I removed our old cracked wood burning fireplace and installed the Magikflame insert. Over all we are satisfied with the outcome. I used the old mantel and marble surround that was on the old fireplace. Also I was able to now use the space behind the fireplace as a closet and access to service the insert if needed without removing the mantel. I did make the marble, mantel, and black fill-in frame removable if needed to slide the fireplace out. The instructions are not the best and I would recommend Magikflame redo them. I was able to figure it out, but I am a retired mechanical contractor. Could be a problem for non technical people. Looks and sounds close to a wood burning fireplace. If you didn’t know, you would have to look real close to see if it was real. I do have to say Magikflame has the best customer support I have seen. They are quick on the chat form and easy to contact on the phone. Even after hours. A wood burning factory built fireplace range from 8-10k installed, plus permits. Then you have the wood cost and labor, mess, time and extra on your home insurance. The Magikflame is considered an appliance… no permit needed. So, the cost is really not that bad, considering.