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11 Ways to Warm Up Your Bathroom and Make it Cozy

warm up a bathroom

When winter arrives, we all know it’s a change in lifestyle. There are mornings we should prepare better than others to help ensure a good workday. That chilly morning sometimes begins in the bathroom and a cold, brisk floor. Most bathrooms feature porcelain, stone, or ceramic surfaces. While these materials make the bathroom aesthetically appealing and functional, they can leave the bathroom floor uncomfortably cold. A warm bathroom is a core and vital piece to increasing quality of life and peace of mind. for many reasons, such as enjoying a relaxing shower, bath or simply spending time in the mirror. 

Some of us make numerous trips to the bathroom at night. Installing features that make a bathroom comfortable can be challenging and rewarding. Increasing quality of life isn’t easy, so we hope these tips and observations help to understand — how do I make my bathroom warm?

In this post, you will learn ways to warm your cold bathroom including:

  • Have a Portable Heater for the Bathroom
  • Install a Towel Warmer
  • Install an Electric Fireplace
  • Bathroom Plants
  • Switch Off the Bathroom Exhaust Fan When You Shower
  • Seal Bathroom Windows
  • Install Warm Lighting
  • Bathroom Floor Cover
  • Heated Floors
  • Change the Bathroom Color Scheme
  • Large Showerhead

Have a Portable Heater for the Bathroom

A portable bathroom heater should benefit a small space before showering. Most portable space heaters are energy efficient and plug directly into a power outlet in the bathroom. Simply switch it on for a minimum of 15-minutes before entering the bathroom. This should provide enough time to deliver heat to the space. If there isn’t a power outlet in the bathroom, consider plugging it in as close as possible for the portable heater to warm the heat zone. 

Researching the appropriate heater can start with a simple Google search. Consider going to a store to see the product first hand or call their department expert. It should be light — so that it can move from one room-to-room. 

Additionally, advanced technology homes that have programmable thermostats, it’s more convenient to schedule the ideal room temperature 30-minutes before starting a bathroom routine. Try a digital thermostat as it should help adjust the temperature with ease. Try a space heater that has been tested by a recognized laboratory. Look for a UL-certified label on the heater to increase confidence in the safety and trust. This way, the space should be warmer, maybe even cozy, prior to entering the shower. 

Ensure the unit offers multiple heat settings to accommodate bathroom heating needs. It should cover the heat zone of the bathroom. Most units’ heat range is between 200 – 1,000 square feet. 

Finally, most portable heaters should have oversight. Monitor it when they are in use, especially with kids and pets in the area. If possible, select a unit that switches off automatically.

Install a Towel Warmer

A warm towel makes a bath more enjoyable. The towel warms the cold surfaces of the bathroom. Consider warming towels by placing them in a hot radiator. Another option is putting them in a clothes dryer. 

However, the best way to warm towels and warm the room is to install a towel warmer.

The towel material has the ability to increase and retain higher temperatures. Then, transfer some of the heat energy to surrounding areas in the bathroom space. 

These warmers come in two types

  1. A wall-mounted warmer 
  2. A freestanding warmer. 

Freestanding warmers are easy to install as they are a plug and play option with a power outlet. The wall-mounted unit requires a hard-wire to a home electrical system.

Install an Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace is an excellent upgrade from a traditional combustion fireplace. The trendy, specialty retail products install with ease on a wall. It doesn’t require the heavy lifting or effort that goes into lighting a fire. It also warms a room with targeted zone heating. There are different types and designs of these fireplaces, each designed to meet different needs. Consider reading our foremost electric fireplace buying guide for more information.

An electric fireplace, such as the MagikFlame Fireplace, is a safer product as it does not produce carbon monoxide and other traditional fireplace smoke and fire concerns. Instead of real flames, it uses fake flames through holographic technology projection. The electric fireplace also plays the sound of burning wood, crackling log sounds to give a realistic effect. Match the insert or firebox with a mantel style as the focal point of a room.

We consider MagikFlame the best electric fireplace on the market today. The fireplace uses digital video of actual flames, making them appear ultra-realistic. It is capable of warming up to 1,000 square feet of space as a secondary heat source. Inside the fireplace are LED lights. The lights can last for up to 50,000 hours. It is rated 5,200 BTUs with infrared heating technology for efficient heating. This also ensures low energy bills every month. Learn more with our utility bill cost calculator too. 

More advanced features include a backlit touchscreen that is easy to use even in dimly lit areas. It is also easy and convenient to control through the iOS app.

Bathroom Plants

Bathroom plants will make a bathroom appear warmer and brighter. The plants release moisture, which makes a room humid. The humidity makes a room appear warmer than it is.

Bathroom plants have other functions. The right plant should absorb volatile organic chemicals, VOCs, from modern building materials. When interacting with house plants during a shower, there is usually a calming and relaxing feeling. Plus, they brighten the bathroom.

