We decided that an electric fireplace would bring both warmth and beauty to our always-chilly family room. We viewed the only model available at our local fireplace specialist and were beyond disappointed thinking “is that all there is”? Thankfully, my husband searched for electric fireplaces on-line and found MagikFlame! We received the upmost in customer service every step of the way. All of our numerous questions were answered within minutes, from the time we first considered purchasing a MagikFlame fireplace, through the installation process and now that we have and LOVE our MagikFlame. Not only does it provide incredible warmth to the room, but also brings the mesmerizing beauty of realistic-looking flames without mess and fire risk of a wood fireplace. The variety of flame intensities and colors is delightful, with the display ranging from peaceful undulating flames to full-blown roaring fires depending on our mood. The glowing embers of the electric logs look so real! The option to activate the sounds of crackling logs or those of rain, the ocean or nature allows us to set the mood for our evening. We look forward to using our fireplace on summer nights, as well, since the flames can be operated without activating heat. The unit itself is gorgeous and rich-looking, a beautiful addition to our family room. The mantel is constructed from beautiful wood and wide enough to accommodate numerous decorations; we look forward to hanging our Christmas stockings onto it next December! We can’t recommend MagikFlame enough, as it has helped us to escape our hectic days and truly relax. We invite you to share the magic of Magikflame :)