I researched electric fireplaces extensively before deciding on this product and there isn’t anything else like this holographic MAGIKFLAME fireplace out there. I was hesitant because the price is comparatively high but I am SO GLAD I invested in it. We live in an apartment and this is as close as you can get to feeling like you have a real fireplace. The visuals, the sound, the heater…it all works together brilliantly to create an incredibly realistic effect. Assembly is doable but it definitely takes two people. Also, Howard in company service is absolutely fantastic. I called him before buying it to get more specific information and then called him a couple times after buying it with some assembly questions. Not only did he talk us through what we needed to do on the phone, he sent us a replacement piece that we needed ASAP and free of charge. One of our favorite unexpected perks is using the MAGIKFLAME app on our phone as a remote control to choose from many different types of fires, sounds, logs, volume, heater on/off, etc. My 8 yr old son has named all the many different fires (“campfire”, “Christmas”, “Hades Hair”, etc) and then “picks the fire of the evening” for us. Regarding the mantels- since the MAGIKFLAME unit is not a standard size, you are either going to have to buy one of their mantels, insert it into your wall, or have a mantel custom made. But it’s absolutely worth it. We absolutely love this and it’s been worth every penny. Highly recommend.