Frequently Ask Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q: Can I Buy Now and Pay Over Time?

A: We’ve partnered with Bread to offer our customers a quick and easy way to apply for financing. With a Bread loan, you get clear, transparent terms so you can pick payment terms that meet your needs without any prepayment penalties. You’ll get a decision in seconds on our website while you shop. When you’re ready to buy, simply choose the [“Pay Over Time”] option. You’ll then be asked to provide some basic information about yourself. Bread’s technology can determine in seconds whether you pre-qualify and what financing options may be available to you. If you pre-qualify, you’ll be presented with clear, transparent terms, such as the monthly cost for financing your purchase. It’s just that easy!

Q: Why Do Your Fireplaces Cost More?

A: The components we use to make for a very realistic flame requires using a technology completely different than that of other manufacturers, and quite frankly these high-end components cost us considerably more than what others use in their fireplaces to produce fake looking flames. Others use an in-expensive Chinese electric motor and a bank of low-cost lights and a plastic molded log set to create a very artificial flame. These components cost only a few dollars to manufacturer along with their sheet metal assembly and the prices can be marked up 800x or more! On the other hand we use technology that actually costs us more like a full computer inside your fireplace that has a CPU, GPU, Ram, Wi-Fi + Bluetooth + a HD projection display, and a touchscreen like what you have on your $800 iPhone. This technology costs us considerably more than a electric motor and we mark up our product far less. You are getting a much better value for your money with a MagikFlame as we mark it up considerably less and build it like a tank to last for years. If you want a quality built American product that looks amazing it may be worth paying a little more for a premium product. After-all installing a gas or wood burning fireplace can cost up to $10,000 or more and will require ongoing annual maintenance. The MagikFlame is less expensive and is also maintenance mostly free which costs far less than other alternatives to own and operate.

Q: Where Can I See a MagikFlame? 

A: The MagikFlame is not sold in stores. We distribute solely online though our web site and our Amazon sales channel. We have found in the past store owners have marked up the prices of our products to more than MSRP and we don’t want our customers to pay more. You can always get the best deal when purchasing directly from us without the middle-man. We do understand our product costs a lot of money and you want to see one before you purchase. We have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the way our fireplace looks in your home return it to us for a refund. However read our reviews and you will see that most people are very happy with our product. Watch our demonstration video of the fireplace running in 40 different living rooms and judge for yourself what the product looks like operating with sound. Many agree it looks even better in person. Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed. If you must see in a store absolutely before buying we understand our fireplace is not for everyone. Considering we are selling them faster than we can build them and we are the only ones with our unique holographic technology we are sure you will love the beautiful visuals of the MagikFlame and ask you to consider taking a chance on the best electric fireplace on the market.

Q: If I Order Now How Long Will it Take to Receive? 

A: We are selling the MagikFlame’s quicker than we can build them. Since we build by hand in small batches limited quantities are available. If you purchase while we have units in stock we generally ship in about 24-48 hours after purchase. However if you purchase when the item is out of stock it may take weeks or months to receive your product depending where you are in the order que; first come first served. We suggest ordering sooner than later to be guaranteed a unit while they’re available. Once we sell out of this batch it may be quite some time before we have more available (up to a year) so consider ordering now.

Q: Can you Customize a Mantel Like Paint Color or Height?

A: No. In order to keep our mantel prices low for you we produce our mantels in bulk. They are already manufactured, boxed and ready to ship by the time you place an order. We are not able to paint the mantel or modify it in any way. However many of our customers build stands to increase the mantel height if so desired, or they paint over it to match the exact color of their home. We encourage you to modify the mantel as needed to make it fit your home decor.

Q: Do You Make Corner Wall Mantel Fireplaces?

A: We do not make corner mantel fireplaces at this time. We do however sell our insert on it’s own. You can then have a local carpenter/handyman build your own custom corner wood mantel surround built to suit your own look and design choices. Download the insert installation guide here for detailed measurements.

