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Which Electric Fireplaces are Best for a Small Home?

small fireplace

Living in a small home has many advantages. For instance, you don’t have to fit much furniture inside, and it is also easier to maintain. As the owner of a tiny home, you will require a heating solution for the cold seasons that is reasonable. The perfect fit should be a reasonably sized electric fireplace heater that will ensure your small room is efficiently heated. A small room does not require as much heat as a larger room, and you’ll need to consider this.

Electric fireplaces come in all forms and shapes, each with a different set of features that are specialized for their area of application. There are fireplaces for garages and open spaces, others for bedrooms, and others for outdoor use. They are preferred over a gas fireplaces for their powerful heating efficiency and safety.

Knowing the difference can help you make the best choice whenever you go shopping for an electric fireplace. Your small home will be adequately served by a heating solution that will make good use of electricity and keep you comfortable.

In this post, you will learn:

  • Heating Considerations for a Small Home
  • Best Electric Fireplaces for a Small Home
  • MagikFlame Electric Fireplaces

Heating Considerations for a Small Home

There is a massive difference between a large home and a small home. The large home has a lot of free space and, with an adequate spacing of the items inside, plenty of air flowing inside. On the other hand, the tiny home will tend to occupy less space and have fewer items inside. Someone living in a small home will not crowd the space with many items for the sake of comfort. A small home also has more miniature furniture than a large home with huge sofas and massive tables.

A small home possesses features that make it vastly different from a large one regarding heating requirements. The plenty of living space that a large home boasts of is not present in the small home. As such, any heat being dissipated from a space heater or fireplace will penetrate the entire room pretty fast. You will also realize that a small home heats up much faster owing to the significantly smaller surface area.

When we compare the small home with the large home, the heating solutions will be quite different. The small home will require a lighter heating option that does not produce too much heat. Overheating the small home can result in discomfort for the people inside and is therefore not recommended. However, the small home will be significantly cheaper to heat, and as such, you should be keen on your selection of a fireplace. As you look for a fireplace for your small home, ensure that you watch out for the best features. These features include automated regulation and other safety features which ensure that you are all comfortable in the small home.

Your small home will also need a heating solution that can be regulated and kept within safe limits. For instance, you should not let the temperature get beyond a given limit or get very cold for the home. Fireplaces that have a thermostat and automatic temperature regulation included as features are ideal for a small home. A propane fireplace will not fit a small home owing to space considerations for the fuel, and maintenance with such constraints is virtually impossible.

The regulation is also helpful for the most efficient use of power and keeping your electricity bill minimum. Modern fireplaces possess automated features that have been designed to give you complete control over your fireplace. These control features help set the climate you’d want your home occupants to experience whenever they are in your small home.

You will not prefer your small home to get too warm no matter the current weather condition. The home’s size means that a lot of the produced heat is retained within the home. As such, your fireplace should not give out too much heat that you cannot contain inside the home. The rate at which the heat dissipates inside the home should also be reasonable enough to be noticeable.

The small home occupant should notice when they are comfortable and when the heat is not comfortable for them. Instant heating has been known to work for many places, but small homes’ requirements are quite different. As a small homeowner, you should be able to select an electric fireplace heater that will serve your needs best, in addition to making sure that you are safe and comfortable.

Best Small Fireplaces for a Small Home

Here are some of the best electric fireplaces that will serve your small home best to make your search much easier.

MagikFlame Best Electric Fireplaces

Any discussion of electric fireplaces does not feel complete without a mention of the leader in fireplace technology. For many years, MagikFlame has invested in the best heating technology and has produced fireplace features that are not available to competitors. They lead the pack with their products and know the MagikFlame story is very important for a homeowner. Whenever you are looking for features, you should look for those that emulate the industry’s best practices and adherence to the leader’s standards.

The hassle will be eliminated when you know what features to look for. Knowing how MagikFlame is built and reading through MagikFlame reviews ensures that you have an idea of features to look for. Modern and up-to-date features are the best match for your small home. With a MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide, you know just what to look for in the fireplace that you choose for your small home. You always require a small fireplace for your small home, and this should fit perfectly into your interior design.

