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How a Portable Fireplace is Your On-The-Go-Solution

portable outdoor fireplace

Fireplaces are available in different types and designs. They are engineered to fit the requirements of the users and the areas where they will be installed. Some fireplaces are intended for the wall, and others are meant to stay on the floor. Some fireplaces are designed for places that are poorly ventilated, while others fit perfectly in closed rooms.

Choosing a fireplace will usually depend on the places you intend to fit them, the fuel type, and portability, among other factors. If you want to stay in a single location or room without moving around much, a permanent installation will suit you well. The typical alternatives for fireplaces that do not move around are wood-burning and natural gas fireplaces.

On the other hand, if you tend to move around a lot, you will need portable fireplaces. A wood-burning fireplace will not do for this situation owing to the amount of maintenance and fuel required. A portable outdoor fireplace can be used anywhere, including your backyard patio. There are no limitations on where you can place this fire pit, and landscaping is straightforward.

A home builder will usually recommend a portable fire pit for homes that have many rooms. An outdoor fire pit also makes life outdoors more comfortable in the winter. It also makes the outdoor patio more comfortable, and the best patio fire pits are portable. Outdoor living is more feasible with a patio heater, and their appearance resembles a steel wood-burning fire pit. Grilling marshmallows and hot dogs on the cooking grate will be better with wood-burning outdoor heating.

With a portable outdoor fireplace, you are not tied or fixed to a specific place. You can move around with your outdoor fire pit bowl and ensure that you are always comfortable. You will also have more freedom in the outdoor space, and as such, there are no inhibitions on heating the outdoor fire pit bowl and staying comfortable anywhere you are.

In this post, you will learn:

  • Portable Electric Fireplaces
  • Benefits of a Portable Electric Fireplace
  • Types of Portable Fireplaces
  • Using an Electric Fireplace as a Portable Solution
  • MagikFlame Electric Fireplaces

Portable Electric Fireplaces

Typical fireplaces meant for the home are designed to be fitted on the wall or in some other location. Once they have been installed, you are unable to move them. These restrictions mean that you will be limited in terms of the rooms that can stay heated and where you spend most of your time.

If portability is what you desire, a permanent fire pit will not be of much use to you. You will only get to make use of them in the rooms where they are installed. You will need a better solution in the other rooms to keep by your side and move with it whenever you are shifting location.

Portable electric fireplaces are designed to stay on the move. They are not permanently fixed anywhere, and moving with them is very easy. They are also lightweight to make the experience for the user much more straightforward and effortless. For instance, if you intend to move around the house a lot, a lightweight fire pit will be a joy to handle. The big fire pit will not bog you down, and your experience will be an effortless home heating experience.

There is a massive difference between typical central home heating systems and portable outdoor fireplaces. The central home heating systems are designed to stay in the same place all the time. Usually, they have a venting fan that is used to blow the hot air produced from the stainless steel heating element.

As such, they can keep the entire room heated even when they are restricted in their position. You cannot move a fire pit with a mantel around it, and it will always stay at the same place. Whenever you install a fire pit as a permanent feature of your home, you have to consider the area you need to cover.

For portable fireplaces, you are not limited or restricted in terms of what area of the home can be heated. You can carry it with you no matter where you intend to place it and even warm your outdoor BBQ. Chiminea is one example of an outdoor fireplaces manufacturer that is all about outdoor appearances.

For the electric-powered versions of the portable fireplaces, you will need to have an outlet nearby when you need to use it. However, this is not a drawback for users who need to have freedom of movement whenever they are at home.

Benefits of a Portable Electric Fireplace

For starters, a portable electric fireplace is very easy to carry around. It is not bulky and usually comes in a compact form factor. Most of the components have been toned down to ensure that they fit the space available but still offer heating functions at the same rate of efficiency. Efficient operation is recovered by a better design of the fireplace.

The components needed to produce heat are embedded into the fireplace to ensure that they do not take up more space than they should. With this design type, the fire pit gets to occupy the least amount of space without impacting its efficiency.

Moving with your electric fireplace is easy, and you will not feel like you are moving large appliances around. You also have peace of mind whenever working with compact portable fireplaces as you won’t get tired.

A lightweight design also contributed to better and more functional heating technologies inside the portable outdoor fireplace. The components used for portable outdoor fireplaces are significantly different from those used in other kinds of electric fireplaces. They are more efficient and take up less space. Additionally, they are lighter and make transferability possible.

In terms of power consumption, the portable electric fireplace heater is much lighter and does not use up much power. As such, you can easily use it around the home without having to worry about your power bills going too high. You will feel much more comfortable when you have a fireplace that uses less energy.

