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How High Off The Floor Should an Electric Fireplace Be?

How High Off The Floor Should

A wall-mount electric fireplace is designed to make use of electricity and has a 99% efficiency rate. It is pretty easy to use, and while installing, you might ask yourself, “How high off the floor should an electric fireplace be?” This is an important question to keep in mind when installing the DIY electric fireplace

The distance you should place your electric fireplace off the floor determines many things. Such as how far the heat can dissipate and the floor area coverage in square feet. With this put into the equation, you will maximize the fireplace’s heating capabilities and ensure that it provides you with the best possible output. 

A good electric fireplace will not lose much heat in the surroundings as it utilizes all the heat it produces to keep the occupants comfortable in the living or dining room.


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How High Off The Floor Should

The best arrangement for the fireplace

Fireplaces always look best when you are looking down into or directly at them and not upward. This aesthetic factor guides our height recommendations for different scenarios. When someone in a family room is seated, they should be able to look down or directly into the flames. This view can be difficult to manage, and you can only get it right when you have the correct distance of the electric fireplace from the floor. Accurate measurements ensure that you can achieve the proper visual effect, and your electric fireplace becomes a focal point for the entire living space. Family and guests alike will notice the fireplace and will likely feel invited into the cozy living area.

Wood-burning fireplaces should be located close to the floor to refuel, restock the logs, and remove the ashes. They are vastly different from electric fireplaces such as the Amantii brand.


You should have the recommended dimensions that will be respected when installing an electric wall mount fireplace unit. This ensures you get a unit that is the correct size. 

The bottom part of the electric fireplace should guide the measurements as it is the lowest point from the floor. Whenever we are referencing measurements in this section, this is where we will base our dimensions from. To achieve the electric fireplace’s visual effect at eye level from a seated position, the floor’s recommended distance should be about 40-42″ off the floor. This is a comfortable enough distance and precisely places the flames in your line of sight from a seated position. If you have a TV or bookcase installed in the same position as the fireplace, you should check the BTU output for the heater to avoid causing damage to the TV.

For the bedroom, it is recommended that you raise the wall-mounted electric fireplace insert even higher so that the flames are visible from the bed. Remember, the main reason for raising the fireplace is so that it is at a good viewing height, which is suitable for the décor. Do not raise the fireplace too high such that it is not seen. Moderation is required when making the height adjustments. 

You should also factor in windows and doors into the equation for the height to raise the fireplace mantel. Comfort and elegance should immediately be visible once you have raised the electric fireplace. This should bring a sense of efficiency to the fireplace itself. The fireplace will heat your home better when it has an allowance to distribute the heated air to the rest of the space in the house.

The allowance at the bottom of the fireplace is very important. It maintains the fireplace’s operational effectiveness and ensures that heat reaches a larger surface area. With this in place, you can heat your home more effectively while maintaining a stylish décor. 

If the wall-mount electric fireplace is not installed high enough above the floor, this may present a safety hazard; combustible rugs and other items might ignite, causing a house fire. Electrical fires are sometimes caused by a surge in the current going through the electrical device. This can be caused by incorrect installation.

The air circulation in the wall-mounted electric fireplace will also be limited, and a lot of dust will accumulate in the fireplace and choke it. As such, the fireplace performance is significantly reduced. Most fireplaces’ heat discharges at the bottom and fails to work correctly because of blockages. 

Benefits of raising your fireplace off the floor.

Benefits of a raised fireplace

Safety – One of the most significant benefits of a raised electric fireplace is that it reduces the risk of igniting combustibles like throw rugs, blankets, and décor is reduced. You avoid property loss and other types of damage. An electric fireplace is not like a gas line-reliant fireplace or traditional fireplace in its operations.

More room – The area between it and the electric fireplace, floor space is conserved. This means you can utilize the entire floor. This provides a more open area for moving around and doing things like exercise, puzzles, and relaxing, safely away from the fireplace. This is useful for homes that are limited in floor space.

Lower Bills – There is always an improvement and boost of efficiency. More heat will be distributed from the Dimplex electric fireplace to a greater floor space area. The fireplace can move heat into your home more efficiently, and the performance of the blower increases by a significant margin. The electric fireplace also does not suck the air out of your home. All its intakes and outlets take in the air within your home, heat it, and blow it back out. It maintains a healthy balance and ensures that the house’s air is warm.

Ambiance – The focal point of your living space. Raising the fireplace is an important design element; everyone will notice it when they walk into the living space. If you are aiming for a contemporary look, a remodel can be just what you need to enhance your home décor. Any style you desire can be created with the transformation of the fireplace.

Easy Installation – An electric fireplace will meld effortlessly with your plans for upgrading. It is easy to install and does not need much in the way of installation like a gas fireplace would. You can reinstall it to the desired height that matches your needs in a simple process

Remote Control – With the remote control fireplace, you will have improved functionality over the thermostat. You can turn the fireplace on and off as you like


Having answered our question, “How high off the floor should an electric fireplace be?” We now understand the importance of having electric fireplaces that are raised from the rest of the floor. The distance ensures that heat will be evenly distributed throughout the space, and the risks and hazards of fire are greatly reduced. The home’s occupants will stay safe and secure from as a result of the electric fireplace units being too close to the floor.

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