MagikFlame Products Are NOT Sold in Stores

We understand you may want to see a MagikFlame in person in a brick and mortar store before buying one. However MagikFlame is NOT sold in stores. We distribute solely online through this website and our Amazon storefront only. Any other sales channels or websites are not an authorized MagikFlame dealer so be warned. If you want an authentic MagikFlame fireplace at the best price you’re in the right spot. You might be wondering why we don’t sell in stores? The answer is politics and profitability along with “customer service experience”.

Fireplace stores want to sell you more expensive gas/wood burning fireplaces that cost considerably more than one of our electric units and dealers want to charge you an arm and a leg for a costly “custom installation” and further charge you for on-going “service fees” annually to maintain a traditional fireplace like chimney sweeping and more. Frankly it’s not profitable for brick and mortar stores to sell quality electric fireplaces as it takes away from more profitable sales of traditional combustible fireplaces and that’s not good business for retail stores who want you to continuously return to them for more services so they can make additional profit year over year. That’s not part of OUR business model…

If a MagikFlame is on display in a fireplace store’s show-room it will make every other electric fireplace look bad as our patent pending HoloFlame technology is as close to a real wood/gas burning fireplace you can get without actually setting something on fire! Many brick and mortar stores are family owned and operated and passed down from generation to generation. Many of these stores have long-term, established relationships with other manufacturers who have been around longer and quite frankly we are an “industry disrupter” and that is reason enough for many stores to not carry our brand. Most stores re-fuse to stock inventory so you can’t even buy and walk out with a MagikFlame the same day; they would have to order from us, and we ship to them (or you) so it’s better to just order directly from us directly and get the best price and customer service experience.

You’ll always get the lowest price on the MagikFlame from this web site when you buy direct and cut-out the middleman who wants to further inflate the costs for their own profitability. Because we manufacture the product that we invented we know it inside and out and can sell it for less than anyone else. There is no question you can ask that we don’t have an answer for. Please challenge us! We are truly experts on our fireplaces and on electric fireplaces in general. We know our products inside and out and can even directly compare our fireplaces with that of our competitors. Ask us anything! From trial and error we have found that selling in B&M stores is not a good fit for the reasons above AND furthermore retail store employees are poorly trained to answer even the most simple questions when it comes to educating consumers on the features and benefits of owning a MagikFlame.

In the past store owners/employees have straight up given customers in-correct information and that’s not a good experience for our customer and our brand so we have cut if off! We’re experts on our products and would prefer you speak to us and get correct and timely information rather than speak with un-educated store owners or poorly trained employees who quite honestly couldn’t begin to answer tough questions when asked to speak about the MagikFlame, so it’s just not a good fit. If you want to buy a MagikFlame please buy it direct from us, the inventor, the manufacturer, and the sole distributor of the MagikFlame brand not available anywhere else. Stores and other web sites are not authorized to sell our products. We don’t sell on eBay and never will. If you want an authentic MagikFlame at the best price you’re in the right place.

“But I Need to SEE One Before I Buy!
After-all, This is An Expensive Purchase.”

We agree. Test drive the MagikFlame in your home for 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied ship it back and we’ll refund your money (minus shipping). However before placing an order please be sure to thoroughly check our reviews online from retailers like Amazon or even Google or Yelp. You’ll see the overwhelming majority of people are happy with their MagikFlame purchase and many even post their own photos/videos of our fireplace running in their homes. Educate yourself from their experience and feel comfortable that when you are buying a MagikFlame you are getting the best there is. If you’re still not comfortable buying a fireplace sight-unseen we would recommend you re-watch our promotional videos showing the fireplace running in over 40 different living-rooms to get a feel for what it looks like operating in a home like yours. If these videos + reviews are not enough to make you comfortable to purchase a MagikFlame we understand. This fireplace is not for everyone.

The facts are that we are selling our fireplaces faster than we can build them and supplies are extremely limited as these are hand build in Nashville, Tn. is small batches andwe don’t have enough for everyoneas it is; it’s first come first serve while supplies last. If you have questions feel free to chat, call or email and we’ll get back to you right away. If you still feel you “must see” before you buy and our 30-day money back offer is not satisfactory to you we understand that this fireplace is not for you and that’s OK too. We are confident that we make the best fireplace in the industry with an innovative technology we invented that will smoke all other electric fireplaces and we guarantee it!Our reviews speak for themselves. Please take the time, research us, and make an educated and informed decision before you place an order. We want you to be happy with your MagikFlame, but if you think another product manufactured in China that you can see in a store is a better fit for your home, we understand and wish you the best of luck…

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