Your home decor should be emphasized by the small electric fireplace insert that you choose for your home. In a way, the fireplace should fit in with the rest of the home decor and not stand out. A firebox that looks out of place is not suitable for your small home and looks always count in the selection process. Fireplaces from MagikFlame are available in a variety of makes and builds that are ideal for different places.

Knowing the available features in the fireplace that you intend to purchase for your home is very important. It ensures that your fireplace is the focal point of your living room not only in terms of appearance but as a source of heat. The wall-mount electric fireplace can be installed below your TV stand and still leave enough space for venting. You can also have a freestanding fireplace or a wall-mounted electric fireplace recessed into the wall not to occupy much space.

The installation of the wall-mounted electric fireplace determines the kind of heating and visual effect you achieve in the end. For instance, your fireplace should be able to fit your small home without taking up too much living space. The fireplace’s size and how you install it to fit in with the rest of your living room are some of the critical determinants of success. Typically, freestanding fireplaces are not supposed to take up more floor space than you are comfortable letting them.

Functionality is another important feature that MagikFlame emphasizes with their selection of fireplaces for your home. For instance, a fireplace should be able to give you heat as an optional feature. Whenever you feel comfortable, you should turn off the heating function and only remain with the realistic flames. The dancing flames can keep the appearance into the night while your small home remains relatively cool.

No longer do you need to hassle about getting the best small electric fireplace for your small home. With MagikFlame leading the rest of the pack, there are many features and functionalities that they set an example with their fireplaces. MagikFlame only provides the best features for their fireplaces, including remote controls and the most advanced apps for your smartphone.

Controlling your electric fireplace heater from the comfort of your mobile device is a feature that is rarely found in other fireplaces. It shows the dedication that MagikFlame has put behind their work and the progress they have been able to accomplish thus far. Their fireplace design is always conscious of the floor space, and wall-mounted space heaters ensure that your home has space to spare.

Crackling log sounds and 5200 BTU of heat produced leave your home looking comfortable and welcoming to all who come to visit. You also get to choose from different flame settings, and in-built safety features ensure that you use the BTU fireplace for many years. MagikFlame fireplaces’ quality makes them serve you for many more years to come and is the differentiating factor between them and the rest of the pack.

Duraflames 3D Electric Fireplace Stove

The Duraflame 3D electric fireplace makes the first spot on our selection. It does not sacrifice any of its unique features for its small form factor. The Duraflame electric stove features a flame effect and heats your small home using a 1000 square feet infrared heater.

Additionally, the Duraflames 3D stove has a beautiful screen display that is accompanied by remote control. The small fireplace also comes with an automatic on-off timer and an in-built digital thermostat that ensures that your home stays at the desired temperature. The temperature regulation feature is handy for your small home and is one of the reasons this is the first fireplace we have picked.

The remote control is intended to get the control in your hands. It ensures that you can keep yourself comfortable and determine the temperature of the small home. You can change the 3D effects of the great flames in addition to their brightness. The electric stove’s compact design is a metal frame that is neat and convenient for the small fireplace.

With the controls, you can turn off the heat when you feel reasonably comfortable and enjoy the flames by themselves. The flame effect is known to leave your home looking bright in flames yet comfortable at the same time. To top it all, the portable fireplaces from Duraflame run quietly and do not interrupt your comfortable evenings with noise.

Dimplex 29 Premium Log Set

Your small home would not look better when you have log sets to set the tone. Log sets are ideally positioned right inside your open fireplace and give you the effect of having actual logs. The Dimplex log set is the ideal fireplace to have in your small home. It achieves an amazing visual effect by projecting the flames to the back section of the fireplace. The flames appear to be coming from the brightly glowing fireplace log, and there could be no better visual effect.

In addition to the logs, the small fireplace features an integrated heater to keep you warm and comfortable. For your small home, the embers and logs glow to resemble an actual smoldering fire. They are hand finished and are very realistic in their appearance. Included with the fireplace is a remote control you can use to adjust the effects of the flames and the temperature of the heater.

