If you are prepared to unleash the power of your wallet, then you will get perhaps the most realistic and overall best electric fireplace out there. The MagikFlame Electric Fireplace is constructed in the Victorian style and will actually give you real logs. Alright, not real but they are holographic [* EDIT There is a physical log set in the insert, this part is not holographic] and this is a feature which is completely unmatched by other brands. You not only get 3D burning wood but you also get Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to control your electric fireplace from a distance. There are 21 [* EDIT 26 flames] samples of flames for you to choose from. Wait, there’s more realism to it. The crackling sounds that the unit makes are actually recorded from real burning logs. In terms of heat, you will be able to enjoy 4 600 BTU in ambient mode. You get to control the fireplace from the touch screen panel.