We were thinking about putting a fireplace in our living room. Our first thought was gas. It was going to be a “tricky” process to get the gas over to the wall where we wanted the fireplace to go (not to mention the expense). My wife went online to look for alternatives. She stumbled on MagikFlame. The website had videos of an actual MagikFlame fireplace (with the flame). She called me over to see it. I was “amazed”. I had never seen anything so realistic. We had seen many other electric fireplaces (they all looked “fake”). That was why we were considering the gas one. MagikFlame looked like a great solution. It was definitely expensive… and I must say we were nervous about the purchase. But, we went ahead and ordered it anyway. It arrived in about a week. The assembly of the mantle was not too bad. The hardest part was installing the holographic glass. But, with some persistence, we got it installed. We were then ready to plug it in and turn it on. WE WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED. The quality of the product is very good and we have not had ANY problems with it at all. We have had it on every night since we got. It looks great and adds a lot to our room. Probably our favorite part is the “crackle” sound effects. It adds a lot to the realism. It is expensive, but worth the investment.