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How To: Operating an Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplaces - Where can I buy a fireplace

If you have just bought an electric fireplace, you’re probably wondering how to set it up and use it. This guide offers information about how to set up and use the most common types of electric fireplaces. This MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide will give you everything that you need to know to use your new firebox.

In this post, you will learn:

  • How different types of electric fireplaces work and where the power supply comes from
  • How to hook it up to an electrical outlet
  • How to learn how to use the control panel on a fireplace TV, Dimplex fireplace, or any other product
  • How MagikFlame products work and why they meet building codes
  • How to prevent it from overheating
  • How to adjust the flame, heat, and sound settings
  • How to properly set up your new electric fireplace according to the owner’s manual
  • How to ensure that you use your new electric fireplace safely
  • How to use the remote control to operate your new large electric fireplace with mantel and its flame effect
  • What to do if your electric fireplace needs to be repaired or troubleshooting is needed
  • The advantages of choosing MagikFlame products for your electric fireplace heater
  • How to decide where to place your new electric fireplace and what ideas to consider (e.g. near a TV stand, throw rugs, drapery, and other things in your home)
  • Information about MagikFlame customer support for servicing of the fireplace or remote control from the retailer
  • When you’ll need an electrician during the setup process
  • Why it’s better to choose electric fireplaces over a gas fireplace or wood-burning heater
  • Whether or not you can put carpeting in the room with the fireplace and how to ensure that you don’t block the air intake or blower
  • Information about the payment plans and financing that we offer
  • Why you should browse our photo idea gallery

How To Find The Right Place To Put Your New Electric Fireplace

In order to find the right place in your home for the latest realistic color flame electric fireplace, the first step is taking measurements. If you’re setting up a MagikFlame or Dimplex electric fireplace, you’ll need to make sure that you have an indentation in the wall that’s the right size. You’ll need to measure the height, width, and depth of the product you’re considering to make sure that your indentation is the right fit.

If your fireplace will be placed on a hearth or mantle, it’s essential to make sure that you measure the surface it will be placed on. If you choose a space heater style electric fireplace, the measurements of the product will not be quite as important. Still, you’ll want to make sure that it will be powerful enough to provide enough heat for the part of your home that it will be used in. You can determine this by checking the product’s BTU rating. Here’s what you should look for:

  • If You Are Heating A Small Room: You’ll need 7,000 BTUs to heat a 300-square-foot room, but some of this will come from your home’s heating system. However, our powerful 5,200 BTU fireplaces will be a large portion of the total heating requirements as a secondary heat source. In addition, the temperature that you set your room to will make a difference in terms of the number of BTUs that you will need.
  • If You Are Heating A Large Room: A larger room that’s 1,000 square feet will require around 18,000 BTUs in total. However, our fireplaces will be able to heat the area right around it. For instance, our products can effectively heat the part of your living room or den where people sit.

If you’re wondering how to operate an electric fireplace in a way that creates the ideal temperature for your room, it will be important to keep the size of it in mind. Larger rooms will typically require a higher setting on the thermostat.

What Do You Need To Do When You First Get Your Electric Fireplace?

As soon as you get it, there are some steps that you need to follow to ensure that it is properly set up. Make sure that you follow the instructions that are laid out in the manual of the specific product that you have chosen, which is the best way to learn how to operate an electric fireplace.

If you are in doubt about anything, make sure that you contact the manufacturer for guidance before you make any consequential changes. Most electric fireplace manufacturers offer customer support over the phone. If you choose MagikFlame, you can count on our VIP customer service representatives to provide detailed answers to any questions that you have. Each electric fireplace is somewhat different with regard to the process of setting it up and using it. However, there are some things that are common to most, if not all products:

How To Properly Set It Up

  • Make sure that you thoroughly read the setup instructions in the instruction manual. Not only will this help to ensure that you’re able to get your new fireplace working as soon as possible, but it will also help to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.
  • While the instructions vary considerably from one electric fireplace to another, there are several things that are common to all products. For instance, you’ll need to make sure that you ensure that all parts of an extension cord that brings power to the device are properly connected.
    • Otherwise, electricity will not be able to reach your fireplace. Also, you’ll want to make sure that you put it in a place where moisture will not get on the cord or coils. This could present an electrical hazard.
  • If you are setting up a wall mount fireplace, there are some unique considerations to keep in mind. People who have a significant amount of workmanship skills may be easily able to set up this type of product themselves. However, you’ll need to make sure that you’re careful to not damage any wires or pipes when you are cutting into the wall.
    • Also, make sure that you follow the instructions carefully when you are connecting the cord to the fireplace. This will ensure that you are able to properly turn the device on and off, and it will also prevent the risk of fire or electrical problems.
  • Make sure that you thoroughly test the fireplace by turning it on and off several times after you set it up. This will help to ensure that the setup worked. If you have any difficulties at this point, consider calling customer service if you’re unsure how to get your new electric fireplace working.
  • Ensure that you do not place any objects in front of vents, which will prevent the air intake or blower from being blocked. Aside from this, you can choose to decorate the room with anything that you’d like, such as throw rugs, drapery, couches, ottomans, love seats, and a TV on a stand. You can use carpet, wood, or any other type of flooring in the room where you’re setting up the fireplace.

