I bought this with the HoloFlame log set and installed both two weeks before Christmas. It has added an unbelievable ambiance to our living room. Full disclosure: it is obvious, especially when viewing from the sides of the room, that this is not a real fire. But sit or stand in the front of the fireplace, and the gentle flames (there are many flame types to choose from) and cracking sounds make the whole room a zone of relaxation. We let it “burn” all day long, and makes even a brief walk through a relaxing event. The pictures do not do justice to how this insert looks while sitting in front of it. The electric heater (HoloFlames logs) all provides a pleasant warmth coming from the fireplace. No venting issues, and no loss of house heat through the chimney. I priced the installation of propane gas for our fireplace. $11,000 plus the cost of the propane. Wood costs are high, and clean up and house soot are real problems for AC filters and health. This unit is very easy and inexpensive to operate, and ignition and clean-up happen with clicks on two remotes. I read several reviews on this unit before buying that stated the insert “broke” within two weeks, in one case one week, after installation. Here’s my experience. Right after Christmas, after two weeks of enjoying the flames, the unit froze. The log set worked, but the more expensive insert locked up. Since it is basically a computer displaying digital flames, I “rebooted” the insert by unplugging the power for 15 seconds, and then plugged it in again. The insert re-booted and worked perfectly. I have had no further problems since. Yes, it is an expensive investment. But the result (given the much higher priced and inconvenient alternatives) is — as of today — well worth the money. I have had one experience with the company customer service, and they could not have been more helpful to me (I was missing a simple instruction on remote use, and they quickly and happily helped me). I could not be more pleased, except perhaps for the difficulty in installing the optical glass brackets with the provided nuts and hex bolts. I ended up using metal screws instead, which worked just fine.