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Bathroom Fireplace Ideas to Elevate Your Space

Bathroom Fireplace

Taking a relaxing bath goes to the next level with an electric fireplace. Enjoy the ambiance and serene atmosphere to unwind from a difficult day. Upgrade a new home or remodel an existing living space by adding warmth and style to a master bathroom. 

In this post you will learn: 

  • Tradition v. Trend
  • Importance of an Interior Design Strategy
  • Electric Fireplaces – An Ideal Option, Tips
  • The Ultimate DIY Bathroom Ideas

Tradition versus Trend

While fireplaces have been traditionally located in living rooms, family rooms, and bedrooms, the idea of soaking in the bathtub striving for peace and quiet with an electric fireplace is gaining in popularity. 

Google Trends indicates a significant trajectory with bathroom electric fireplaces (see Sept 2020 dotted line in chart). 

Source: Google Trends, 5-year window

In the research phase of your new project, try speaking with a home builder, interior designer, or realtor to assist with valuable insight regarding local market trends that could impact a buying decision.

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), buyers want energy efficiency and white within their bathroom. 

Fireplaces are considered a nice focal point for a room and assist with home resale value. Placing a fireplace in the bath, in turn, accents the room and provides the elegant flare of essence that completes the purpose of the room.

Additionally, bathroom fireplaces are usually categorized into different groups such as traditional fireplaces and electric fireplace heaters. There are upsides and downsides to each.

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces have been the norm over many decades. There are many challenges with combustible fireplaces related to air quality, burning embers (safety) and maintenance. 

An alternative is an electric fireplace. This growing specialty retail segment has been more of a fit for new construction, home remodels, interior designers and fireplace enthusiasts. 

According to Google Trends, popularity is consistent over the last five years, as interest for these seasonal products remain solid. The trend could shift in the near future with an emphasis on global “green environment” solutions, local government regulations, and innovative electric fireplace technology that allows a fireplace to be controlled with a favorite mobile device. Therefore, differentiation and integration of electric fireplace technology is critically important in the decision making process with flame realism being a significant factor. See our best electric fireplace buying guide for more details. 

Importance of an Interior Design Strategy

When trying to design for your bathroom for a long soak or make upgrades, interior design is an intensely creative practice that fuses both physical and emotional elements. As we mentioned earlier, working with home builders, interior designs or even an architect should have at least a consultation. Afterall, drawing on elements of structural architecture and physical aesthetics, shape the way you want to experience the bathroom. The end goal is to create a home design with home decor that fits your vision in such a way that we don’t realize the space is serving a purpose. 

Consider some of these important pieces in your master bath and interior design strategy:

  • Interior design aesthetics – Well-designed spaces that keep visual appeal in mind and deliver a strong vibe.
  • Lifestyle architecture – Idea that interior design should always orbit around how spaces should be used. 
  • Bespoke approach – Deep dive into your needs and tailoring the approach to align findings.
  • Budget – A clear cut budget is an absolute must — otherwise, we get carried away dreaming!

The design strategy and concept fit into this growing trend with the interior design community. The bathroom has a role in the house that is beyond daily hygiene. It should provide a modern style that adds beautiful decor, comfy chairs and a flare of elegance in bathroom finishes and vanities. 

Electric Fireplaces — An Ideal Option, Tips

Electric fireplaces offer flexibility for interior designers or home decor enthusiasts to remodel master bathrooms. There are a variety of styles and sizes from wood mantels to stainless steel or mechanical flames to real flame aesthetics or large see through fireplace to small fireplace

Tip #1: Select an electric fireplace insert that has realistic flames and efficiency. Far too often we see several mechanical electric fireplaces that flicker lights to simulate a flame. If you had a traditional or gas fireplace flame in mind, investing in a MagikFlame electric fireplace may be your ideal option.

Flame realism and efficiency are becoming more of a concern. Moving away from a traditional fireplace or gas fireplace to an electric fireplace makes more sense. Venting is not required for a freestanding electric fireplace insert and it can be portable or built as a wall mounted electric fireplace with a dedicated electrical outlet. This saves you an expensive renovation beyond electrical, drywall and paint. 

A MagikFlame electric fireplace is a luxury fireplace design with an electric fireplace insert that has 30 of the most realistic flames and crackling log sounds. This trend alternative to traditional home fireplaces can easily translate to a bathroom for modernizing, upgrading home value, and personal relaxation. If you have utility bill concerns about efficiency, please see our utility bill cost calculator for your specific needs. 

Tip #2: Ensure the fireplace heater has a thermostat, greater than 5,000 BTU heat output and ventless delivery. Units more than 5,000 BTU can be considered a secondary heat source and warm a room up to 1,000 square feet. Flexible options here include having the fireplace on without heat or log set. This helps with year-round use.

Tip #3: The wall mount electric fireplace or firebox delivers ambiance without the hassle or mess. Be sure the unit is installed in such a way that water isn’t splashed or comes into direct contact due to electric shock. Consider a high-grade electrical outlet with a safety switch (GFI) for additional safety. Consult with a professional electrician and check code requirements to ensure health and safety. In some traditional homes without modern technology, existing fireplaces are renovated into larger baths, and the fireplace remains in its original space. 

The Ultimate DIY Bathroom Fireplace Ideas

Overall, the ultimate bathroom experience includes having a fireplace near the tub. Nothing says luxury more than sitting in a bubble bath, glass of wine in hand while viewing an electric fireplace. The warm fire, the crackling log sounds of burning wood and embers, and the soft glow are perfect to create a relaxing mood. 

A fireplace in the bathroom is one of those dream house details that seems out of reach of the average person. Think outside the box if you can’t afford one. There are payment plans and financing for the most realistic electric fireplace — MagikFlame. 

Consider adding more authenticity and spa-level ambiance with candles and incense. MagikFlame electric fireplaces have a pine scent atomizer to inspire the ultimate bathroom experience should incense or candles not be available. Other accessories include a woven basket for magazines or towels – the possibilities are endless. This should create a romantic setting that is inspired by the tub and fireplace.

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