Best electric fireplace if you value quality and beauty. Classic styling with state-of-the-art technology beneath the surface. Take yourself back to a time when marble cladding and ivory were the order of the day in the stately homes of the well-to-do. The MagikFlame Aphrodite electric fireplace will give any room the grandeur, opulence, and regal elegance of a majestic colonial mansion. Now the moment we hear words like opulence and regal, we think expensive. You’d be right about this, the MagikFlame Aphrodite is expensive. This electric fireplace makes a statement, a grand one. It exudes quality and handcrafted ivory finishes that exemplify a grace and elegance that is seldom seen these days. You could easily imagine a string quartette standing beside the graceful mantel, gently turning out Mozart or Beethoven tunes to set the mood. So what kind of statement are we talking about here? The MagikFlame Aphrodite stands 43-inches tall, is 55-inches wide and has a broad 18-inch deep mantel. It’s going to make an impression. It has the classic features of engraved decorative ivory from foot to mantel and an elegant and realistic fire gate. Every inch of its construction is of the highest quality. At the price that you’ll be paying for this electric fireplace, I’d hope so. It is without a doubt, a fine investment in your home and is certainly going to stand the test of time. The real paradox of the MagikFlame Aphrodite is that despite its classic elegance, this electric fireplace has made use of every bit of modern technology available. It’s a powerful 4600 BTU heater with the advantage that it is never hot to the touch. This makes it perfectly safe for your kids and pets – no burning or scorching. So in terms of functionality, it’s a really great electric fireplace. Now for the real marvel of technology which adds to the aesthetics and ambiance of the fireplace. Instead of mechanical flame effects, that doesn’t always give a true wood-burning fire experience, the guys at MagikFlame have used holographic flames and logs with images of actual fires. There are 21 flame effects [* EDIT 26 FLAMES] to choose from and each has sound effects to match. I should correct this statement, these are not just sound effects but actual recordings of fires – capturing every nuance of the fires themselves. You won’t get a more realistic electric fireplace. It can also be used for effect only, meaning that you can choose any of the effects without using the heating function. So far the high-tech features of the MagikFlame Aphrodite are incredibly impressive, by anyone’s standards. But there’s more. The electric fireplace has Bluetooth connectivity so you can operate it using a smartphone or tablet. Not only does this give you full control over the fireplace from anywhere, but new versions are constantly being made available for download. This is the biggest advantage of using Bluetooth technology for home devices. It means that new functions can be added as they come along and they will introduce new flame and sound effects in time that you can just download as you wish. It even has nature sounds like rain or waves (among many others) that will give you an even greater ability to create the perfect atmosphere in the room. Named after the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, this electric fireplace has been made to inspire romance and grace in every aspect of its design. From the rich and elegant detail in its finish to the warm and realistic sound and visual effects, the MagicFlame Aphrodite isn’t just trying to imitate the experience of a genuine wood fire, it seeks to improve the experience. If you’ve got the kind of money to spend that it takes to own one of these exclusive fireplaces, you’ll be the envy of your friends and neighbors – even if you rub shoulders with the rich and famous. This truly is the best electric fireplace for those of you who can afford it.