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How High Off The Floor Should an Electric Fireplace Be?

How High Off The Floor Should

A wall mount electric fireplace is meant to heat homes and keep the occupants cozy and comfortable. It is designed to make use of electricity and has a 99% efficiency rate. It is quite easy to use, and while installing, you might ask yourself, “How high off the floor should an electric fireplace be?” This is an important question and something to keep in mind when installing the DIY electric fireplace at your home. Any part of the fireplace should not touch your living room floor, and you must leave an allowance from the floor.

For homeowners, the distance you should place your electric fireplace determines many things. It will be a factor in how far the heat can dissipate and the floor area coverage in square feet. With this put into the equation, you will maximize the fireplace’s heating capabilities and ensure that it provides you with the best services. 

A good fireplace does not lose much heat in the surroundings and utilizes all the heat that it produces to keep the occupants of the living or dining room comfortable. MagikFlame suggests this rule of thumb be followed when raising the fireplace.

It would help if you had an idea of the dimensions that should be respected when installing the fireplace to ensure that you do not break the rules. Safety rules are important, and whenever they are ignored, you find your perfect electric fireplace being largely inefficient and losing out a lot of heat to the Floor, which is known to absorb the heat much quicker. As a result, the throughput of the fireplace is greatly reduced, and much heat is lost. You end up spending more electricity on the fireplace, and at the same time, it does not give you the necessary heat.

Heating costs can also be significantly increased when the wall mount best electric fireplace is not high enough above the floor, presenting a safety hazard. The floor rugs are combustible and might ignite when the heat increases, which can cause a house fire. Electrical fires are caused by a surge in the current going through the electrical device. For most installations, this can be caused by inefficiencies caused by the wrong installation and improper measurements for the stainless steel mounting bracket when setting up the fireplace.

A lot of heat is lost to the Floor due to a low electric fireplace will also be a likely cause for damage to the Floor. You will most of the time find the Floor cracking or starting to crumble due to the excessive heat being delivered on it. Inefficiencies introduced by the wrong measurements for the wall bracket and wall studs when setting up your electric fireplace are reflected in the fireplace’s long-term usefulness. Most of the time, the fireplace might get damaged when installed too close to the Floor. The circulation of air in the wall mount electric fireplace will also be limited, and a lot of dust will end up accumulating in the fireplace and choke it. As such, the fireplace significantly reduced in performance, with most fireplaces that have heat discharges at the bottom failing to work owing to the restrictions in place. 

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How High Off The Floor Should Fireplace Be?

How High Off The Floor Should

Best Arrangement for the Fireplace

Fireplaces always look best when you are looking down at them and not up. It would help if you were not looking up at the flames. This aesthetic factor guides our height recommendations for different scenarios. When someone in a family room is in a seating position, they should be able to look down into the flames. This is a view that is hard to manage, and you can only get it right when you have the correct distance of the electric fireplace from the Floor. Accurate measurements ensure that you can achieve the correct visual effect, and your fireplace becomes a focal point for the entire living space. People coming in and going out will notice the fireplace, and it will play a role in their daily activities.

Wood-burning fireplaces can be located close to the Floor to refuel and replace the logs with new ones while removing the ashes. They are vastly different from electric fireplaces such as the Amantii brand.

The bottom part of the linear fireplace should guide the measurements as it is the lowest point from the Floor. Whenever we are making measurements, this is where we will base our dimensions from. To achieve the electric fireplace’s visual effect at eye level from a seated position, the Floor’s recommended distance should be about 40-42″ off the Floor. This is a comfortable enough distance and precisely places the flames in your sight from a seated position. If you have a TV or bookcase installed at the same position as the fireplace, you should check the heat BTU to avoid causing damage to the TV.

For the bedroom, it is recommended that you raise the wall mount electric fireplace insert even higher such that the flames are visible from the bed. Remember, the main reason for raising the fireplaces is to make them seen, which is good for the décor. Please do not raise the fireplace too high such that it is not seen. Moderation is required when making the height adjustments. Whenever you are installing the fireplace insert, remember to maintain this distance.

Windows and doors are also factored into the equation for the height to raise the fireplace mantel as it avoids crunching into the available space. The wall mount electric fireplace should not appear as if it has been squeezed into the remaining space on the wall but comfortably separated from the Floor. Comfort and elegance should immediately be visible once you have raised the electric fireplace. This should bring a sense of efficiency to the fireplace itself. The Touchstone fireplace will heat your home better when it has an allowance to distribute the heated air to the rest of the space in the home.

The allowance at the bottom of the fireplace is regarded to be very important. It maintains the Touchstone fireplace’s operational effectiveness and ensures that heat goes to a larger surface area. With this in place, you will be able to heat your home more effectively while maintaining a stylish decoration that will be truly pleasing to visitors and guests alike. The raising is a good practice and highly recommended for all homes that are mindful of their appearances.

Benefits of a Raised Fireplace

One of the major benefits of a raised fireplace is that it stays at a relative distance from the room floor. This ensures that the risk of sparks and excessive heating burning through the carpet and nearby rugs gets to be reduced. The risk of fire is thus eliminated, and your home becomes much safer in the process. You avoid loss of property and other types of damage when you raise the fireplace from the floor. In this way, you will be able to achieve better heating that gives you peace of mind. A fireplace that is too close to the floor is known to burn the carpet and cause other types of damage, which results in losses. The maintenance costs associated with the carpets and rugs are also incredibly high, especially if they are special collections and rare to find kinds of rugs. Antique rugs on your floor will stay safer and away from the danger of burning down when you have got your fireplace raised to a reasonable distance.

