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Are Electric Fireplaces Safer than Space Heaters?

Yes. Electric fireplaces are considered safer than space heaters because they produce a flame effect without creating actual, real fire. There is limited exposure or a smaller probability of danger around furniture, table cloths, drapes as a result due to no chance of embers escaping from the fireplace.    What you will learn in this [...]

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Home Remodel: Which Home Renovations Will Increase The Value Of Your Home?

Whether it’s just one room or an entire house, renovations are a major undertaking. In this article, we hope you will learn how to increase your home value from our tips. Keep in mind, these projects require time, energy, and investment. Investors planning to rent or flip a property have a renovation decision that can [...]

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Will Electric Fireplaces Save Me Money?

When comparing the cost to run an electric fireplace versus a traditional gas or wood burning fireplace it does cost much less to run.  Electric Fireplaces are Green and Planet Friendly Electric fireplaces are generally considered to be a green product and much better for the planet than a wood burning or gas fireplace. [...]

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Dimplex Revillusion vs MagikFlame HoloFlame

Dimplex Revillusion vs MagikFlame HoloFlame: Which Fireplace Has the Most Realistic Flames? Dimplex vs MagikFlame Fireplaces. Which has the more realistic flame? When it comes to owning an electric fireplace many look for an experience that feels like sitting in front of a traditional wood-burning fireplace. After all it's the beauty of the flames, [...]

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How Expensive Is It To Run An Electric Fireplace?

Many ask how much electricity does an electric fireplace use? Use the MagikFlame Electric Fireplaces Cost Calculator to Find Out the Price of Your Next Heating Bill. An Easy Way to Find Out How Much Electric Fireplaces Raise Your Electric Bill With No Math Required. Plug n' Go! MagikFlame [...]

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Best Electric Fireplace in 2020

Thinking of buying an electric fireplace? In this comprehensive new guide, you will learn how they work, their types, and what you need to know before buying an electric fireplace.    Interested customers usually ask if an electric fireplace is better than a traditional fireplace or gas fireplace. So, we have put together some considerations [...]

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