The fire pit’s portable design means that it is much more energy-efficient and ideal for your home. Moving around much means that setting it up and breaking it down takes some time. However, portable fireplaces are designed to be easy to move around, and setting them up does not take much time. Provided you have an electrical outlet where you are moving to, getting the fireplace up and running will be pretty straightforward.

A portable electric fireplace can move around a lot, and the fireplace structure is meant to handle rough environments. The base, for instance, is insulated from outside static energy, and it is also cool to the touch. Being cool to the touch also means that you will not have to worry about getting scalded by the white-hot elements of the portable fireplaces when you are moving it around.

A safe design is the leading feature of most portable fireplaces, intended to be moved around a lot. They are designed to be carried without hurting the user and do not heat out the outside elements. A user protected while moving the portable fireplaces will also have a more effortless, safer experience with the portable fireplaces.

The ease of movement means that your portable fireplaces can be placed anywhere in your home. As such, you have more freedom in terms of where you can set the fire pit and what area it can heat. You can have it as close or far away from the areas you need to stay warm as you need. There is also more freedom when you are using the portable electric fireplace. You can use it both indoors and outdoors.

Additionally, if you live in an apartment building, you will not have to incur the cost of tearing down the existing fireplace installation before moving to a new home. The portable outdoor fireplace will need to be packed into its packaging and proceeded with the rest of your belongings whenever you are moving. The ability to easily load and go makes the portable electric fireplace an ideal solution for your home. An interior designer or home improvement architect will highly recommend this option for most residences.

According to Wayfair, your interior design is easier to plan and manage when you have a portable electric fireplace to use. Maximizing the layout and floor plan ensures that you still have plenty of space left to plan and live in. Wayfair insists that portable fireplaces are lightweight and are not bulky. They are also attractive, and with them, you get to have a cozy and welcoming residence without eating up too much of the floor space.

If you live in an RV, the portable electric fireplace is the most convenient to keep your motor home warm and comfortable. Your life on the open road will also be much more comfortable, and your nights in the wild will be more comfortable and appealing.

Types of Portable Fireplaces

Portable fireplaces are classified based on many of their features and other factors. For instance, the type of fuel used to power the fireplaces will determine the type you choose for your home. Some fire pit is propane powered that can be installed anywhere in your home. Moving these around is simple, and the fire pit table design is ideal for your living space. Popular examples of bio-ethanol-powered portable fireplaces and fire pit tables include:

  • Utopia Ventless Portable Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace: The fire bowl from Regal Flame provides an effective yet efficient source of heat in your home. The fact that it is propane gas-powered means that it does not produce smoke or thick smog while it is in use. The propane fire pit can use a propane tank as a source of fuel. As such, the propane tank needs to be clean, making it a safe form of heating for your home that you will find to be quite effective. Its fire pit table takes up less space while still providing the efficiency it requires.

  • Sophie Metal Bio-Ethanol Outdoor Tabletop Fireplace with Flame Guard: The fantastic metal fire pit adds a touch of class to your ambiance in addition to warming your home. It is modern in every sense and has a sleek fire bowl design with a cylindrical body that resembles a gas fire pit.
     You can use it both indoors and outdoors without the inconvenience of smoke, ash, and soot. It also produces a pleasant smell and has decorative lava rocks to bring an outdoor appearance to your home interior. The propane fire pit table is also considered safe for use within the house and uses propane for fuel. The included flame guard means that the fireplace is safe for your home. Heat output of 2000 BTU means that you can cover a significantly huge area of your home.

  • Monrow Ventless Portable Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace: This fireplace has a warm glowing flame that swirls and dances around. It acts as a centerpiece and provides an ambiance to your dining room. It does not require electricity, gas, or a chimney, and the fire bowl has flame protection features. Its design uses propane gas as a fuel and can keep running for about 2 to 3 hours.

In other cases, you might go for the propane and infrared heater as a portable fireplace for your home. The infrared heater makes use of rays of energy that are similar to what the sun produces. The form of heating is extremely effective and heats objects directly, meaning that you will get comfortable more quickly when using this propane fireplace. Portable infrared fireplaces include models such as:

  • Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove: The 5200 BTU heater provides you with heat that can cover up to 1000 square feet of space. It is cost-effective and has realistic 3D flame effects, which are adjustable. Heat originating from the infrared quartz helps maintain the air’s humidity and ensures that the heat is safe and doesn’t dry out the living space. Using electronic ignition means that operations are elementary and efficient.
     The infrared heater also features an overheat protection feature which will automatically shut off when the temperatures are too high. Additionally, you can easily decide your room temperature thanks to using an adjustable digital thermostat for your propane and electric-powered fireplace.

