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Indoor Electric Fireplace: Why It’s Better Than Being Outside

indoor electric fireplace

An electric fireplace to warm some indoor spaces and an outdoor fireplace are completely different things. While outdoor fireplaces can be great, an electric fireplace to use inside of your home is usually better. This article breaks down why an electric fireplace that you want to use indoors is better than all types of outdoor fireplaces.

For This Article, You’ll Get All of These Questions Answered About Why an Indoor Electric Fireplace Is The Smart Choice:

  • Are Outdoor Fireplaces a Good Way To Make an Outdoor Lively and Fun?

  • Is There a Reason That So Many Individuals Are Steering Clear of a Wood Fireplace or Gas Fireplace To Warm Their Living Room or Family Room?

  • Why Do Homeowners Tend To Prefer an Indoor Electric Fireplace Over a Traditional Fireplace That Burns Some Type of Fuel To Produce Heat?

  • If The Pricing Is Better at Checkout, Is It Okay To Get a Generic Fireplace From Amazon Over Better Brand Names Like Dimplex, Touchstone, and Most of All, MagikFlame?

  • What Is The Best Electric Fireplace?

Are Outdoor Fireplaces a Good Way To Make an Outdoor Lively and Fun?

Outdoor fireplaces are excellent for families that like to spend a lot of time in their beautiful backyard, roasting marshmallows or just staying cozy when it is a little cold outside. An outdoor fireplace can offer a great aesthetic focal point. It is also a fun and lively element if you have guests over for a BBQ or outdoor party. Because there are so many creative styles and types to choose one, you can find one for any type of backyard.

However, you might be wondering, what are the downsides to outdoor fireplace use compared to fireplaces that are indoors? The unfortunate part about outdoor fireplaces is that you really can’t use them year-round. In certain seasons of the year, it is too warm to use an outdoor type of fireplace unless you just want it for the visual flames. Sure, you can use it when it gets colder, but on extremely cold days, most people would rather stay inside. Additionally, they get dirty easily so they need to be cleaned and maintained quite regularly. While an outdoor fireplace is great some of the time, an indoor fireplace is better.

An indoor electric fireplace is a more exceptional choice than an outdoor fireplace. Indoor fireplaces can be used all year long as needed. Because they are indoors, they are a lot easier to keep clean and do any maintenance that is needed. Additionally, indoor fireplaces offer a lot to home decorating aesthetics. They can provide a soft light source, inviting warmth, and relaxing flames. When it’s chilly outside, you wrap yourself in a blanket next to a fireplace and crack open a copy of your favorite book.

Is There a Reason That So Many Individuals Are Steering Clear of a Wood Fireplace or Gas Fireplace To Warm Their Living Room or Family Room?

Because of the fire hazard of wood fireplaces, it is uncommon for new ones to even get added to homes in many parts around the US. So, the only way that most people can even have wood fireplaces is if one is already in the home that they own or if they buy an older home with one already built in it. Regardless, a lot of people are choosing to switch to other alternatives. This is both for safety and less hassle to use the fireplace.

The two biggest safety concerns are the fire hazard and the harmful emissions released. The fire hazard isn’t just because of the burning logs. The soot buildup you find on the inner chimney wall of these fireplaces is also very flammable. This is why they require regular professional cleaning. This soot can catch on fire. If it does, the fire in the chimney can quickly spread all over the house. Even if you have the soot cleaned out of the chimney regularly, the contaminants caused by burning logs are also dangerous. While most of the smoke and carbon monoxide floats out of the flue and chimney, not all of it does. A significant amount always ends up filling your home. Both can cause serious breathing issues and even death. While it is smart to always have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detection devices inside homes, they’re an essential safety item for anyone that uses a wood-burning fireplace.

Of course, you can get a ventless or direct venting stainless steel gas fireplace as a replacement for any wood-burning fireplace. Ventless or Vented Gas fireplaces are somewhat decent alternatives, but they still aren’t the best choice in place of wood fireplaces. Burning gas is cleaner than burning wood, but contaminants like carbon monoxide are still there to cause some breathing issues. This is even possible with a ventless model if there is damage to the burners or maintenance is skipped. The flames of several models of gas fireplaces are known to be disappointing as well. They have little to no movement or flickering in the flames because of the simple burners. They also often have a weird color of their flames.

Neither wood nor gas fireplaces can safely have a TV mounted above them. Both have significant heat that rises. Wood fireplaces have the addition of smoke. Electronic components within TVs mounted here will become damaged.

Why Do Homeowners Tend To Prefer an Indoor Electric Fireplace Over a Traditional Fireplace That Burns Some Type of Fuel To Produce Heat?

Electric fireplaces will always be a much better fireplace solution compared to burning some logs or gas for warmth. Electric fireplaces have all of the benefits concerning heating, aesthetics, and atmosphere, without the crippling disadvantages of traditional large electric fireplaces. The safety of electric fireplaces is unmatched compared with older fireplaces of the past. Additionally, they don’t require ventilation, so the heat they produce stays within the room which is more efficient.

