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How To Build an Electric Fireplace Mantel For Your Living Space

Fireplace mantel

Fireplaces are indeed comforting to the eye and visually appealing as the focal point for your living room, often offering perfect home decor. Electric fireplaces are especially useful for any home as they are eco-friendly, simple to install, and are known to be a hassle-free alternative. It is a quiet, efficient heating choice that is also friendly to the environment and does not emit harmful gases. The cost factor for electric fireplaces in the living room is also lower than other types of fireplaces, and you won’t spend as much as someone with a wood or gas fireplace. All you have to do is plug into the power and you are ready for your new fireplace surround.

Do you feel that something is still lacking in your electric fireplace that could make it more appealing? Does a mantel complete its look? Anyone familiar with the Magikflame story knows that electric fireplace mantels are an easy way to upgrade the living room look and feel. Mantels allow you to personalize your fireplace and make the front of the fireplace more appealing, in addition to providing some security and safety features that protect your home occupants. Let’s look at the types and how to build an electric fireplace mantel for your fireplace surround.

Types of Electric-Fireplace Mantels

There are four different types of mantels for your modern electric fireplaces, which you can choose depending on the area of application.

Standard Wall Mantel

They are the typical choice for most people as they are enough for their needs. A standard unit has been designed to stay flat against the drywall, making the entire fireplace and mantel setup look like a traditional large electric fireplace. It also creates a unique illusion of real wood burning within the space. The installation of the standard mantel is also quite easy and does not require demolition or a costly installation.

Corner Mantel

This is one of the useful mantels for people who have floor space limitations. It is usually paired with corner electric fireplaces and makes the best use of the floor plans. It is the perfect solution for small bedrooms and small family rooms, and some models have added versatility. These can be converted from the corner units to a standard wall mantel as needed.

Rolling Mantel

You might also need a portable mantel that is easy to move from one room to the next. If this is the case, your best option could be a rolling mantel. This is known to be used in condos, apartments, trailers, and lofts with special uses for the Zone heating concept. It is easily movable, and you can move it around for added convenience in your home.

Media Console Mantel

This is a setup that combines two furniture pieces to create an ideal feature for rooms. If you are in search of multi-functional furniture, then you should try these. They bring out a warm and inviting setting and are sized to accommodate a variety of flat-screen TVs. They also offer enough space for media storage and are useful for cable management.

Materials that Make the Fireplace Build

Usually, this depends on your tastes and preferences, and most wooden fire surrounds are available in different colors and finishes. The common type of wood used to make the mantels are pine, oak, and dark mahogany. These are usually in white or unfinished, but you can paint a mantel yourself. Other materials include limestone, which has a stunning perfection and honed finish to its design, and marble or touchstone which is darker but also has a matte finish.

Building an Electric Fireplace Mantel for your Living Room

Different kinds of mantels will boost the appearance of your recessed electric fireplace, and each requires a different installation process. In the following sections, we will look at some of the best methods of how to build an electric fireplace mantel.

You must wear eye protection all the time and adhere to safety precautions when you are using pneumatic tools and power tools. On how to build an electric fireplace mantel, you will need:

  • 12-inch slate tiles
  • Mortar
  • Tile Spacers
  • Air compressor and hoses
  • A wet saw
  • Brad nailer
  • Bucket
  • Drill
  • Finish nailer
  • Notched trowel
  • Painting supplies
  • Sponges
  • Safety glasses

Still on how to build an electric fireplace mantel, you should follow these steps to install the slate tiles mantel.

  1. Accurately measure the area of brick that you need to be covered by the mantel. Also, get the dimensions of the mantel and decide which areas will be heavier.
  2. Cover one end of your tiles with a matte finish masonry sealer. This is intended to make it easier to get rid of unwanted grout and mortar. With a wet saw, trim the slate tiles to size
  3. Mix up your mortar and begin to attach your slates to the facade. Apply a layer of mortar with a notched trowel to both the brick surface and the slate tile’s backside. You can also employ tile spacers in between the tiles, as this often leaves room for grout.
  4. Once the facade has been finished, tile the rest of the mantel and build a wooden frame that leaves the tiles upside down. This keeps them firmly in place, and they do not fall as they are setting. Leave your tiles to sit overnight and come back the next day to grout.
  5. Once the mortar has cured overnight, get rid of the spacers and fill up the joints with grout. The procedure can be simplified by the use of a sandwich bag filled with grout. Squeeze the grout into the joints and then get rid of the excess grout with a wood shim. Wait a while, then wipe the slate with a wet sponge, leaving it clean.
  6. Add the desired trim elements for decoration, then prime and paint.