At 28 inches, the fireplace is the best fit for your small home. You will find it to occupy only a little space in your small home and does not bring with it any installation constraints. Any position you see fit is best for your small home, and the fireplace will get you comfortable in no time. The unique visual effect makes your home’s overall appearance fantastic, and you get to achieve that original traditional fireplace look and feel of many old homes.

It heats your home reasonably fast and setting it up is very easy. It also feels cozy and provides a fantastic ambiance to your small home. Ease of use and an attractive modern design make it one of the first options for small homeowners. Made to resemble wood-burning stoves, this is the best option for your small home and a throwback to wood-heating days.

Dimplex 28 Opti-Myst Log Sets

The Opti-Myst is yet another great log set from Dimplex designed specifically for your small home. You can eliminate the heating feature with this fireplace once you feel warm enough to remain with a very realistic flame. With the use of advanced technology, you can easily make realistic flames for that majestic appearance. The flames resemble any real flame and can be very hard to differentiate.

Opti-Myst is a feature of the electric fireplace that is intended to create realistic smoke. Together, the flame and smoke are a complete package, making your home seem as if it is making use of a wood-burning fireplace for heating. The effects of smoke are made possible with the use of fine mist from water. The fireplace does not give out any heating but is the best solution when you need to have realistic fires in your small home.

The small fireplace is very easy to run, operates quietly, and gives your home the best atmosphere.

Chateau Corner Fireplace

Having a fireplace installed at the very corner of your small home is a crowning achievement of its cozy feel. The Chateau Corner is an ideal choice for your small home owing to its small size and appealing look. It is available in dark walnut, white, and espresso, and the design has an included mantel. The mantel lets you place items at the top, such as decorations and light objects that you’d need to access conveniently.

The small electric fireplace also features a thermostat, a brightness setting, and an automated timer for turning it on and off. All these features are easy to control and can be easily accessed from the remote. VividFlame technology ensures that the fire on the fireplace looks realistic and appealing for your small home.

Jasmine Fireplace Mantel Package

A small home requires a fireplace that can fit against the wall provided there is an electrical outlet nearby. The Jasmine is this kind of wall-mount electric fireplace that comes in a small white form factor perfect for your home. It is fitted within a fireplace mantel and comes full of amazing features.

For instance, the Jasmine electric fireplace features a state-of-the-art ember bed. The adjustable flame effect is available in red and orange and accompanies three different brightness settings. The 1000 square feet stainless steel heater that accompanies the small fireplace has an included thermostatic control to ensure that your small home is cozy and comfortable. It keeps your small home heated efficiently and automated on-and-off features maintain your home’s temperature and atmosphere at reasonable levels.

ClassicFlame Elysium

A wall-mounted design means that this tiny fireplace can easily be fitted in your small home and not even appear conspicuous. The Elysium boasts impressive features such as a realistic flame effect, which employs advanced technology to make your small home look amazing. It also has a powerful 1000 square feet infrared quartz heater that is sufficient for your small home. Infrared quartz produces energy similar to sunlight in its heating effectiveness and heats objects directly.

With a base that comes included with the package, you can use the electric fireplace as a tabletop feature in your home. The ember bed is also available in log, rock, and glass options. To spruce up the appearance effect of this fireplace, you get to enjoy a better ambiance thanks to sidelights.

Your small home will not be out of heating options for the cold seasons and winter with this list. You will be able to realize the comfort and suitable heating you have been looking to purchase. Knowing the available features of each fireplace ensures that you are not out of options while shopping. You will also realize a more comfortable look when you know what to expect.

Small homes have unique heating requirements, and not every electric fireplace out there can cut it. It would be best if you had a heating solution that has been ideally designed for a small space and is a perfect match for your small home. The fireplace you choose should also comfortably heat your small home’s available area and be easy to regulate. Keeping the temperature in check is essential and an adjustable thermostat should provide a key feature while you make your selection.

Traditional White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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