My wife and I wanted to enhance the ambiance of our master bedroom with a fireplace, but installing a gas or wood burning one was not in the budget. After looking at several electric alternatives we purchased the MagikFlame with holographic technology on Amazon. As electric fireplaces go; this one is superb. The technology creates a remarkable 3D illusion that successfully produces the warm cozy fireplace ambiance that we were looking to bring into our bedroom. The product includes so many options… 22 different fires, each with its own distinctive crackling sound. heat, glowing logs and embers, Bluetooth that allows the fireplace to be updated with new fires and sounds at no extra cost, outstanding customer service… the little extras are too numerous to mention. I recommend MagikFlame wholeheartedly for anyone looking for an alternative fireplace to a standard wood or gas. This product is the Rolls Royce of electric fireplaces.