Using Standard Lumber and Crown-Molding for a Fireplace Mantel

Having new fireplace mantel remodels can really make improvements to your entire room. In this scenario, we will look at how to use standard lumber and crown molding for an amazing new look in your living room. All you need are tools and materials like:

  • Level
  • Screwdriver
  • Paintbrush
  • Crown molding
  • Trim
  • 2×4 board

Follow these steps for an easy, time-saving, and efficient installation.

  • Demolition

Begin by placing something on the floor to catch the falling soot and debris. Find the brackets holding the fireplace doors and loosen them. Remove the old fireplace door and the grate.

  • Mark out your Mantel

Mantels are typically some distance from the floor. Using a tape measure, mark a position 60 inches off the floor. Then, measure the fireplace’s width to mark the center point.

  • Attach the Mantel Brace

Position the 2 by 4 mantel brace on the marked center point. Using a level, ensure that your brace is horizontal the mark and drill holes that will be lining up with mortar joints. Attach the brace to the wall with 10-inch masonry screws.

  • Attach the Breastplate

Cut out a breastplate from a board that will fit around the brace. Create a 3 and third-inch notched opening on the breastplate which will fit with the mantel brace. Drill holes near the top of the breastplate and fasten this too to the wall.

  • Attach the Mantel

Using 45-degree miter cuts on all the corners, attach your crown molding mantel to the brace and breastplate using 1-inch nails and a nail gun. Next, cut a bottom cap that fits tightly to the bottom of the crown molding and gives it a solid appearance. Secure this with 1-inch finish nails.

  • Trim and Finish the Mantel

Add some final bit of decorative trim to your fireplace mantel. Putty all the nail holes ambiance and allow to dry before sanding smoothly. Finally prime and paint the fireplace mantel to achieve the finish you wanted.

  • Install New Doors

New fireplace doors will be installed just like the old doors. You need to first attach the brackets loosely on the floor then insert insulation around the edges. Lift your doors into place and then tighten the screws to ensure that it fits tightly.

Installing a Floating Mantel

One of the ideal ways of brightening a dark brick fireplace is using a floating mantel. It is known to be strong and steady and can even be used to hold heavy objects which makes it an ideal choice for your living room.

You will need the following items from your home depot for the installation:

  • Angle grinder
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Fireplace mantel
  • Lag bolts
  • Vent Sleeve

To start with, you will be required to determine where your mantel will reach in terms of height. Mark a grout line close to your desired height and mark out intervals of 16”. Ensure that the marks are level, centered, and spread out far enough to cover the length of the mantel. Follow these DIY steps for the rest of the installation.

  • Drill Sleeve Holes

At each of the marks that you have just prepared, drill holes using a drill and a masonry bit

  • Insert Sleeves

Insert lead sleeves into the holes you have drilled in. the sleeves should be rigid and should take hold of the masonry surface when the lag screws are driven into them.

  • Drive Lag Bolts

Insert a lag bolt into each of the sleeves and secure them tightly. Once secured, cut off the lag bolt heads using an angle grinder.

  • Drill Mantel Holes

On the rear of the mantel, mark where the lag bolts will hit. Ensure that you mark and measure accurately to align your mantel holes correctly with the lag bolts. Drill half-inch holes across the back of the mantel to take in the lag bolts.

  • Install the Mantel

Apply high-temperature silicone to the end of all your lag bolts then lift the mantel in place, pushing firmly onto the bolts.

This is a style of the mantel for your electric fireplace that is proven to be really simple yet effective to install and has been known to work wonders for many fireplaces. It only takes a few steps and with careful handling of each of the procedures, the setup can take even less time. When you have marked out the drill holes with accurate, consistent spacing, you will find that your setup becomes easier and more effective. The end result is a mantel that accurately complements your living space and makes your interior look better decorated.

