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If You Have a Retail Store We Want To Send You a Demo Unit Today

Earn Up to 50% on Sales When Buying in Bulk or Let Us Drop-ship For You at 0-Risk.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an authorized MagikFlame Electric Fireplaces dealer. We welcome all physical brick and mortar stores both large and small as well as internet only dealers located in the United States, Canada and around the world. The question we get asked more than anything else is “where can I see one in my city”? Next time someone asks that of our sales team we would like to direct them to your storefront — where they will most likely place an order! Our HoloFlame inserts are one of the few products that actually look better in person than on the web and most people buy after experiencing a MagikFlame first hand.

Our Electric Fireplace Sales Thrive on Real-World “Actual Views”

Unlike some of our larger competitors the space is not saturated with our products so you have a much better chance of making a sale! As a brick and mortar dealer you are expected to have a minimum of one display unit properly setup in your show room to demonstrate to your potential customers. You are also required to advertise the price for NO LESS than our MSRP. Any dealer caught violating our MSRP minimum requirements will be warned and repeated infractions will lead to termination. We want to keep our prices standard across the board and fair for everyone.

Earn Up to 50% On Sales of Stocked Items or Blind Drop-Ship

eCommerce only businesses can sign up for our drop-shipping program free of charge and dropship with us indefinitely. However if you want the best pricing available (and largest margins) we suggest you buy in bulk (tiered pricing) for significant price breaks and increased profits if your own a store. The more you buy the larger discounts you’ll get. If you do not have the ability to stock products because you are a blogger and not a retailer then you may be better off joining our affiliate program where you simply refer targeted leads to our web site and if a sale is made we will pay you a 10% commission. For profit margins of 25-50% you will be expected to purchase in bulk and store the unit(s) in your warehouse and ship directly to your customers for maximized profits via our electric fireplace dealer program.

There Are Dozens of Platforms You Can Market On and One You Can’t

You may NOT sell on Amazon but you may advertise without restriction on any keywords your chose for your PPC campaigns. Feel free to market on any platform including Facebook & Instagram as well as blast to your email newsletter list. We will not restrict you in anyway way when it comes to marketing our products and we will even provide 24/7 “pre-sales” questions to you or your sales team in order to properly guide your customers, as you coach them through the buying process. We are even available on the weekends and holidays when you need us so you’ll never miss a sale.

We’ll Teach Your Sales Team the In’s and Out’s of Our Products to Jump Start Your Sales & Provide All the Digital Assets You’ll Need

Once your application has been finalized and your demo unit setup (brick and mortar stores) we will instruct you on the basic operations of the unit and help you to better understand the product so you can pass that knowledge on to your customers. Internet dealers will be given access to various promotional assets such as HD images and video, sales copy, and our product data feed to get up and running instantly. If you have not already done so please watch our demonstration video now so you can understand what makes our product so special and then fill out this form so that we can get you on board and part of the MagikFlame family ASAP!

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