cozy ambiance it creates. You can feel more comfortable, relaxed, and at ease with a fire in the room, whether you’re reading a book or are watching a movie. It also adds an inviting tone to the setting when you have guests over. It’s also easy to operate, especially when it comes with a remote control. Some brands like MagikFlame even come with an app for added convenience with adjusting the speed control without having to get up and access the control panel on the unit.

Different Types of Electric Fireplaces

There are many types of fireplace heaters to accommodate different types of homeowners and renters. A wall mount electric fireplace is ideal when you want a semi-permanent feature that looks sleek and upscale. An electric fireplace insert will look high-quality with a mantel or surround to create a built-in look.

Freestanding fireplaces can allow you to create a focal point in the room with their beautiful design and innovative technology. They are often compact, which can allow them to fit well in smaller spaces in condos or apartments. They have a low profile and don’t take up a lot of room for added convenience.

Electric inserts are also ideal to install in existing fireplaces to ensure you can continue to enjoy the beautiful masonry of a wood fireplace in your home. The insert makes it possible to convert an old feature into a more energy-efficient product while still making it look like you’re burning real wood.

You can enjoy spending more time at home once you decide to install an electric fireplace, whether you want to add more warmth to your bedroom or living room. The feature can boost the appeal of your space and also enhance the interior design to make it more appealing.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for general informational purposes only. While we strive to ensure accuracy, there may be errors, omissions, or discrepancies. The author and publisher make no warranties about the accuracy, reliability, or suitability of the information contained herein.

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