Building an Electric Fireplace with a Brick Mantel

With an electric firebox and a masonry kit, you can easily and cheaply install a brick façade for your fireplace. The brick has a unique contemporary appearance that is a cross between traditional homes and urban living spaces. The brick mantel also has an in-built pattern that many people will love and come to appreciate. You will need these DIY tools and materials:

  • Table saw or circular saw
  • Miter saw
  • Air compressor and hoses
  • Finish nailer
  • Framing nailer
  • Fireplace insert
  • Grinder with a diamond wheel
  • Caulk line, level, and measuring tape
  • Notched towel
  • Grout and grout float
  • Pencil
  • Four sheets of plywood
  • Brick kit
  • An electric fireplace insert
  • 12-inch slate tiles
  • Tile mastic
  • Striking tools

Following are the DIY steps to follow once you have gathered the above-listed items and tools:

  1. Choose an appropriate shape and size for your fireplace. Sketch it out on the wall and make an estimate of the materials that you will need.
  2. Measure for the desired square footage and make your order of a brick kit from the dealer
  3. Create cuts for your fireplace frame. The table saw can be used for long cuts and the circular or miter saw for crosscuts.
  4. Fame the bump-out that protrudes outwards like a wall. This size will be determined by the size of the fireplace you will be installing. Construct two walls on both sides of the firebox and bridge them using 2 by 4s.
  5. Use plywood to cover the frame. This is known to add rigidity and gives you a surface on which you can apply the brick veneer.
  6. Attach the metal grid to the plywood and cover them over the firebox-hole. Once the whole fireplace has been covered, cut out the hole using a diamond blade-equipped grinder.
  7. Apply the brick adhesive one row at a time. Ensure that the bricks stick to the adhesive and are aligned with the grid.
  8. Once the brick adhesive has been set, apply your mortar to the joints as if you are decorating a cake.
  9. Once the mortar is dry, install the firebox according to the instructions by the manufacturer.
  10. Install the tiles on the sides of the hearth using 12-inch slate tiles. Adhere and grout as usual.

Wood Beam Fireplace Mantel

If you are not comfortable with installing slates and bricks on your mantel, you can always opt for a beam mantel. It is known to take less time and is cheap to install if you have some woodworking knowledge. It is also not as difficult as people would perceive it and transforms your living room look and feel. A DIY faux fireplace will make it feel like you are in a new home, and you will love it with shiplap features, a baseboard, and a statement piece for decoration.

This step-by-step guide will guide you through the DIY project and provide you with a fireplace makeover. It operates on the same concepts as how Magikflame is built and is a good photo idea gallery or video gallery for DIY enthusiasts. It is designed for coziness and covers the entire fireplace in high-quality wood. If you are a DIYer, this home improvement undertaking will make it look like you have a new fireplace with a mantel shelf that can be used as bookshelves. A DIY fireplace can also serve as a space for bookcases or place a TV above the mantel.

These are some of the materials that you will need:

  • Common board or Shiplap
  • Trigger Clamps or a Kreg jig
  • 16 gauge finishing nails
  • Circular saw
  • Wood stain
  • Foam brush

Follow these installation steps for the wood beam fireplace mantel:

  1. Cut the board that matches up to the length of the mantel
  2. Cut the face board length of the mantel in addition to some allowance, which ensures that seams are hidden from the front.
  3. Cut the side pieces that will fit the mantel in addition to a vertical allowance, which ensures that only one seam can be viewed from the side.
  4. Using the trigger clamps, clamp the top board to the mantel so that it will not move as you nail your board. This is a safety precaution and ensures high-quality work that helps in place as it gets installed.
  5. Nail side pieces to the top board, then nail the face board to the sideboard. Finally, apply the stain with the rug to make the finish of your choice.

This is straightforward, and once you have done it, you can add some other decorations on top of the wooden beam provided it has dried off. The stain gives it a quality finish that also matches the setup’s color scheme and gives your mantel a unique theme. Staining also protects the wood and prevents the beam from getting damaged due to exposure to external elements, and when it has been properly stained, it will last longer.

Benefits of Having a Fireplace Mantel

Having looked at the different approaches you can take to install a mantel to your electric fireplace, let us now get more familiar with the benefits that are associated with the mantel. Magikflame reviews enable you to know which is the best mantel for your electric fireplace.