There aren’t any kind of harmful emissions pouring out of the blowers of an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces don’t burn a single thing for heat. Electric fireplaces aren’t going to push out any harmful contaminants like smoke, carbon monoxide, or anything else. All they will do is push warm air out to keep the room cozy. This air is clean because it is just the air that is cycled inside of the room.

Each wall mounted electric fireplace unit is a more modern style of fireplace compared to other indoor electric fireplace types. Anytime you hang your fireplaces up onto a wall, they aren’t going to look as traditional as your normal open-hearth style fireplaces that sit on the floor. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many interior design styles have a modern look where a fireplace installed up off of the ground can be both interesting and refreshing. If you are curious if wall mounting will work for the specific style of decor in your home, look on Instagram or Pinterest for examples.

People can install a wall-mounted electric fireplace inside of a recessed type of wall so that their wall mount electric fireplace sits flush. One of the more fun things about wall-mounting fireplaces is the ability to install them this way. This allows someone’s wall mounted electric fireplace to be completely embedded, freeing up space instead of sticking out onto the floor. This also opens up a lot of amazing decor ideas like building embedded shelves around your electric fireplace to create a little inviting library area. The shelves can also be used to display pictures, figurines, or other decorating items.

You can hang a floating type of mantel underneath a wall-mounted electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces that are mounted upon a wall to sit flush are too high for a standard mantel to be above it. It would look very awkward. To still get the benefit of a mantel, hang a floating style of mantel underneath your wall mounted fireplace.

Remember that the blower on an electric fireplace needs to be completely open. It isn’t okay for it to be partially blocked. The blowers of an electric fireplace are where all of the heat of the fireplace comes out. If this is at all blocked by something being placed in front of it, the heat will be blocked. The first issue here is that the heat isn’t getting out into the room so the fireplace isn’t doing its job properly. The second issue is that the heat has nowhere to go so the fireplace can overheat. This will result in an overheat protection switch being triggered and the fireplace shutting off. It can also result in damage to your fireplace. Always remove anything blocking the essential blowers of your electric fireplace.

Any kind of portable freestanding space heaters annoyingly have difficulty heating larger areas beyond just a small room. They just can’t handle a significant amount of square feet. They are also notorious for using quite a lot of electricity compared to dedicated electric fireplaces. With space heaters that also include fire effects like a fireplace, these issues can be even worse. The heater will need to be less powerful to make room for the fire effects. Avoid these types and choose a better dedicated electric fireplace type.

Technically, a traditional-looking mantel package electric fireplace is a freestanding fireplace unit. This gives them flexibility and freedom during installation. However, don’t confuse these with portable space heater types of fireplaces. They are very different. wall mantel packages, while free-standing, can be secured to the wall.

Mantels come in a wide variety of material types, colors, and styles. People can acquire a fireplace mantel for their electric fireplace in different looks like espresso, walnut, oak, and more. Even if a brand of fireplace you like doesn’t have a mantel that you like, you can still purchase an insert from them and combine it with third-party mantels of your choosing. This is how you get the best of both worlds. However, if you want a mantel that is timeless and fits several different decorating styles, you can’t beat a clean, minimal solid white mantel surround.

The flame effect of an electric fireplace can truly produce the same ambiance that you would get from a real flame. However, the fire effects of an electric fireplace are only as good as the brand and the model that you buy. That being said, many higher-end electric fireplaces capably replicate the flames of wood fireplaces incredibly well. With a MagikFlame electric fireplace, you’ll get 3D flames using their unique Holoflame technology. With fire effects like these displayed in your home, it will be common for guests to visit and not even notice it is a faux fireplace.

Multicolor flame colors for an LED flame don’t look realistic compared to 3D holographic flames. In most cases, a lot of these novelty colors of flames, especially any 2D LED flames for your fireplace, are just going to look bad and tacky. Comparing them to 3D holographic flames isn’t even fair. The 3D flames look very real and natural, while neon rainbow-colored LED flames lose their charm very quickly.

It can help an electric fireplace look more realistic if a physical log set or an ember bed is featured inside of the firebox. However, log sets and ember beds won’t make bad flame effects resemble a real flame. This is why you need to avoid bad flame effects. However, brands that build fireplaces with great fire effects will have those effects further enhanced by log sets and ember beds. These natural-looking physical accessories give a realistic-looking space for the flames to move on. This is just another great element included in MagikFlame fireplaces that help them look better than competitors.

It won’t cause damage to a TV set if you wall mount the TV just overhead of the mantel of your home’s electric fireplace unit. This is unlike the damage that can be caused to a TV when mounted above wood or gas fireplaces. Since most of the damage to TVs is caused by the smoke and rising heat affecting the internal components, an electric fireplace doesn’t have this same problem. Smoke is not present in the function of an electric fireplace. Any heat that electric fireplaces produce is gently pushed outwards and away from the fireplace. It doesn’t rise directly upward.

