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How Safe is a Hanging Fireplace For My Home?


Hanging Fireplace Designs

These designs are extravagant, stunning, and original. Suspended from the ceiling, they look spectacular. The contemporary design brings impressive and unusual modern fireplaces into home décor. A ceiling fireplace takes up no valuable wall and floor space and adds a stunning and creative contemporary design.[1] Fireplaces hanging from the ceiling are an unusual, fresh, and exciting way to make a statement. A ceiling fireplace is a great-looking contemporary feature that adds character to the interior design of a home.

There are a variety of shapes available, such as flying saucers, helmets, and oysters. A French company, FOCUS, came up with the Gyrofocus design. Dominique Imbert, from the south of France, was the first to design a hanging fireplace. It became a classy and luxurious design for the modern interior. The Gyrofocus ceiling hanging fireplace was the first rotating design.[2]

The development of the 360-degree pivoting fireplace coincided with the remodel of a farmhouse in the village of Viols-le-Fort.[3] The seminal design was revolutionary not only for its groundbreaking style but its technical innovation. Its heat efficiency, made-to-measure flue, and ease of installation make the fireplace a symbol and signature FOCUS model. It became a classy and luxurious design for the modern interior. Another FOCUS creation is an outdoor fireplace called the Ergofocus.

It is for those who wish to rediscover their childhood innocence. The Ergofocus is as beckoning as a mischievous and rustic campfire.[4] For an ideal balance of technology and style, the Bathyscafocus is more of an award than a fireplace. The round, compact fireplace nods toward the sea. It provides a discreet, calm, and warm presence. The fireplace pivots – turn it to any point in a living space.

It is available in a closed hearth porthole version that provides excellent thermal efficiency. With the busy lifestyles of today, the practicality of gas-powered fireplaces plays a role. Manufacturers added other features, such as a timer or remote control that regulates the heat levels. Fireplaces suspended from the ceiling continue to earn rewards for functionality and beautiful looks.

They create eye-catching focal points that transform the creation of an architect. The electric fireplaces are ideal for urban bungalows and lofts. The gorgeous design ideas look fabulous in modern houses and cottages. Suspended wood-burning stoves that are open on two sides are perfect for mounting in a room’s center. It creates cozy seating around a hanging fireplace. The fireplace works well in a corner also.

Curvy lines and fantastic shapes combine with functionality and delicate hanging fireplace designs to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Hanging fireplaces present exclusive and innovative features that add chic and class to contemporary décor and design and create fabulous, exciting rooms. Ceiling fireplaces have a minimalist style.

One of FOCUS’s most revolutionary fireplaces stylistically is the Slim focus. The options are a suspended fireplace that pivots or one fixed in place, supported by a base. It takes up little space in a living room. FOCUS developed a wall mount version in response to the demand that the Slim focus be capable of connecting to a smoke flue.[5]

The wall mount model unites the clarity and elegance of a high-relief sculpture. It has exceptional heat performance. Jean-Claude Bordelet is a winning fireplace designer who handcrafted a hanging wood fire. The bordelet fireplace comes through a dedicated pursuit of excellence and years of artisan engineering. This hanging fire is a focal point that captivates and excites any audience.[6]

A gorgeous electric fireplace refines a favorite space. Dimplex offers a wide array of designs in the showroom that are unparalleled in style, accent, and finish. The wall-mounted electric fireplace adds comfort and atmosphere to any room. Wall-mounted designs are available in a range of installation methods, colors, and sizes. Electric fireplace mantels package make a statement in any room – either as an accent or focal point. Firebox styles are available in a wide range of sizes and styles suited for any home building project. An electric fireplace insert is a clean, fast way to reclaim an old masonry fireplace in a not-so-modern home.[7]

Amantii is an electric fireplace manufacturer with more than ten years of experience. Their innovative, contemporary, and clean line fireplaces fit spas, restaurants, offices, and other commercial settings and homes. They have fireplaces in nearly any shape or size. They have Wall-Mount/Flush-Mount, Zero-Clearance, and Inserts. Other lines include Panorama and True-View.[8] Other design ideas recently launched and setting a new trend are bioethanol fireplaces. Bioethanol fireplaces are simple constructions that run on environmentally friendly fuel. They are easy and convenient to adapt to any living area’s conditions and space and entice modern design.[8]

