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How Safe is a Hanging Fireplace For My Home?


Hanging fireplace designs

These designs are extravagant, stunning, and original. Suspended from the ceiling, they look spectacular. The contemporary design brings impressive and unusual modern fireplaces

to home décor. A ceiling fireplace takes up no valuable wall and floor space and adds a stunning and creative contemporary design.[1]

Various shapes are available, such as flying saucers, helmets, and oysters. A French company, FOCUS, came up with the Gyrofocus design. Dominique Imbert, from the south of France, was the first to design a hanging fireplace. It became a classy and luxurious design for the modern interior. The Gyrofocus ceiling hanging fireplace was the first rotating design.[2]

The development of the 360-degree pivoting fireplace coincided with the remodeling of a farmhouse in the village of Viols-le-Fort.[3] The seminal design was revolutionary for its groundbreaking style and technical innovation. Its heat efficiency, made-to-measure flue, and ease of installation make the fireplace a symbol and signature FOCUS model.

Another FOCUS creation is an outdoor fireplace called the Ergofocus. The Ergofocus is as beckoning as a mischievous and rustic campfire.[4]

For an ideal balance of technology and style, the Bathyscafocus is more of an award than a fireplace. The round, compact fireplace nods toward the sea. It provides a discreet, calm, and warm presence. The fireplace pivots – turn it to any point in a living space.

The electric fireplaces are ideal for urban bungalows and lofts. The gorgeous design ideas look fabulous in modern houses and cottages. Suspended wood-burning stoves open on two sides are perfect for mounting in the center of a room. It creates cozy seating around a hanging fireplace. The fireplace works well in a corner also…

One of FOCUS’s most revolutionary fireplaces stylistically is the Slimfocus. The options are a suspended fireplace that pivots or one fixed in place, supported by a base. It takes up little space in a living room. FOCUS developed a wall mount version in response to the demand that the Slimfocus be capable of connecting to a smoke flue.[5]

The wall mount model unites the clarity and elegance of a high-relief sculpture. It has exceptional heat performance. Jean-Claude Bordelet is a winning fireplace designer who handcrafted a hanging wood fire. The Bordelet fireplace comes through a dedicated pursuit of excellence and years of artisan engineering. This hanging fire is a focal point that captivates and excites any audience.[6]

A gorgeous electric fireplace refines a favorite space. Dimplex offers a wide array of designs in the showroom that are unparalleled in style, accent, and finish. The wall-mounted electric fireplace adds comfort and atmosphere to any room. Wall-mounted designs are available in various installation methods, colors, and sizes. Electric fireplace mantels make a statement in any room as an accent or focal point. Firebox styles are available in a wide range of sizes and styles for any home-building project. An electric fireplace insert is a clean, fast way to reclaim an old masonry fireplace in a not-so-modern home.[7]

Amantii is an electric fireplace manufacturer with more than ten years of experience. Their innovative, contemporary, clean-line fireplaces fit spas, restaurants, offices, and other commercial settings and homes. They have fireplaces in nearly any shape or size. They have Wall-Mount/Flush-Mount, Zero-Clearance, and Inserts. Other lines include Panorama and True-View.[8] Other design ideas recently launched and setting a new trend are bioethanol fireplaces. Bioethanol fireplaces are simple constructions that run on environmentally friendly fuel. They are easy and convenient to adapt to any living area’s conditions and space and entice modern design.[8]

A glass fireplace is a stunning design with clean, modern lines. The clear-glass chimney ensures emissions flow out of the home without obstructing the view. It is ideal for a light-filled, spacious home and echoes large glass windows beautifully. A mirror finish base provides an illusion of a suspended fireplace. An inviting modern fireplace is a perfect centerpiece for your living room.[9]

An electric fire pit is an excellent option for those who want a cozy place to talk with family and friends, read, or hang out to play board games without worrying about low temperatures. It uses no logs or anything used in a traditional fire pit. There is no need for professional installation or venting.[10]

Advantages of hanging fireplaces

  • Realistic fires
  • Instant warmth and ambiance
  • Wide options to choose from

Ceramic logs look like the real thing. Many are hand-made and hand-painted to seem realistic. Sacrificing aesthetics for functionality is not necessary. The convenience offered by gas fires sells gas-powered fireplaces. Fans and blowers circulate heat throughout the room. Gas-powered fireplaces have more flexibility. With vent-free gas fire units, there is no need for a traditional chimney.[11]

Safety concerns

Hanging fireplaces are hazardous if not properly secured. A suspended ceiling fireplace that hangs in the middle of a room is beautiful, and safe if the structure is solid. Contemporary fireplace designs offer various styles that are a safe and inexpensive way to add personality to interior décor and design.

There is a concern by families with young children about accidental burn possibilities. Other common concerns are gas leaks, a gas fireplace explosions or fires, and chimney fires. Proper safety precautions and maintenance make an electric stove or fireplace a safe feature in the home.

An electric fireplace is typically the safest type. Electric fireplaces are an excellent option for those who want a low-maintenance, safe fireplace.

A well-maintained wood fireplace that has a barrier screen is another superb option. The barrier prevents the escape of embers and keeps pets and children from getting too close.

A gas fireplace has more automatic features than those that burn wood. The glass front is only decorative. Direct vent gas fireplaces must have a barrier screen to avoid contact with the hot glass front. 

Floating fireplaces require greater precautions to prevent contact with the hot exterior.

A freestanding fireplace needs a barrier on all sides. Fans and blowers circulate heat throughout the room. 











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