The mantel is known to protect the wall areas that are closest to the fireplace whenever the fireplace is in use. This is meant to adhere to regulations in place regarding the measurement of mantels and their surroundings. Always ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s specifications for proper and safe installation, which will give you peace of mind even as you operate the fireplace.

Decoration and Appearances

The appeal of your home is hugely improved with the appearance of the mantel. This is based on the architectural style you choose, and simple styles are known to help the fireplace blend in with your existing decor. More ornate designs can make your fireplace a focal point of the room, and you can choose from an array of touchstone materials and color options.

Attractive display

The mantel also serves as a beautiful space for displaying your prized items. Trophies and vases can be placed on top of the mantel and add to your living room’s interior decoration. You can also decorate the mantel differently to match the holiday season as repainting it easy, and the decoration makes some massive improvements to your home. Following are some decoration tips for your fireplace mantel.

Decoration Tips for your Fireplace-Mantel

A cozy fireplace is loved by all, especially during the holiday season when everyone gathers around it for warming up. For this reason, we love to decorate our mantels to celebrate the season or holiday in style. It will cost you some patience and creativity to learn how to decorate your mantel, and the tips provided below will also prove to be a useful package for you.

  • Colors and Textures

You can easily go overboard when decorating a mantel. It is recommended that you keep it all simple and stick to a single color palette. You do not want your mantel to be overwhelming in appearance. Pick a maximum of three colors that complement each other and consider the spaces and how they should shine. Ornament and glass textures are known to make the mantel appear beautifully decorated.

  • Proportions, height, and scale

One should find means of including proportion, scale, and height in the mantel’s holiday appearance. Add a few taller decoration objects to the end and the shorter items in the middle. Another option would be to layer the items with different heights for a visual effect.

  • Use a Garland

A festive garland completes the holiday look and provides proportion to the mantel display. The garland should hang no more than a third of the floor height to the mantel. Choose colors like red, brown, and green, and remember to use a thick and dense garland.

  • Use Vessels

Urns, vases, and pots turn the mantel into a focal point, and you are free to choose from a huge selection of vessels that will suit your personality. Glass and ceramics are also popular favorites.

  • Try Branches and Greenery

A bit of green doesn’t hurt, and branches are known to add height. They also provide your space with a light and airy feel with some people using eucalyptus branches. Fresh flowers are also a welcome option for mantels and add an inviting look to the mantels.

  • Candles

With a few attractive candles at the top of the mantel, you can completely change the look and feel of your living space. This can be arranged as a single large candle in the center or many little ones across the mantel’s edge. The candles are known to provide a soft touch to any home, and these days you can even go for LED candles that are safer when you have kids in the house.

  • Photos

Another way that you can decorate your mantel is by using some family photos. Pictures speak volumes about your personality and give your friends something to see whenever they come to visit. You can place special objects beside the photos, such as small works of art or shells from a beach.

  • Use Repetition

Whenever you work with a straight, flat surface such as a mantel, repetition is recommended for your home decor. It is both creative and fun, which is why you should give it a try and see what shapes and patterns can be repeated to give your mantel a consistent look and feel that is attractive. Simple shapes can be repeated many times to create a theme for the focal center of the room.


A built-in electric fireplace does not look attractive enough when left on its own with no additional decoration. Boosting the appearance of your fireplace is possible by building a mantel around it. The mantel is useful as a way of protecting the electric fireplace. It serves to decorate the fireplace and match its appearance to the rest of the living space. No matter what style of mantel you choose for your living room, the installation process is still straightforward, and you will be able to carry it out all on your own.

As long as you have gathered the required materials and bought tools from Amazon, getting the mantel set up will be very simple as you will not have to worry about a thing. The steps provided in the tutorial above should get you through the entire process and have a complete mantel that complements your electric fireplace look and feel. Boost your fireplace’s appearance by following the tutorial and installing a matching mantel to realize the many other benefits that come with it.

Remember to buy all the required items in enough supplies and go for reliable suppliers like Lowes who have reasonable payment plans and financing. Take accurate measurements to ensure that you set up a mantel that matches up to the rest of the structure, and that nothing gets to appear like it is out of order. Also, decorate the mantel once you are done with the installation, as this will make it look and feel more appealing to anyone visiting. A Holiday theme is a favorite for many people and tops the feeling of the mantel. A Magikflame electric fireplace buying guide ensures that you get the best supplies and tools for the venture.

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