A glass fireplace is a stunning design with clean, modern lines. The clear-glass chimney ensures emissions flow out of the home without obstructing the view. It is ideal for a light-filled, spacious home and echoes large glass windows beautifully. A mirror finish base provides an illusion of a suspended fireplace. It is an inviting modern fireplace that is the perfect centerpiece for an entertainment area.[9] An electric fire pit is an excellent option for those who want a cozy place to talk with family and friends, read, or hang out to play board games without worrying about low temperatures. It uses no logs or anything used in a traditional fire pit. There is no need for professional installation or venting.[10]

Advantages of Hanging Fireplaces

The advantages of hanging fireplaces include:

  • Realistic fires
  • Instant warmth and ambiance
  • Wide options from which to choose

It is unnecessary to chop logs to light a flame to have a fireplace that looks as though you did. Ceramic logs look like the real thing. Many are hand-made and hand-painted to seem realistic. Sacrificing aesthetics for functionality is not necessary. The convenience offered by gas fires sells gas-powered fireplaces. Fans and blowers circulate heat throughout the room. When installing a wood burning fireplace, there are many things to consider, such as the cement footing holding it in place and the chimney. Gas-powered fireplaces have more flexibility. With vent-free gas fire units, there is no need for a traditional chimney. Chimney experts like those at MagikFlame help understand the options best for your home.

Safety Concerns

Hanging fireplaces are hazardous if not properly secured. A suspended ceiling fireplace that hangs in the middle of a room is pleasant, beautiful, and safe if the structure is strong and solid. Contemporary fireplace designs offer various styles that are a safe and inexpensive way to add personality to interior décor and design. There is a concern by families with young children about accidental burn possibilities. Other common concerns are gas leaks, a gas fireplace explosion or fire, and chimney fires. Proper safety precautions and maintenance make an electric stove or fireplace a safe feature in the home.

An electric fireplace is typically the safest type. Electric fireplaces are an excellent option for those who want a low-maintenance, safe fireplace. A well-maintained wood fireplace that has a barrier screen is another superb option. The barrier prevents the escape of embers and keeps pets and children from getting too close. A gas fireplace has more automatic features than those that burn wood. There are still precautions to take. Obtain the manual and information to fully understand how the fireplace operates and what to do in an emergency.

The control of gas fireplaces prevents flying embers. Screens are only decorative. Direct vent gas fireplaces have to have a barrier screen to avoid contact with the hot glass front. Floating fireplaces require greater precautions to prevent contact with the hot exterior. A freestanding fireplace needs a barrier on all sides. Fans and blowers circulate heat throughout the room. When installing a wood burning fireplace, there are many things to consider, such as the cement footing holding it in place and the chimney. Gas-powered fireplace designs have more flexibility. With vent-free gas fire units, there is no need for a traditional chimney. Chimney experts like those at MagikFlame help understand the options best for your home.[11]

The MagikFlame Story

MagikFlame has a core mission to create realistic electric fireplaces. It is a small family business started by Howard Birnbaum, owner, and founder of MagikFlame. He is a technology geek and avid entrepreneur who has a passion for learning and excelling. Mr. Birnbaum became intrigued with an electric fireplace while shopping at a Costco store. He knew the Mormons made electric fireplaces. He was able to see one up close and had a desire for some first-hand experience. His enthusiasm faded when he examined the fireplace. It had a beautiful mantel, but the effects of the flames left something to be desired. He began a search for a realistic alternative fireplace to create an ambiance in his home. He found none. The idea of MagikFlame started to form. Creating a fireplace company was not his intention. He wanted something that looked like an actual fire burning, perhaps with the sound heard when logs burn. Playing a video behind the logs that looked like real fire was the simple idea that came to him. He decided to create the illusion himself.