There are many bathroom plants, including peace lily, spider plant, orchids, aloe vera, and Boston fern. When picking the best plant for your space, consider the humidity level, space available, and light intensity. Some bathrooms are sunny and others have no windows. Others are humid while some are dry. When picking a plant, pick one that will survive in the environment in your bathroom. For a small bathroom, you need small potted plants that fit in your windowsill or bathroom shelf.

Switch Off the Bathroom Exhaust Fan When You Shower

The exhaust fan can be another reason for a cold tile floor. When showering, it produces steam heat that helps to keep warm. 

However, if the exhaust fan is on, it will pull the heated air and steam from the bathroom — in turn, leaving it cooler. Consider leaving the door closed to help ensure that the air is contained and doesn’t escape.

Remember to switch on the fan after a shower to remove moisture. If left in the bathroom, moisture can result in the growth of mold and mildew. 

However, during winter, the moisture from the hot water will not cause mildew as it quickly absorbs into the dry air in the home.

Seal Bathroom Windows

There is no point in heating a bathroom if all the heat will leave the room. If there are drafty openings on the sides of the bathroom windows, take care of them first. This way, when heating the bathroom, the heat stays within the space. Caulk for weatherizing may be needed to fill gaps and the holes around the frames.

Consider unblocking the heat vents to ensure the space receives enough heat. For instance, there are towel racks in front of the vent —  move them. If there is a portable heater, place it where it distributes heat efficiently.

Install Warm Lighting

A heat lamp can change the temperature of the bathroom. When taking a hot shower, additional warmth from lights can raise the temperature. Combine warm colors with warm lighting to generate visual heat. 

Light bulbs that emit at least K2500 or CRI 90 or higher generate enough energy to heat small areas. The bulb can warm air in the bathroom a few minutes before stepping into the shower. Some bulbs, especially filament bulbs, produce enough heat for a small space. 

You can then combine it with a large shower head that releases enough hot water to keep you warm in your bathroom. Warm lights may not produce natural light, but they keep you warm.

Bathroom Floor Cover

In lieu of a floor heater, try a bathroom rug. Select any of that fits your style and absorbs water, is washable and plush. The quality of material helps to retain heat. Some customers may consider a DIY floor mat that is heavy enough to retain warmth. This is an inexpensive option if heating the floor is beyond a limited budget.The thicker the rugs, the warmer you will feel.

However, the rug protects you from the cold that comes from cold floor, but doesn’t warm the cold air in your bathroom. You might need to get another source of heating to completely take care of the cold situation.

Heated Floors

Planning for a bathroom remodel? Install a new bathroom design to give the bath a new heated floor. 

Radiant floor heating makes the bathroom warm without the hassle of portability. These radiant heat floors come in different styles. Select the simplest, which is a bathroom electric mat. 

These mats are simple to install with a new floor. Embed them into thin-set mortar and they are good to go. Then, set the tiles. The best thing with these heaters is the thermostat control. 

On very cold days, you can crank up the heat in your bath mat to heat the bathroom fast. The heating system improves the quality of life of most homeowners.

There are a few options to choose between including air-heated, electronic radiant floor heating system, and hydronic systems. These are more advanced systems, but they have long-term viability. 

Check flooring systems that work best for the space and fit the installation budget. Benefits of these systems are heating the floor not the air. This results in more consistent heating and there will be limited cold spots on the ground. 

Remember, systems do not consume as much heat as the central heating systems. These heating systems will work with different floors so that they do not disrupt the beauty of the home.

Change the Bathroom Color Scheme

Some colors look cold. Do you have a design or color scheme? The bathroom will be cold most of the days. Select warm colors for your bathroom to change the atmosphere. Although this won’t physically warm the space, it should emotionally. Colors such as white and sky blue will be uplifting. If you heat the bathroom to comfortable levels experience fun colors.

Warm colors include red, yellow, and pink. You can mix these colors or use them alone, and they will create a warm bathroom feel. Warm colors are available in different palettes and your interior designer can help you pick one that matches your home’s needs.

Large Showerhead

Do you need to stay toasty when you take a shower? You can do that by installing a large shower head. The shower covers you with water like you are in a downpour. When at it, ensure that the shower is directly overhead and not installed at an angle. When the shower is overhead, your entire body is covered in water, and this makes you warm.

The large showerhead protects you when you are taking a shower. If you need to rush to the bathroom severally at night, you need a rug to keep you warm or any other of the warming options above.


If you do a bathroom makeover or home improvement with inspiration from Houzz, you can install heating options such as a heated floor. When you need to heat your bathroom, you need to ensure that the bathroom doesn’t lose any heat to any openings such as through windows and doors. You can have a good shower curtain, shelving, and towel bars, but ensure that there are no spaces to let out heat.

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