We had two wood fireplaces and decided to replace one with an electric fireplace. I waited a year to do a review because this year i couldn’t get the video to run upon startup. The absolute best part for me is the uncompromised technical and world class customer support from Howard at Magikflame…My wife and dog absolutely love this appliance, like most items i will look for reviews before i purchase a big ticket item. Magikflame was among the best out at the time. Additionally on my purchase, i bought the last model of what i was told and received an additional discount. I also got the atomizer which we use in the kitchen, hahaha when we use it. Im pleased overall, but think these units might be a lil over priced with the wood and materials used. I would recommend because of the amenities it has over other brands but still think it’s high priced. By the way, in my picture, you can see an active aquarium, read the instruction booklet or face panel for directions on how you can download the program…. thanks Howard!! Pleased in Washington State!!