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Aphrodite Antique Ivory Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater


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Mantel Dimensions: 55″w x 18″d x 43″h

4,600 BTU Heater

Built in Sounds

Nature Background Sounds

Self Updating Feature

Built in Sleep Timers

Safe Around Children / Pets

       20 Minute Assembly

NO More Chopping Wood

Zone Heating

No interest for 6 months when checking out with PayPal credit.


Antique Ivory Electric Fireplace

  • MAGIKFLAME ELECTRIC FIREPLACE AND MANTEL package for your living room is sure to be the center of attention at any family gathering. Create memories huddling around the fireplace and opening presents on Christmas or toast to the new year. The MagikFlame is an electric fireplace you can enjoy all year. This elegant mantel package features an antique ivory mantel with old world traditional scroll-work and beading throughout the front face. The mantel is painted to look aged like a family heirloom.
  • MOST REALISTIC ELECTRIC FIREPLACES currently sold on anywhere. Our patented HoloFlame technology creates the most vivid and realistic flames of any electric fireplace because we use real video of actual fires as our starting point for realistic flames. Our flames look real because they are real. Each of our 26 fire effects was filmed or rendered to pickup the subtle dance of fire in high-definition. We captured the sound of authentic flames to heighten the realism. No other fireplace has smoke fx!
  • ELECTRIC FIREPLACES for residential homes, high-rise condos and hotels. While traditional wood burning fireplaces are expensive to maintain and dangerous to operate an electric is clean and maintenance free. Most electric fireplaces look fake but not ours. There is no point to owning an electric fireplace that doesn’t look real. Only a realistic fireplace can transport you to an era before TV when friends and family gathered around the fire to share in stories of the day. Bring family together.
  • ELECTRIC HEATER included that can warm a 1,000 sq/ft room. Features 4,600 BTU’s an hour to keep you warm on winter nights. The adjustable thermostat can be set to keep your room at the ideal temperature all night long. Cut your heating bill substantially by warming your home with safe and effective electric heat. Safe around children and pets and clean to operate. Enjoy cleaner air and reduced energy costs when you switch to an electric fireplace. Heat only the rooms you need with zone heating.
  • ELECTRIC HEATER FOR FIREPLACE can be controlled via the included remote control while standing or sitting in front of your fireplace or take control of your MagikFlame fireplace from any room of your home with our iPhone smart-phone app available for free on the Apple store. Operate the fireplace hands free by using the built in back-lit touch screen to control your unit even in the darkest rooms. With so many ways to control your fireplace you can dial it in just the way you like it with ease.

Electric fireplaces come in different styles but none of them look as realistic as ours. Our competitors try to simulate fire by using mechanical trickery or water mist or steam. The problem is they look fake and break down over time. Our electric fireplace uses patented HoloFlame technology to make it appear as if your physical log set is actually on fire. We guarantee you will not find another electric fireplace that looks as realistic as ours.

Most realistic electric fireplaces sold on this page use real video of actual flames to produce our fire f/x. Experience the subtle details of real fire like rolling smoke coming off of the logs, burning embers reaching for the sky and dancing flames that move just like the real thing. No other electric fireplace comes anywhere close to the realism of ours. Includes log crackling sounds to complete the illusion and is almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Electric fireplace and mantel package is easy to install. Experience the look of a wood burning or gas burning fireplace with our all-in-one package. Even includes fantasy flames to look like the linears popular in the market. With 26 real fire effects to chose from you are sure to never get bored. Packaged with a beautiful furniture quality wood mantel that looks like antique ivory. Intricate scroll-work and beading is featured throughout the front faces. Fits beautifully in traditional homes and add’s an old world charm to your living room.

Electric heater is 4600 BTU’s and provides enough warmth to keep you comfortable on winter nights. Set the thermostat on the fireplace to keep your room at the ideal temperature even as you sleep. Our electric fireplace heater is safe to use around children and pets and does not give off dangerous fumes like a traditional.

Electric heater for fireplace will warm you while providing breathtaking visuals with relaxing sounds to relieve stress. Limited supplies. Add to cart now before we run out.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the nature of this being a holographic electric fireplace there are important considerations to keep in mind before purchasing. Viewing angle is extremely important. For the best visual experience it’s best to be seated at least 4+ feet away from the unit and view it by looking straight into the opening. Viewing the fireplace while standing above it is the worst possible viewing angle and should be avoided as from this position you may see some unwanted reflections in the glass (that are not visible when seated). Also like any other electric fireplace its best viewed in dim or subdued lighting.

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Weight 180 lbs