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How does it compare to the Dimplex Opti-Myst?

MagikFlame is a very different fireplace than the Dimplex Opti-Myst. We use holographic projection technology to create a very realistic flame while the Dimplex uses a mechanical system based on water vapor mist. The Opti-Myst does look better than other electrical fireplaces, but not nearly as good as ours.

Let’s break down their technology. With the Opti-Myst they have a small reservoir that needs to be filled with water to produce a flame effect. They use an inexpensive ultrasonic fogger to create a very fine water mist. This grey mist is then tinted orange with a set of hot burning halogen lights. This creates a fire that lacks the authentic colors of a real fire, as well as the fine details like smoke. Real flames are not solid orange and have far more diversity of color. There are several problems with this technology. For instance, you cannot use regular tap water. You will need to use more expensive distilled or filtered water. By using regular tap water, minerals will clog up the ultrasonic fogger, and over time your fireplace will put out fewer and fewer flames. The Opti-Myst requires replacing the ultrasonic discs which are inconvenient. On top of that, you must keep water in the reservoir continuously. As soon as the water runs out your flames stop working. This means that you need to constantly refill the reservoir or connect it to a dedicated water line which is expensive and requires a professional. The hot-burning halogen lights burn out over time and Dimplex charges a premium to replace those light bulbs. At the end of the day, this system requires a lot of maintenance and the flames are not that realistic and lack variety and sound. Since the Opti-Myst only makes one flame it lacks variety, and it can get old very soon.

The MagikFlame on the other hand uses a completely different technology. We’ve spent five years of research and development to create our patented holographic projection technology. With our fireplace we take a real video of actual fire and project those flames onto a physical log set, making it look like those logs are actually burning. Because we use real fire for the basis of our technology, instead of a mechanical water-based effect, our flames look real because they are real! With our fireplace, you get all the beautiful realistic details of fire like the way the flames move organically, as well as rising and burning embers, and even wispy smoke that rolls up off of the logs. Not to mention the multitude of colors found in real flames and a huge variety of fire effects to choose from. For instance, we can simulate 30 realistic wood and gas burning flames with photo-realism almost indistinguishable from the real thing. We also have the sound of crackling and popping logs to accompany the flames for an immersive experience. There is no doubt that the flame effects from a MagikFlame will absolutely smoke the Dimplex Opti-Myst.

In our fireplace, we use high-efficiency LED light bulbs that have been rated to last up to 15 years and do not need to be replaced. These bulbs are cool to the touch and much less expensive to operate. Because we use LCD technology instead of water vapor our fireplace can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without ever stopping. Our fireplace is almost maintenance-free and produces a much larger variety of flames, complete with sound effects for an unsurpassed fireplace experience with many years of trouble-free operation. Furthermore, we believe that The Opti-Myst is not a good value for the money. Their technology consists of an inexpensive ultrasonic fogger, a plastic molded log set, and some overpriced halogen light bulbs.

Our technology uses a built-in computer with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, CPU, and RAM. In addition, we use a touchscreen similar to a $1,000 iPhone, as well as a high-definition LCD projection display. You get a much better value for your money with our fireplace, even though it is more expensive. However, it’s marked up far less and built-in America with premium components. At the end of the day, the flame technology and the realism matters most to our customers, and we provide a much better value and a superior fireplace experience.

Do You Have Additional Questions?

We love talking fireplaces! Call us anytime at 800-558-8098 or chat with us on the web site. We can also be emailed at [email protected]. Usually phone calls and chat widget requests get the quickest replies.

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