  • Life Pro 3 Element Portable Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace: For someone that is looking for style, this is the ideal fire pit to have. It is both appealing in appearance and has a good performance that you will be sure to love. The elegant appearance reflects old-fashioned, classic looks that have been merged with modern technology required to keep your home warm and comfortable. Even with the use of infrared as a source of heating, the fireplace includes glowing logs and embers that give it a realistic fire pit appearance. It can heat up to 1800 square feet of space and comes with EZ glide casters that will enable you to move it around the home. It is portable and suitable for small homes. It is also energy-efficient and only uses 1500 watts of energy. It is a cheap heating option and costs as much as is needed for a hairdryer. An included remote control enables you to balance your room temperature and adds convenience.

  • Pleasant Hearth Sheridan Mobile Infrared Fireplace: The portable infrared fireplace can heat large areas and heat up to 1000 square feet of space. It comes with five different heat settings and three brightness levels for the flames visible through the spark screen. You can lower this for soft romantic light, and you can use the fireplace both indoors and outdoors. It is also cost-effective and does not use up much energy. In an endless summer, the heating can be turned off, leaving the flames dancing.

Last but not least are the portable electric fireplaces. Using these is very easy as all you require is an electric outlet to plug and play. There is no conversion kit required, and cut-outs are ideal spaces to install them. Operating these is very easy, and you will find them to be very efficient and effective for your heating needs around the home. The best electricity-powered electric fireplaces that are also portable include:

  • Duraflame 550 Black Electric Fireplace: Accompanied by remote control, the fireplace is easy to set up, and you will have no trouble relocating it to other rooms or outdoors. It only weighs 25 pounds, and moving it from one place to another is easy and convenient. It features a fire glass for safety and displays during the endless summer. The fireplace also includes a decorative matte finish that features classic lines that complement the fireplace’s overall look. It looks appealing in all kinds of spaces and is one of the popular portable electric fireplaces on Amazon.

  • Dimplex Celeste Purifire Electric Fireplace: The Celeste is the ideal accessory to keep your living room or entryway decorated without taking up too much space. It is available in both cream and black and can be used as a foldable nightstand in your bedroom. The flame and log details are hand-painted, making them the best models you can buy for your home on Amazon. If you are looking to remodel your home, this is the best option.

  • Dimplex Mini Cube Red Freestanding Electric Stove: Combining a retro design with a modern look, the Dimplex red mini cube is a solo stove ideal for your kid’s room. Its cost is under $100, and the unit is the best heating solution for small spaces that are less than 400 square feet. Their lightweight designs of 16 pounds mean that you can move it freely to anywhere you have an electrical outlet.

Using an Electric Fireplace as a Portable Solution

As you can see from the examples provided above, a portable fire pit is an on-the-go solution for all your heating needs. Setting up a portable fire pit is very simple, and you can do the entire DIY setup and starting the fireplace by yourself. There are no components that come separately when you buy the portable fireplace, and as such, you will find it very easy to use. It is not complicated to use around your home, and moving it around is easy.

Some of the portable fireplaces come with mobility features such as rails or slides under them to ensure that moving around the home is not complicated. They can also move over pavers outdoors with ease. As such, you are not limited in terms of where you can use the fireplace. As we have seen, there are different kinds of fireplaces, such as bio-ethanol-powered fireplaces and infrared fireplaces. These are all excellent choices, but when you do not need any complications, such as refueling your fire pit, an electric fireplace is the best solution.

With an electric fireplace, all you will require to enjoy its warmth is an electrical outlet. It can be either inside or outside at your home and as such, outdoor use is not restricted or limited in any way. You will also enjoy comfort and ease of use when working with an electric fireplace. The best electric fireplace design is more energy-efficient and is also intended to save on energy costs.

Safety features in the electric fireplace are more advanced than the other kinds of fireplaces you might consider for your home. The portable electric fireplace is much safer than the propane gas-powered alternative as no exposed flame is likely to cause accidents and other mishaps around your home. You get the peace of mind that you deserve when you use the electric fireplace, and your home gets to stay safe throughout its use.

A portable electric fireplace is more energy-effective and also comfortable for your current home decor. Automated features for controlling your fire pit mean that you will not have to worry about leaving it on. Shut off features that turn off the appliance when it has reached the temperature you desire to ensure that your home does not get hotter than you intend for it to become. The use of a timer also makes it possible to only keep the fireplace on for a while and then turn it off.

With a portable electric fireplace, you can always have the flame effect active and the heating element turned off whenever you feel comfortable. Once you are warm, you can leave the realistic flame flickering around for its aesthetic appeal.

An electric fireplace is indeed the best solution when you do not want to be limited or restricted to one place or room in your home. It is easy to use and does not stress you whenever you are using it in your home. For space-conscious homes, the portable electric fireplace means that you get to have more space to play and move around in the house.

