I love my electric fireplace. However, like most electric models, it doesn’t produce the realistic crackling log sounds. If you want a very realistic looking and sounding unit, check out the MagikFlame Electric Fireplace and Mantel. Magikflame combines HD video holograms with sound to generate the most real-sounding electric fire ever. Seriously! Many shoppers don’t think about the lack of sound when it comes to electric fireplaces. However, this advanced feature enables you to enjoy the unit even when you’re not looking at it directly. See what I mean in this video below. Compared to other versions, you’ll notice that the flames look exceptionally vibrant. Therefore, you can enjoy it more during the day, whereas cheaper models can appear dim in a brightly lit room. You can even change up the flame “style”. MagikFlame includes 26 different flame options (and the sound changes as well)! Plus, the fireplace even displays smoke to enhance the realistic appearance. Talk about attention to detail, right? Like most other electric flames, the MagikFlame uses LED bulbs to illuminate the fire. Hence, you can save a ton of money operating this unit. The bulbs themselves last a very long time, not to mention, they cost pennies per hour to use. In fact, I can run my electric fireplace guilt-free, because it doesn’t pollute the air or make my power bill surge out of control.How Does the MagikFlame Electric Fireplace Compare? As I mentioned above, this unique electric fireplace uses HD video holograms with smoke visuals and crackling log sounds to create a real fire effect. A MagikFlame Fire Looks More Realistic. In addition, this new “HoloFlame” technology has yet another advantage when compared to other LED fireplaces. It looks realistic from all angles. In other words, many cheaper fireplaces with LED-generated flames look fine from a distance. However, when you get closer or view the flames from the side, they don’t look so real. This Electric Fireplace Looks More Sophisticated with Minimal Effort: Compared to wall-hung fireplaces, this mantel provides a more elegant, finished look. In other words, it looks more expensive because of its built-in appearance. Therefore, it can enhance the value of your home with minimal effort. In addition, its free-standing design makes it cheaper and easier to install than a recessed insert. For example, you don’t have to cut into drywall and build a supporting frame. Don’t want to take on a time-consuming DIY project or lack construction skills? The MagikFlame gives you a great option, because the mantel takes less than one hour to assemble. Then, you simply plug the unit into a standard wall outlet. Adding a fireplace to your home can’t get much easier, than that, right? MagikFlame’s Low Profile Design Allows for Greater Versatility… You can, of course, install the free standing fireplace against a flat wall. However, you can also place it against a pre-existing mantel as shown in the photo above. Therefore, if you want to convert a traditional wood-burning fireplace into a greener alternative, you can. And, the job may be a lot easier than you expected using a mantel vs a recessed insert. Alternatively, you can position the fireplace with mantel on virtually any open wall or between cabinets or bookcases. Since electric models don’t need venting, they provide much more versatility as far as location. For example, many people can easily place them in a master bedroom, family room or even dining room. Or, add one in a guest room or cottage that you want to make feel more cozy. Electric Fireplace has a High Heat, but Can Save You Money Too… The MagikFlame electric fireplace comes with a decent-sized built-in heater that can heat a room up to 1,000 square feet. Consequently, some people use them as a heating source for their homes. On the other hand, you can enjoy the fiery crackling flames without the heat option. This makes using your fireplace much cheaper, because it uses less energy than a single lightbulb! Plus, you can take advantage of it year-round, even when you don’t want the extra heat. Control the Flames with Your Phone? Today’s eco-friendly electric fireplaces are changing the way people look at these traditional home features. Besides simulating real flickering flames and having genuine crackling log sounds, these fires can be controlled with your phone. I’m not kidding. For instance, you can switch the flame size, color and sound all with a few clicks on your handheld device.