Tips On How To Operate An Electric Fireplace

  • You’ll need to be able to know how to properly use the remote, and you can do this by reading the instruction manual that you receive from the manufacturer.
  • You’ll need to understand what each of the buttons and switches on the fireplace itself does, and you can also do this by reading the instruction manual.
  • You’ll need to familiarize yourself with each of the flame settings. Sometimes, you can get a good idea of what it will look like by viewing the manufacturer’s flame gallery. However, it’s best to try out each setting for yourself to learn what it looks like, which can allow you to pick out the right flame for the ambiance you want to create.
  • Familiarize yourself with the heat settings that the electric fireplace you’re considering offers. Know how to change this setting on both the remote and on the fireplace itself, and you’ll be able to set the right temperature for your room with ease.

You Won’t Need To Have To Worry About Lint or Chimney Cleaning

One significant drawback of conventional fireplaces is that you’ll need to clean the chimney regularly. The fact that you won’t need to do this helps to lower your home’s fire risk, and it can also allow you to save a significant amount of money on chimney maintenance. Not only that, but you won’t even need to pay to have a chimney installed! This can be a significant expense for homeowners.

Furthermore, you won’t need to worry about our products not meeting building codes, which is because they do not present any fire risk. However, you will still want to avoid running it for too long, and it will be essential to make sure that cords and electric fireplace inserts do not get wet. Also, it’s essential to make sure that you contact an electrician if you have any doubts about your ability to properly set up your new fireplace.

How To Operate An Electric Fireplace With Numerous Settings

If you’re like most customers, you’re probably wondering how to operate an electric fireplace that has numerous settings. Luckily, the answer to that question is simpler than you might expect. The remote on each product will be a bit different. However, there are typically separate buttons to change the flame settings and the heat settings. In some cases, these are the only two types of settings that you can change. However, many other products allow you to change the height, depth, and width of the flame.

Furthermore, you’ll often find buttons that are designed to change the type of flame display that you will see. For instance, you may be able to choose from a simulated wood fire, gas flame, or even a brush fire. In addition, some products offer buttons on the remote that allow you to change the sound and scent that the fireplace puts out.

This can play a key role in the experience that you have with it, and it can make for a much more realistic flame experience. These settings are available on both space heaters and wall mounted fireplaces. However, you’ll only find sound and scent settings on a truly high-quality electric fireplace. Many products only offer visual flames and not the sound or scent of a firebox that burns wood or gas.

How Do The Settings Differ Between Different Types Of Electric Fireplaces?

There are multiple types of electric fireplaces to choose from, which include ones with a holographic display and ones with a conventional LED display. The complexity of the patterns of lights used to create the simulated flames varies significantly from one product to another. Furthermore, the number of settings that are available varies considerably.

operating an electric fireplace

What Makes Changing The Settings On MagikFlame Products Different?

Changing the settings on a MagikFlame electric fireplace is a bit different than most other products, which is because it uses a fully three-dimensional holographic design. This means that you can fully change all three dimensions of the flame in a way that you can’t with most other products.

In addition, there are more options than most products when it comes to the settings that you can choose from. There actually are 30 different settings that you can choose from, which is more than most other electric fireplaces. However, there are other aspects of the way that MagikFlame works that are different from other electric fireplaces. Here are some of the most important differences that you need to be aware of:

  • MagikFlame products offer an exceptional variety of flame types (including gas and wood-burning), which makes them look far more realistic compared to the competition’s products.
  • The fact that we offer a one-year warranty means that you will be able to fix most setup errors without having to pay a fee.
  • The holographic technology that MagikFlame products utilize is exceptionally unique, which will ensure that the flame is far more realistic than most other electric fireplaces on the market. This will allow you to create the perfect atmosphere for a living room or den.

What Should You Put Next To Your New Fireplace?