Movability is one of the other fantastic features of freestanding fireplaces. The freestanding electric fireplace will only require to be close to an electric outlet for it to be used. You won’t need to work with all other kinds of common types with the different types of portable fire pits. A stress-free operation also means that you stay warm for longer and allows you to focus on other things around the home.

MagikFlame Electric Fireplaces

MagikFlame has been the leading producer of electric fireplaces for the longest time now. Their engineering is the best and is reflected in the features included in their heating solutions for the home. Their electric heaters are some of the best in the industry and a true reflection of modern technology for effective home heating solutions.

If you are searching for energy-efficient, cost-effective, and aesthetic heating solutions for your home, MagikFlame is the place to go. By reading a few MagikFlame reviews on Amazon, you will be able to see the great features and capabilities of their fireplaces that are not possible in any other type of fireplace.

In case you are not familiar with the MagikFlame story, you will be pleased to note that they use the most advanced technology for all the features of their fireplaces. As a result, they are the only producers of fireplaces that have accompanying mobile applications for their fireplaces. With the mobile application, you can easily pair up your fireplace and control it over the home Wi-Fi connection.

You can also log in remotely to your fireplace and monitor its statistics. Besides, you can schedule the fireplace to turn off whenever you are traveling away from home for a long time. That is how MagikFlame is built to ensure the safety of your home even when you are away.

The realistic flames that are produced by the MagikFlame fireplaces are a class apart from the rest of the products on Amazon. While the other electric fireplaces use moving components to create their flame effect, the fireplaces from MagikFlame employ a solid-state technology to create a realistic flame effect.

The flame appears behind the logs, making the effect appear more realistic, and the depth of view makes the flame seem like it is coming from the log. The visual effect is not easy to achieve, and the other fire pit manufacturers do not even come close to what MagikFlame has accomplished.

Thirty realistic flames are available with realistic flame effects meaning that your fireplace can take on any theme you like. You can also adjust the brightness of the flames, thus creating the best atmosphere for your home. The flames are accompanied by crackling log sounds, making the entire effect appear and feel even more realistic. A built-in 5200 BTU heater provides enough warmth and comfort for your home and energy efficiency.

With solid-state technology to create realistic flame effects, your fireplace gets to use less energy than when moving components are employed. Advanced technology makes the electric fireplaces from MagikFlame several times better than others in the same category.

Your energy bills are lowered, and you have peace of mind when you are using MagikFlame electric fireplaces for your home. Modern technology is also making it easier to incorporate visual and audio effects into the MagikFlame fireplaces. For instance, you can create an atmosphere using the several available options. The sound effects produce the impression that you are in a rainforest or out in the wild.

At the MagikFlame fireplace front, a touchscreen control panel makes it possible for you to set the fireplace’s temperature and other parameters. Using the control panel, you can also set the sound effects that you would like to have at your home and adjust the temperature and heat setting with ease.

The touchscreen stops glowing and disappears into the background when it is no longer in use. There is also an accompanying remote control that you can use to operate the electric fireplace from MagikFlame at a distance.

The availability of several means of controlling and operating the fireplace also means that you are not limited in options to make adjustments. For instance, if you left the fireplace at a high-temperature setting when you were leaving for work, you can access it over the internet from the comfort of your mobile device. Through the mobile application, you can control the MagikFlame fireplace remotely and ensure that it operates within safe limits.

With a good MagikFlame electric fireplace buying guide, you can easily tell the different features apart. For instance, you will get to choose fireplaces that are ideal for the place where you intend to use them. If you intend to move around a lot, you will find a fireplace with enhanced features for portability.

These features include the ease of setting up and plugging into the available electrical outlets. Some of the fireplaces are also specialized for use in places that do not have heat insulation. For instance, the electric fireplace you choose for your garage will be significantly different from the fireplace you use for your living room.

Getting to know the different features of the MagikFlame fireplaces that are available is very important. It ensures that you can select a fireplace that will best serve your needs. Additionally, it lets you compare options and decide what is best for your particular usage scenario. You will also be able to choose from the different payment plans and financing options that are available for some of the fireplaces. No matter your budget, there is always a fireplace that will suit your needs and ensure that your home is comfortable and warm at a reasonable cost.

MagikFlame has employed the best design and technology in their outdoor fireplaces fire pits. As such, you are assured of a lasting service from the electric fireplaces, fire pit and which come with a warranty. The warranty ensures that you enjoy long-life service from your outdoor fireplaces and enables you to get repairs and switch up features whenever you need. The accompanying DIY instruction manual is also simple to use and lets you get more familiar with your fireplace and how best to use it for your home heating needs.

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Stand-Alone Electric Fireplace Insert with Sound and Heater
Modern White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
European Style White Electric Fireplace Mantel & Insert with Sound and Heater
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