An insert is the best method to turn those older fireplaces in your home into more efficient and safer electric ones. However, electric fireplace insert units aren’t only for converting wood fireplaces. It has more versatility. If people desire a fireplace from one company but prefer the mantel from a third-party company, an insert is a perfect solution. Also, with inserts, you can do recessed wall installations just like wall-hanging fireplaces. If you’re the type of individual that enjoys home improvement projects, you can even decide to build a custom fireplace mantel right around an insert unit.

Almost every electric fireplace on the market will have a remote included. These will be able to handle basic functions like turning the unit on or off, changing temperature, and more. It isn’t always a standard remote control that comes with an electric fireplace. For premium brands of electric fireplaces like MagikFlame, remotes are even better. You get an app that is installed on your smartphone. The large, graphic buttons help you intuitively operate every function of the fireplace. What’s great is your smartphone is always with you and it won’t get mixed up with all of your other remote controls.

Typically, infrared quartz is used inside most electric fireplace heater types. Electric fireplace heaters can come in some different forms, but infrared coils are the most common and most efficient type you’ll usually find. Some cheaper electric fireplaces available to purchase might use radiating heat in some capacity, or other methods.

The infrared heaters inside of an infrared electric fireplace are energy efficient. The way infrared coils work is that as air is drawn into the fireplace, the coils instantly heat any air around the coils. This instantly warmed air is gently cycled and pushed back out into the room. Infrared coils use as little electricity as possible to warm the air. Since ventilation isn’t a part of electric fireplaces, all of that warm air means the room gets warm fast and stays that way longer. Heat isn’t going to escape out of the room like it would through chimneys.

There are so many decor styles of electric fireplaces, it’s simple to discover varieties for all types of homes. If you enjoy a rustic look, electric fireplaces made to aesthetically look like wood stoves can be found. You can get an electric stove or fireplace stove that looks like a wood stove. However, functionality and performance can vary quite a lot. Instead, you might try a mantel package with a beautiful white oak mantel and decorate the mantel to have a rustic look to it.

There are units like a combination fireplace TV media console, TV stand, or TV entertainment center to save space. These kinds of units can be found through a variety of different brands and models. By combining both the fireplace and the TV console into a single piece, that is less furniture that will be in your room. This can save some space for smaller rooms. Be cautious whenever you purchase one of these though. Sometimes, the more limited space available for a fireplace means that some corners are cut in the process. This can end with a fireplace that doesn’t quite heat as well as standard types. It can also mean that the technology of the fire effects suffers as well.

If The Pricing Is Better at Checkout, Is It Okay To Get a Generic Fireplace From Amazon Over Better Brand Names Like Dimplex, Touchstone, and Most of All, MagikFlame? Trusted brands like these will always outperform generic brands. Many generic brands of fireplaces end up causing more problems and costing more money due to higher heating bills. Because the build quality with generic fireplaces is so low, you can expect that these fireplaces will need repairs shortly after purchasing. Even when these generic fireplaces are working, you’ll have some issues with heating efficiency. These fireplaces won’t even heat your home well, yet they will still use a large amount of electricity. Higher-end brands don’t commonly have these issues. The build quality is better so the fireplace will last longer and perform reliably. The heater inside of them will be more efficient. This means that your home will be warm and you don’t need to worry that your electric bill is outrageously high. While many of these brands like Touchstone and others are decent, MagikFlame easily is the wisest decision for your residence. Read the next section thoroughly to find out exactly why.

What Is The Best Electric Fireplace

What Is The Best Electric Fireplace?

If you wish for a superior indoor electric fireplace, go with a MagikFlame. Models like the MagikFlame Trinity look incredible in any home. All models have these features:

  • Ultra Realistic Fire Effects – The flame effect is holographic and 3D projected, making it a substantially realistic flame. The realistic flame moves around and flickers just like real fireplaces. There are even rising ember effects and sparkling embers that will fully immerse you into the visual experience.

  • Crackling Log Sounds

  • 5,200 BTU Heat – This infrared quartz electric fireplace heater is a wonderful method to efficiently warm your home and keep it feeling cozy. It can handle an area of approximately 1,000 square feet. By adding a second or third MagikFlame fireplace in a zone heating setup, you can warm up significantly larger homes as well.

  • Smartphone App – You don’t need a remote control device. MagikFlame has a luxury smartphone app to control your luxury electric fireplace. With your handy app on your smartphone, you can control your thermostat, cycle through effect choices, and much more.

  • Virtual Aquarium Experience – For an additional relaxing experience, owners can toggle on virtual aquarium features. Enjoy the experience of an aquarium in your home without any of the hassles of dealing with a real aquarium.

Where Can More Information about the MagikFlame Company and Their Fireplaces Be Found?

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