We bought the insert directly from Majikflame. Tracking numbers were a bit wonky, but a call to customer service (I believe the owner actually fields calls) gave me updated numbers that worked. Seems to be a FedEx problem, and not Majikflame’s Upon reciept the monitor wasn’t working. It was after 6 on the west coast but yet, once again a call to customer service was answered immediately. He walked me through some troubleshooting points, but it still wasn’t working. He said they’d send a replacement monitor and walk me through installation when it arrived. I thanked him and fooled around with some connections after I hung up, and it fired up. The connections are tight, but a coast to coast trip can jostle things around. I called right back, and yes, he answered the phone right away. I let him know it was working, yet he still walked me through a few things to make sure all was good. I can honestly say the customer service is top notch. I am in the early stages of building a platform/surround for the unit that will be faced with faux stone. We really love all the features and the realistic flames. I do plan, however to place a fireplace screen in front of the unit to cut down the reflections on the Holoflame glass. A little experimenting seems to show it will make the Holoflame effect even more realistic. Overall so far we are more than satisfied with our Majkflame fireplace and would heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality alternative to a wood or gas fireplace. Lastly, was it pricey compared to the competitors? Yes it was. But I’ve learned a long time ago that you get what you pay for. We got quality , great ambiance, and unmatched customer service with the Majikflame.