Q: Do You Make Linear Fireplaces?

A: Not at this time. Due to the way our holographic technology works it requires height that is typically more than a linear (6-12″) which makes a linear style not feasible with our technology. Furthermore the components we use to create the holographic display operates in a standard 16:9 ratio which does not lend itself to be 6′ or more wide like in a linear. We know linear fireplaces are very modern and in demand. However those types of fireplaces have very fake looking fires. The MagikFlame does not fit this form style but the benefits of the realistic flame technology may warrant a consideration for the traditional style.

Q: I Want to Convert My Existing Fireplace to Electric. Do You Make Just the Insert?

A: Yes we do. The first thing would be to measure your opening to determine if our insert will fit. It only comes in one size. It’s 28″ wide by 32″ tall by 12″ deep and has a viewable area of 28″ wide by 22″ tall. Our insert sells for $2850 with free shipping.

Q: Do You Make More Than 1 Size Insert?

A: No. It took us 5 years to develop our current insert. Due to the nature of the holographic technology and engineering that went into designing this product we will not be releasing any other size inserts any time soon. If your opening extends to a height of 31″ behind the front lip our insert may fit. Also if it does fit you may have to trim in around the insert to make it look like a built in. IE: Wood or other material to close in the space between your opening wall and our insert which may have less of a width than your opening so trimming it in would look best.

Q: Do You Ship to Canada, UK or Europe?

A: Yes and no. We do ship internationally through the use of a freight forwarder. A freight forwarder is a 3rd party company based in the USA that has a warehouse here as well as in the country you are importing to. We will ship free of charge to a freight forwarder you pick in the States. They will then transport your fireplace from their warehouse to Canada or to UK\Europe or anywhere else in the world you want. You will provide them with a copy of your sales invoice and they will quote and arrange shipping and handle the importation documentation and duties on your behalf. To find a freight forwarder Google the phrase “freight forwarder + [country/providence name]. Provide them the size and weight specifications of the product you wish to import from us and they can quote the service and delivery fees and deliver your fireplace directly to your door.

Q: Can I Mount a TV Above the MagikFlame Fireplace?

A: Yes. The heat from our fireplace comes out the bottom of the log set. Therefore it is safe to mount a TV directly above the MagikFlame as no heat is vented from the top. Our mantels are quite solid and stable. A large screen TV can be placed on top using its feet or mounted directly to a wall above your fireplace. Many of our customers mount 60-80″ TV’s above their fireplaces and they look good there.

Q: What Size Room Will a MagikFlame Heat?

A: The MagikFlame includes a 4,600 BTU electric heater that is 1500 watts. It’s best suited to warm a room of 400 sq/ft but will warm a room up to 800-1000 sq/ft given enough time on the maximum heat settings. Homes with lower roofs will warm faster than homes with higher roofs or more space to fill. The MagikFlame is best used as a supplementary heat source to your homes primary heating system. You can use the built in heater to warm only the room you’re in with zone heating and this may reduce your electricity bill.

Q: What Are the Power Requirements of the MagikFlame?

A: Plugs into a standard 120v outlet with a standard US style plug. There are 2x 6′ grounded power cords that will need to plug directly into the wall (no power-strip). You can also hard-wire our insert into your dwelling’s power supply if that better fits your requirements.

Q: I Purchased a MagikFlame But I’m NOT Getting My Holographic Flames/Sound. 

A: The HD display needs to be manually powered on the first time you plug your unit into the wall or anytime your unit has lost power. Simply hit the power button on the large remote control, wait for 5 seconds until you see the “M” project in the glass and you’ll get your flames + sound. If this doesn’t work call tech support so we can guide you through the initial startup sequence or refer to the first page of your owner’s manual.

Do You Have Additional Questions?

We love talking fireplaces! Call us anytime at 954-389-9550 or chat with us on the web site. We can also be emailed at Usually phone calls and chat widget requests get the quickest replies.