Additionally, extra space is created when you have your fireplace raised from the floor. This space is important for seating arrangements and huddling around the fireplace. You can be huddled around the fireplace to meditate together or tell stories and listen to folktales from a parent. The fireplace raising ensures that you are all safe and comfortable without being directly close to the fireplace. Even with the realistic flame color, the dramatic effect that is made by a fireplace that is too close to the floor is drastically different from the peace you get with a raised fireplace.

A raised fireplace will, in a certain special way, lower your energy bills. You can adjust your thermostat settings to ensure that you do not exceed certain temperatures, and the timer too can be adjusted to turn off the firebox when you are not actively using it. This way, you get to pay less when the monthly bills come and when this is done, you are in a better position to save money. Utility bills are greatly reduced in your home, and you will find yourself spending significantly less when you have an efficiently working fireplace to serve your home.

A raised fireplace will be the focal point of your living space. The fireplace raising uses an important design element, and everyone will notice it once they walk into the living space. You are free to decorate the fireplace in any way you want, and most of the time, you will notice that it sets a tone for the entire space. The beauty upgrade made by raising the fireplace is only possible with accurate measurements and correct proportions being observed. Incorrect ratios can end up with results that are not balanced. Always take the time to consider the measurements you are using for your home improvement project before actually setting out to do it. This will not only save you time but prevents you from having to redo the entire project again.

Achieving the ambiance you have desired in your home is now possible with the fireplace upgrade. If you aim for a contemporary look, the remodel can be just what you need to upgrade your modern décor. Any style that you desire can be created with the transformation of the fireplace. An electric fireplace is not like a gas line reliant gas fireplace or traditional fireplace in its operations. 

An electric fireplace mold easily with your plans for upgrading as it is easy to install, does not need much in the way of installation like a gas fireplace would. In a simple procedure, you will have it reinstalled to the desired height that matches your needs. This is a great upgrade in terms of looks and ambiance, and when you have raised the fireplace, the brightness from the flames will be able to reach a wider area of the room. This is very useful as it matches up the rest of the decoration in your home. It ensures that the light and other decorations are tastefully complemented by the realistic fireplaces dancing around on the electric fireplace. This also factors into the payment plans and financing. The flame gallery and pic or photo idea gallery on display are better positioned this way, and once you plug-in, the rest will certainly amaze your eyes.

There is always an improvement and boost inefficiency that is brought by raising the fireplace. When you know how high off the floor and the electric fireplace should be, you will be able to prove its efficiency. The fireplace can move heat into your home, and the performance of the blower increases by a significant margin. The electric fireplace also stops sucking out the air from your home. All its intakes and outlets are free to take in the air in plentiful supply within your rooms. It maintains a healthy balance in the internal atmosphere and ensures that the house’s air is warmed enough and breathable.

With the remote control fireplace and the thermostat, you get to have improved functionality in your electric fireplace. You can turn the fireplace on and off as you like, and the raising means that the operation will not be limited or hindered by the distance. The controls will also communicate better with the fireplace as the signal will travel with ease, and it will not get interrupted. Low fireplaces are incredibly hard to work with, and the remote control has to be pressed several times before the actual signal can reach it.

Safety is significantly improved when you raise your electric fireplace off the floor. Protection for your children, pets, and family members is improved with the fireplace being securely put out of the kids’ reach. They will no longer be exposed to safety hazards, and they cannot be able to access the hotter parts of the electric fireplace. This way, your home gets to stay safer and more convenient for the occupants, which in many ways, adds to your home value.

Floor space is preserved when you mark the difference between it and the electric fireplace. This means that you can utilize the entire floor space without the fireplace ever getting in the way. The additional floor space also provides more space for moving around and doing everything you like on the floor safely away from the fireplace. The fireplace’s new design will also stay separate from the floor, and the two will not be related to one another in any way. This is useful for homes that are conscious of their floor space. The floor will receive and distribute heat to a greater area. More square feet will be able to receive the heat coming from the Dimplex electric fireplace.

Final Conclusion and Further References

Having answered our question, “how high off the floor should an electric fireplace be?” We now understand the importance of having electric fireplaces that are raised from the rest of the floor. The distance ensures that heat gets to be evenly distributed, and the risk and hazard of fires are highly reduced. The home occupants get to stay safe and secure from sparks or a real flame developing as a result of the fireplace units being too close to the floor for safety.

So, how high off the floor should an electric fireplace be? This is something that your decoration will highly factor into when considering a wall mount. You will often find yourself raising the fireplace to a position where you feel like adding value to the rest of your home décor. Your home will also be more appealing when it can heat the entire floor and not just a small portion of the floor. You can make zoned heating to reach greater areas when the floor and the fireplace are a considerable distance from one another. You will discover that the floor and the fireplace are not meant to work well together, and you should avoid placing them too close together. If you feel like the changes that have been suggested are useful for you, you can make consultations with a technician to see how you can move your electric fireplace up. You will realize the benefits that are associated with this improvement.

Your measurements also have to be accurate enough to achieve the aesthetic upgrade you have been looking for. The measurements ensure that you do not go too high, as this results in not pleasing results. With the information provided, you will find it increasingly easier to upgrade your home and ensure its safety levels are up to standard. You can also go through Dimplex wall mounted electric fireplace on Amazon to see how they are installed. Typically, they are a little distance from the floor and securely attached to the wall through a wall mount. The front of the fireplace should be visible from a seated position and going by how MagikFlame is Made. This is about 40 inches from the floor. MagikFlame reviews and the MagikFlame story will also provide more detailed information into the easy installation considerations for electric fireplaces.

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