While the answer to this question is up to you, we have a few ideas that might point you in the right direction. Many customers feel that putting throw rugs in front of the fireplace is an excellent way to enhance its appearance and improve the overall atmosphere of your living space. You can check out our photo gallery for ideas. Furthermore, our products are often a perfect fit for dens and other evening gathering areas in your home. The simulated flames tend to be more captivating at night.

What Are The Advantages Of Choosing A MagikFlame Product?

MagikFlame is completely different from anything that is offered by the competition. All of our products feature an exceptionally large BTU output, which ensures that they are able to generate lots of heat in just about any room. There are very few 15-amp products that offer 5,200 BTUs, but you can count on any MagikFlame product to offer this much energy output. Furthermore, the number of sound and scent settings that we offer also sets our products apart from other fireplaces that do not require flammable materials.

Many other manufacturers just offer one sound setting, but we offer a wide range of crackling log sounds that you can choose from. This can allow you to have an exceptionally authentic fireplace experience without the dangers that come with having a real wood-burning fireplace. The fact that we offer 30 settings is quite unique, and each of them comes with a different visual appearance of the flames and a different type of sound.

It is not just conventional wood fire that our products can simulate. In fact, our fireplaces make it possible to simulate a gas flame or even a brush fire in both visual effects and sound. This is quite unique among electric fireplace, and it is something that many of our customers have been very impressed by. Furthermore, the fact that a 15 amp fireplace is able to offer the amount of heating power that it does is quite impressive.

What Should You Do If You Need To Repair Your New Fireplace?

If you need to repair your new linear fireplace heater, you can get it fixed quickly due to the warranty that we offer. In fact, we offer a one-year warranty, which is something that is not available from most of our competitors. Not only will this cover damage to the fireplace, but it will also cover issues with the setup of your product.

You’ll Be Able To Fix Any Electrical Issues With It

If there are any electrical or connectivity issues with your product, it will be possible to get them repaired quickly. This will be covered by us, and you will not need to worry about having to pay a penny if the malfunction happens within the first year. This is also true if the malfunction prevents you from changing the setting, and the remote that we offer is also protected by the coverage that we offer. So, you won’t need to pay for a new remote either!

If You Need A New Insert, You’ll Be Able To Get It Replaced

If you need a new recessed electric fireplace insert, it will be possible to get it replaced during the warranty period. This replacement or repair will be covered, and there are multiple options that you can choose from for the fireplace insert. This will allow you to get the right look for your home.

If You Have Any Questions, You Can Give Us A Call

One thing that sets our company apart is the fact that we offer quality customer service to everyone. So, if you have any questions about anything that we offer, feel free to give us a call or contact us online right away!

How Much Do Our Products Cost?

The specific cost of our products varies significantly from one fireplace to another. We offer payment plans and financing, which will allow you to pay for our fireplaces over time without paying interest. 

Although, in some cases, you will need to pay a little bit extra for a 120-volt adapter or installation services. Furthermore, if you need to replace led lights, light bulbs, the on/off switch, or any other part of your product after the warranty period, you’ll need to pay for this expense as well.

electric fireplace size

What Do MagikFlame Reviews Say?

Not only do MagikFlame reviews say that the flame quality is exceptional, but they also say that the sounds are incredibly realistic as well. Furthermore, most customers are impressed with the fact that we offer many different fireplace designs that you can choose from, which will let you get a unique and exceptional look for your home.

However, the reviews also nearly universally say that we offer excellent customer support and provide quality service to all of our customers. So, you won’t have any trouble figuring out how to prevent an overheat-related incident, get your product going, order a new adapter, or solve any other problem with your new product.

The MagikFlame Story Truly Sets Us Apart

Unlike many other companies in the industry, we have years of experience. Furthermore, we always ensure that we offer the highest quality products on the market, and we always take customer satisfaction seriously 100% of the time. We also aim to make our exceptional products available to as many homeowners as possible.

How MagikFlame Is Built To Last

You can count on all of our products to last, and that’s because we use the highest quality materials. Not only that, but we offer a unique and exceptionally durable product design that’s very different from what our competitors offer. This will ensure that you can enjoy our exceptional products for many years to come.

Furthermore, our products are built with high-quality inserts. Not only do these inserts ensure that we offer realistic fake flames, but they also are designed to last. They also are easy to replace if you have any problems with them. So, if the insert malfunctions, it will still be possible to easily use your fireplace.

We Offer Convenient Online Shopping

If you’re interested in buying our products, it will be easy to get what you’re looking for by shopping online. Not only is it easy to browse our selection, but we offer affordable shipping prices for residents throughout the United States. Furthermore, we offer higher quality products than most options that are offered on Amazon and other large e-commerce sites. So, check out the online selection that we offer today! You won’t be disappointed!

Traditional White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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