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We are currently running a limited-time promotional offer for free delivery on all our fireplaces. With the rising cost of fuel — this is a big deal. Free shipping can save you upwards of $500 or more on mantel packages and $350 or more on stand-alone Inserts. As the cost of fuel continues to rise due to global economic factors, now is the ideal time to take full advantage of free shipping on every MagikFlame electric fireplace. This is a limited time offer and will only be available while supplies last; our inventory is extremely limited.





A Tremendous Value

We realize with marketplaces, like Amazon, offering free shipping on almost everything, most folks have become accustomed to free shipping with most online purchases. However, keep in mind that a MagikFlame fireplace is a heavy, freight delivery. We use specialized freight delivery carriers (for mantel packages) that are trained and capable of handling large and heavy freight shipments like your MagikFlame. Their trucks are fitted with auxiliary equipment like hydraulic lift gates, so that they can take your fireplace off the truck and move it to ground level to limit any potential product damage or personal injury to the driver. They use specialized equipment called, “pallet jacks” to roll your fireplace into your garage without physically lifting it. So, there is a small chance for damage. MagikFlame incurs the additional, significant cost associated with this freight service to help ensure a quality delivery to you. Furthermore, due to increased demand (more people shopping from home) there are less carriers and trucks available that can actually deliver the goods, which further drives up the cost of freight delivery. This combined with excessive surcharges like residential delivery and hydraulic lift gates means that delivering using specialized carriers is not inexpensive and is not to be taken lightly.


Hidden Costs

Since we are delivering to your home where it can be a challenge for large trucks to maneuver, freight vendors also charge us a premium for delivery to residential homes called, “residential delivery surcharge”. This adds significantly to the overall delivery costs that can add up to $150 just for the hydraulic lift gate. “Free Shipping” is a BIG deal and not to be under-valued because it’s “always free”. Our fireplaces are very different from compact, light-weight items ordered online. By ordering today, take full advantage of our limited-time “free shipping” promotional offer which ends soon.




Relax and Unwind by the Fire

Relieve the Stress of the Day by Sitting in Front of a Realistic
Electric Fireplace That is Even Better Than the Real Thing

Free Shipping *
for a Limited Time

As previously mentioned, the cost of shipping is rapidly increasing. This is due in part to the shortage of skilled freight delivery drivers, who have currently left the workforce due to COVID-19 and other external factors coupled with the war in Eastern Europe. This is significantly affecting fuel prices. In turn, impacting shipping costs everywhere by a significant amount. Inflation and shipping costs have also increased the costs of all our components – like other companies. So, the current pricing is as low as it’s going to get. ¬¬Right now, MagikFlame will ship you any fireplace free of charge and not bill you for shipping on your order. Take advantage of this now, as this offer will be taken down soon, as we cannot afford to continue to offer this tremendous perk at no charge*.
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