I ordered direct from MagikFlame, after finding this product initially on Amazon. I received my Aphrodite in early October. It took about a month for me to learn how to use it properly, and now that I’m comfortable with its operation, I’m really enjoying my new fireplace just in time for our first snow last night (8 inches – ugh!). For a while there, I felt like I had Howard on speed-dial. But he is pretty patient and knows his product inside & out, and he’s been able to walk me through all the little frustrations that come with a new technology learning curve. This product is not without its limitations and glitches, but I consider it to be an investment that will get better over time, as software bugs get worked out and new features get added to the app. One improvement that could be made immediately is an owner’s manual that is more well written and descriptive. Many of my early frustrations could have been solved with better written and more detailed instructions and diagrams. That said, once Howard explained certain quirks to me that weren’t in the literature, things went a lot more smoothly. The different flames & sounds are great, and the fireplace is a great conversation piece. Everyone who sees it, wants one! This Aphrodite mantel looks right at home in my Victorian-era house. I should mention that the color is on the pale yellow side, not a creamy white like I thought it would be. And the distressing on it is just okay… I’ve never been a fan of fake distressing, but I’m learning to love it on this piece. It really does look lovely! It was pretty easy to assemble. I did most of the assembly myself, with my husband’s help only to lift a couple of heavy pieces.