How MagikFlame is Built

Mr. Birnbaum founded a Florida company that specialized in building television and movie props and sets. He reviewed CAD files, bought wood, and the work began. The partners worked in a small workshop with buzz saws, electric sanders, and nail guns as MagikFlame started to take shape. Out of the debris and dust, the primitive fireplace emerged. The insert and mantel were quite different from that of other electric fireplaces. They melded them into one piece that ran off of rudimentary software from a hastily assembled computer. When the shop workers saw the result, they were enthusiastic and wanted one of their own.

What started as a passion turned into the basis of the MagjikFlame company. Relying on prior marketing experience, Mr. Birnbaum showed the world what MagikFlame was capable of producing. The MagikFlame reviews were overwhelmingly positive. A small team of electronic professionals, engineers, and carpenters began selling an improved version. Even though sales were good, Birnbaum felt the team was capable of a better product. After five years of research, the world’s first holographic electric fireplace came into being. The innovative technology resulted in a fireplace that looks nearly as good as a real one. A MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide helps consumers find an electric fireplace that suits their needs.[12]

The Best Solution

If building a new home or wanting to upgrade your home decor, use the MagikFlame best compact electric fireplace buying guide to help you. Thousands of products with different capabilities, technology, and features are on the market. The MagikFlame insight aids in understanding the benefits, features, and types of technology along with overall aesthetics, price, heat, form factor, and flame realism.[13]

Electric fireplaces have been consistently popular over the past five years. A thermostat helps control an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces have the comfort and glow of traditional fireplaces. As a bonus, there is no mess to deal with or the inconvenience of supplying firewood.[14] The MagikFlame HoloFlame electric insert is the best electric fireplace. It has 30 ultra-realistic flames, a built-in 5200 BTU heater, and crackling log sounds. High-end insert manufacturers invested in product research and development that changed the industry. They deliver a premium or luxury electric fireplace experience that is nearly identical to the real thing. Of all the manufacturers listed here, MagikFlame is the only one that uses patented holographic technology.

The theme park-like flames appearing to burn the logs are not available anywhere else. Flames seem real because they are videos of a real fire. Holographical flames projected on a physical log set containing LED lights flicker and simulate burning embers. State-of-the-art holographic technology simulates flames that come very close in appearance to the real thing. The life-like flames are beautifully detailed and deliver the illusion of traditional fireplace flames that competitors cannot offer. An electric holographic unit makes the home more memorable. Installing a fireplace sets a home apart for relaxation, family atmosphere, and luxury.

Electric fireplaces use zone heating and are more efficient than full-home heating systems. Electric fireplaces require no traditional flue or chimney. Because there is no smoke or actual fire, venting is not necessary. For those with asthma, allergies, or a desire for cleaner air in the home, a healthy fireplace enthusiast solution is an electric firebox insert. An electric fireplace emits no dangerous fumes like formaldehyde or carbon monoxide that old-fashioned combustion fireplace expel. If safety and air quality are deciding factors in purchasing a fireplace, an electric fireplace is a desirable option. Other types of popular electric fireplaces to consider are gel, mechanical, and steam or mist fireplaces.

Gel fireplaces burn a combustible fuel source as an alternative to wood or gas. Mechanical fireplaces rotate a cylinder with LED lights. Steam or mist fireplaces vaporize orange-tinted water to simulate flames. The mechanical fireplace is the most common on the market. You find them at online retailers or big box stores. If you are in the market for a fireplace selection that offers luxury and variety, MagikFlame at is the place to buy. You get the latest technology used in fireplaces at factory-direct prices. MagikFlame electric fireplaces are also conveniently available on Amazon at Independently owned and operated or big-box retailers have showrooms that offer first-hand experience. MagikFlame prefers online shopping to make the most options available. Hopefully, this post is helpful and relevant in assisting the buying journey. The content includes information from fireplace manufacturers and insiders who know the ins and outs of the industry. MagikFlame is not affiliated with any brands mentioned here. Mentioning our competitors takes nothing away from MagikFlame. The company appreciates quality and is confident that we offer better products. For questions related to the purchase, benefits, features, or installation of an electric fireplace, call a MagikFlame electric fireplace expert at 954-389-9550.

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