This fireplace from MagikFlame has everything you could possibly want from an electric fireplace. It has the most realistic flames you’ll see, a wide range of custom options, touchscreen controls, firmware updates, and is even Bluetooth-friendly. It easily offers the best heating and visuals by far out of any model currently available, and with its 4,600 BTU power, it can quickly heat large rooms, or help supplement your home’s main heating source.The MagikFlame simply does it all, merging incredibly realistic flame effects with plenty of conveniences and helpful modern features, all packaged into a very sizable and alluring mantelpiece. If you’re looking for the most realistic electric fireplace, and also want all the bells and whistles, this should be your top choice. It utilizes 4,600 BTUs of heating power, and is suitable for large living rooms, dens, attics, and other large spaces — although it can easily complement smaller spaces as well. Pros: Realistic Flames – It offers 26 different flame visuals that have been drawn from actual fires, creating the most realistic flame patterns and effects you can buy. You can even upgrade the firmware by sending it from your phone, adding even more visual choices to the fireplace’s internal memory. HD Sounds – The fireplace uses actual recordings of real fires for its HD sound effects. You can choose from several other soundscapes like rain, the ocean, and bugs chirping as well. Backlit Display – A backlit touch display only lights up when you touch the screen, and allows you to adjust volume, visuals, timers, and more. Bluetooth Controls – An available app lets you control the fireplace from your phone or tablet via a Bluetooth connection for ultimate convenience. Cons: This fireplace may be a little expensive for some. The lack of mantle options may be a bit limiting for some buyers too. Verdict: Despite a high price tag, the MagikFlame Electric Fireplace is easily the best choice available in the market. It has the best visuals, the best sound, and most convenience, and a choice of two different mantle decor options. Worth every penny!