When we first hooked it up we were very disappointed, the flame appeared way behind the logs and it looked pretty cheesy. Then we figured out that adjusted the angle of the glass moved the flame and it is very realistic! When we use the heater, our living room heats up quickly. In this regard I think this is better than a gas fireplace, because there are times we want the atmosphere but not the heat. My only complaint: a lot of the flame options seem too ridiculous to use. One looks like a forest fire, a few are windy which would not make sense in a living room fireplace, another looks like a smoky campfire. I wish there were more options that depict what a fire in a fireplace looks like, but there are 3 or 4 pretty good ones to choose from. Overall, we are very happy! We have it on all the time and it has completely changed the feel of our living room. I can’t wait to have company over to show it off!